The Burning Bush “An Enigma”

And God said unto Moses: “I Am that I Am,” (Exodus verse 14)

And he said: “Here Am I” (Exodus verse 5)

Wittgenstein already prophesied in his quest for private language

Everything depends on language and the use of language in conveying meaning

Even God was faced with such an Enigma

Can anything be said or understood without utterance

For how else would Yahweh communicate with Moses without the use of words from the burning bush?

Propositions are the combination of language

And language is invention of human brain

And are not humans made in likeness of God?

“I Am What I Am” is an Enigma

How can I Am be what I Am if I Am what I Am already than there is no need to say I Am what I Am?

“I Am what I Am not” makes more sense

Such are the petty torments of Philosophical musings

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