On Working Day “A Marxist Analysis”

Why we have to work? Why value of socially necessary labor time is measured in hours?

Adam smith argues in his wealth of nations about the “Invisible hand” which means unfettered Market forces

What is division of labor?

Each man must labor according to his talents and capabilities, right man for the right job (Smiths classical Analysis)

Now in our modern day division of labor is incorporated in kids in our schools which primarily decides as per Market needs

E.g Stem courses, Tech, engineering Medicine etc where private interests of individuals to maintain themselves leads to good for the whole of society.

Where is learning in all of this schooling? Is goal of education mere securing well to do job in market and only to study subjects than might lead to success for accumulation of wealth?

Marx here presents how modern schools were an imitation of early factory laborers who were educated in factories

Now going to back to original question of working day?

The working day consists of hours reduced to minutes where the laborer agrees to sell his body and soul to the employer for mere imaginary price we call “Money”

Money whether paper or digital in itself has no real value if not compared to its demonic purchasing power on satisfying Man’s needs in exchange for commodities

Where most of the commodities satisfy only artificial needs decisively identified by marketers like the whisper of Devil in ears of Adam. The business analysts cast his magic spell on consumers for maximum profitability and consumption etc ads, social norms, culture, religious festival’s all at once reduced to mere profiteering

The creation of need in market for a product or service by entrepreneurs indeed solves the problems and add value in skill and dexterity but on the contrary such products add more problems like climate change, social inequality, over consumption, diseases etc.

In conclusion the working day of a laborer could be compared to his hell on earth and heaven for the evil genius of the owners of the means of production

Human life is reduced to mere consumption where ones living standard is judged socially on basis of how much one can consume and the more one consume the more one ought to consume to reach top of the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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