Romances “Don Juan”

Don Juan: What to say? I am a romantic soul visiting 2021

Young girl: Words no longer seduces us O Don Juan but money do!

Don Juan: poetry is a gift of nature, fortune is gift of commonality

Young girl: Duhh! Whatever!

Don Juan: I come too soon! yours are not the ears my mouth is made for

Young girl: What? Are you a sensationalist or mad man or a comedian?

Don Juan: surely 21st century deserves no romances, poetry and love but consumerism and endless idolizing materialism

Young girl: be gone! Where you come from now Don Juan, we want no more romantics, revolutionaries

Don Juan: wait! what to became of your smile like the echos of rainbows, your eyes like the deep silence of distant seas, your kisses like the longing rainfall for barren gardens

Young girl: laughs ha!ha! Walks always mockingly

Don Juan: never heard of and never return but disappears back to the yellow pages jotted down by lord Byron and many others

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