The Genius of Ivan Illich (An Attack on Medical Profession)

To use Medicine for political liberation it will be necessary to “find in sickness”, even when it is distorted by medical intervention, a protest against the existing social order.  “Danial Greenburg, “The War on Cancer’: The End of Medicine by Rick Carlson, Jhon Powels, “On the Limitation of Modern Medicine” (Medical Nemesis)

The crimes of white coats could be seen today when People are turned into patients without being sick. The medicalization of prevention thus becomes another major symptom of social iatrogenesis. (E.g CDC urging people to get vaccinated now-days)

Medical prevention turns the physicians into an official licensed magician. Doctors are the demi-gods with all knowing and all-seeing eye. An Aesculapian authority with totalitarian power which can either kill or save a life. (A God like Phenomenan)

A physician is a moral Entrepreneur who identify the disease first, medicine later whereas how can medicine in the market be sold as a commodity if there were no disease to cure and to make profit?

Socially approved death happens when man becomes useless not only as a producer but also as a consumer. Dying has become the ultimate form of consumer resistance.   

The pharmaceutical invasion leads a patient to medication, by himself or by others that reduces his ability to cope with a body for which he can still care.

Now-days human bodies are turned into Bureaucratic Gobbledygook in hospitals. Death without medical presence becomes synonymous with romantic pigheadedness, privilege, or disaster.

The medicalization of society has brought the epoch of natural death to an end.

The Medical professionals have adapted a secret language almost impossible to decipher by the ordinary citizen which Illich termed as the Gobbledygook. The Gibberish and nonsense.  

Iatrogenic medicine reinforces a morbid society in which social control of the population by the medical system turns into a principle of economic activity. (Covid-19 Lockdowns, obligatory mask wearing, forcing Vaccination, and spreading fear using state power)  

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