The Tablets of Moses “Yahweh’s Justice”

And Moses came down from Mount Sinai after forty days without eating or drinking

Bring forth the wisdom of Yahweh to the people of Israel who have gone astray

One must obey commandments of Yahweh or perish

And Moses said, “You have inflicted terror and anger of God on your selves while I cried and asked for mercy for your sake”

A serene air blows from the rich waters of Jordan

The escape from Egypt was still fresh in memory

Freedom was not yet completely emancipated or felt

Trees mourn and the grass grew not but became barren land

A surge of storm took over the promised land

Heavens closed their doors and dark clouds encompass the whole ecclesiastical sky

When Moses thrust the tablets on ground shattering the divine will into pieces, hearts were broken too and mountains groaned like an angry lion

At once Yahweh grieves not but took his hands away from the chosen ones

Since then the echo of broken tablets room around the gates of Jerusalem

And Peace shall never dwell over the promised land but pain, suffering, and bloodshed

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