On Poetics “The Radical Resurgence”

What do we mean by the terms such as “Poetics“? “Autopoietic” or a “Poem“, “Poet” and “Poetry” in general?

Aristotle wrote in the poetics: 

For as there are persons who, by conscious art or mere habit, imitate
and represent various objects through the medium of color and form,
or again by the voice; so in the arts above mentioned, taken as a
whole, the imitation is produced by rhythm, language, or 'harmony,'
either singly or combined. 

Poetry is an episteme that constructs world picture

Wynter tells us to return to letters, to poetry as famously coined by Matura and Varela in May 1971. Sylvia Wynter on autopoiesis and “What it is like to be human?” by Max Hental.

The possibility of new objects of thoughts lies in the poetics wrote Paquette in (Radical philosophy review, volume 24, number 1, 2021).

As Wynter tells us, “It is poetry, the poem, that continues, with increasing difficulty, the general human power to create signs. For the poem constitutes each time that it happens.”

As Paquette further wrote: “For Wynter: The poetic is thus not an object for thought but is that through which new thought is possible and thus the way in which new meaning is constructed.”

The Genius of Wynter could be seen when she further wrote: “A poem is itself is a sign of man’s creative relation to his world; in humanizing this world through the conceptual/ naming process (Neither comes before the other like the chicken and the egg) he invents and reinvents himself as human.” (Wynter, “Ethno or Socio Poetics,”88.)

What it means to be human is to be able to reconceive of relations, and to be able to engage in processes of naming. As Paquette wrote: “The poetic is not chaotic, nor is it dependent upon the current worldview.

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