Pleasure of Hookah “Poem”

Foucault guides in his book history of sexuality about the moderate use of pleasures

The so called regimen of Aphordisa

Smoke is like freed Genii of Aladdin

The Genii emerges in the smoke

“Who has disturbed my slumber” spake the Genii

I was overcome by sudden terror shaking my whole being

“Say what you wish for? O Aladdin!”

“I am not the Aladdin” I protested

The Genii spake in a thunder struck voice

“You freed me by smoking this hookah and you damn sure look like Aladdin” The genii insisted

“Wish what you will! The Genii added, I shall grant you all the riches and all the girls from Baghdad”

Is this one of my Adventures of Arabian nights? I asked

The Genii replied in curiosity “What do you mean by the Arabian nights?”

“By the power of Almighty God follow me Genii and you shall know” I answered.

I ran home and open the volume of Arabian nights

And started reading from the one hundred and third night

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