What is Good? “Reflections on Rawls theory of Justice

The good as the satisfaction of desire, or perhaps better, as the the satisfaction of rational desire (John Rawls Pg. 25 “A theory of justice)

The striking feature of Utilitarian view of justice is that it does not matter, except indirectly, how this sum of satisfaction is distributed among individuals as how they achieve their collective satisfaction of rational desires

Rawls again and again emphasizes on the rights of man of which the veil of ignorance took hold of men in present day society as a whole. (Unvaccinated lives matter “Slogan”)

Every man counts his losses against his gains in a society and what is just and unjust is defined based on such notions not on truth or nature

Therefore in a just society the basic liberties are taken for granted and the rights secured by justice are not subject to political bargaining or to the calculus of social interests. ( by Rawls on Pg. 28 “A theory of Justice)

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