Unraveling the Phantasy of Sexuality “Freud’s perspective”

First published in the Wiener Hlinishe Rundschau, 1898, no’s. 2,4,5 and 7. (Translated by J. Bernays)

At first sexual desires arouse when the opposite sex appeals unraveling mysterious sensations in ones body (Freud called it “Libido” where Freud further wrote:

The Hysterical symptomatology spring directly from the manifestations of sexual excitement

not only does a series of erotogenic zones assume the importance of genital organs in the neurosis by intensification

Whoever knows how to interpret the language of hysteria can perceive that the neurosis deals only with the patients repressed sexuality.

The actual neuroses as the somatic effects of these disturbances in sexual metabolism

To conclude “Neurasthenic anxiety is the cause of watching pornos and excessive masturbation”

Freud’s aetiological formula is the somatic sexual tension in an Individual

One must master ones sexual desires and only utilize it at the right time whenever nature ripens ones ability to have a stable sexual relationship etc (Marriage)

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