Why Resist Doctors? “An Argument”

Foucault argues in his book Archeology of medicine the limits to medicine

Resist Doctors and all medical professions and their nonsensical jargons

Doctors are the priest of the body just as Clergy are the priest of the soul

They study human organisms not to cure but to exploit and to profit

At first glance a man is best advised to be his own doctor by taking care of his diet and maintain personal hygienics, acting as one’s own doctor by education and moderation.

Most of our casual diseases could be cured by manifesting the soul, commanding ones’ will and building stronger immune system

“He who got sick could still find in the eyes of the doctor a reflection of his own anguish” wrote Ivan Illich

Further Analysis from Medical Nemesis by Ivan Illich is as follows:

the patients sickness is taken from him and turned into the raw material for an institutional enterprise

the patients condition is interpreted according to a set of abstract rules in a language he cannot understand.

Language is taken over by the doctors: the sick person deprived of meaningful words for his anguish, which is thus further increased by linguistic mystification

Medical language thus becomes the special language of an elite profession making the disease into an instrument of class domination

The Patient is placed as a subject who cannot speak the language of his masters (The Doctors)

As soon as medical effectiveness is assessed in ordinary language, it immediatly appears that most effective diagnosis and treatment do not go beyond the understanding that any layman can develope.

To conclude in short, the realm of medicine and the gaze of the doctors are the political consciousness as per say the occultists casting the smell of modern bio-politics

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