A plague “Historical symbolism”

The ritual, dread, care and ceremonial remedy of the plagues

The Torah speaks of clean and unclean

To cure the disease and the diseased

The subject must not deny his will before the judgement of Yahweh

The priest as a doctor and doctor as a priest

Take the cedar wood, A living bird, the scarlet, hyssop and a bath of blood

“And he shall cleanse with blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird: so shall he make atonement: and it shall be clean.” (Leviticus) chp 14, verse 50.

Seven days of solitude, the culture of the self for the self

Origin of plague shall remain a mystery preserved by myths

Plagues as a mere historical representation of a powerful command

To control and to isolate the living life worthy of not to be killed or saved

At once the poetic panic of the book of job begins to repeat itself

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