On Reading “An Anecdote”

Francis bacon wrote centuries ago “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready, writing an exact man”

When I talk to people about reading following are the comments I get in return:

  1.  “I read a lot in school, and I am no longer in school, I am not touching any books.”
  2.  “Oh! I read a lot in prison why would I read now?”
  3. “I am too busy working, reading is not my thing”

those people who think reading is to be done when one is thrown into a prison, or in classroom or merely redued to lowest form of life than one ought to read.

this life itself is a prison, the soul with in the body is chained. Reading is the only thing that surapsses all forms of activity.

All human progress depends on rationalizing. “Knowledge is power”

Schools have destroyed independent Inquiry

Schools failed to make learners

Schools only prepares students for market utilization like a commodity (Marx)

Schools are no longer a place for learning but for profiteering and Marketable products

Reading is as sacred as breathing is and nothing is more pleasurable and authentic than reading a good book.

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