Nihilism A psychical state

what is Corporate propaganda? if not the selling hot taglines, catchy slogans, sexism, racist, violent nihilistic approach to reach at every corner of the globe.

The crowd never reasons but reacts

The mass or rather bulk of people only consume where a few produce

only a few are those who produce the actual thing whether a fast food or a tech-company, auto industry to film and porn industry and the million of apps for million of things, internet forums expanding, oppressive magazines and newspapers, banned reddit posts, blogs and websites

Schools and hospitals are becoming a place of mass hysteria

Nihilism as result of propaganda.

the dystopian image of far right politics only spreads violent nihilism

where the social, political and economic collapse worsens individuals self-loathing.

2 thoughts on “Nihilism A psychical state

  1. Nietzsche answers in his will to power essays. Transvaluating all values by destroying the old ones. “Active Nihilism overcomes Nihilism”
    But Nihilism still persists from the moment God was struck by it when he created everything out of nothing. That same nothingness or meaninglessness is inescapable for all that exists.

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