On History of Pain “Historical Reflection”

The history of pain in our civilization is alien by the use of pain-killers and the unnecessary services rendered by doctors and their counterpart medical professionals

The genius of Ivan Illich could be seen in the miraculous feeling behind his written words

“The pain was an experience of a marred universe, not a mechanical dysfunction in ones subsystems”

“The meaning of pain was cosmic and mythic, not individual and technical, pain was a sign of corruption in nature, and man himself was a part of that as a whole.”

“Pain was a property of the soul not the body, pain is not distinct from ailment. Pain was a non-mediated experience of evil”

“To Eliminate the pain will mean to do away with suffering”

The intervention of a priest, physician, and politician destroy the heroism in pain or to rebel stoically by denying the alleviation from pain itself

God avoids Miracles; “Pain is a necessary and brilliant device to functioning.”

Descartes constructed an image of human body in terms of geometry, mechanics, and watchmaking, a machine that could be repaired by an engineer

Drugs, violence, and horror turn into increasingly powerful stimuli that can still elicit an experience of self.

Widespread anesthesia increases the demand for excitation in noise, speed, violence no matter how destructive (Medical Nemesis, pg, 152. “The killing of pain” by Ivan Illich)

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