An Inquiry concerning Jesus? “Titulus triumphans”

Jesus of Nazareth was a carpenter

An ordinary man who was later called a doctor, a healer

Jesus was a political figure

Jesus was a Messiah, even better perhaps a propagandist, a perpetrator and a rebel against all social order? (Jewish Rebellion)

A man who must be crucified

A man who was called a blasphemer

A prophet, a revolutionary and a visionary

A godly as well as ungodly man

But who Was Jesus?

A man who must be humiliated and flogged?

Historical context reveals barbaric nature of Jewish and Roman culture

No one can overthrow the authority of ruling class

Even today we are not free to say just anything (Foucault’s disciplinary mechanisms of society)

Even today blasphemers exist? (More than 50 nations punish blasphemy as punishable by death)

Even today propagandist, revolutionaries and visionaries exist

Even today Jesus exist in us in our sufferings and ambitions

Jesus to answer was an image of modern man

Even today people perform miracles (High tech Luddites of Silicon Valley)

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