Subliminal Passion “Freud’s Discovery”

In the famous Libdo theory Freud discovers something phenomenal to our intrinsic being

He wrote, “What is described as the sexual instinct turns out to be a highly composite nature”

The excitement of sexual urges is driven from two main features

Freud argued, “the Aim of sexual instinct is always discharge accompanied by satisfaction”

The object is less closely attached to the instinct than was at first supposed

When such instincts overlap and change its natural course the process is called “sublimation”

When a human mind is in subliminal state the object and aim of sexual instinct finds satisfaction in some achievement which is no longer sexual but has a higher social or Ethical valuation.

This was Nietzsche’s higher man

This was Hegel’s universal spirit

This is Adams smiths Invisible hand

This is the will to power

This is Schopenhauer’s idea of Pure consciousness

This is holy and all wise as Galen, Newton and Thoreau was in his Time

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