A Fortune teller in the eyes of King Solomon “A dialogue”

There was once a man well equipped with knowledge of stars, numerology, palm reading and history

He met a young lover lost in the desert

He welcomed him into his tent and pitying his condition he asked, “let me read what God has willed for you O son, he read both of my hands and asked for my name and birth day then begin to write something on the paper.”

After a few minutes he added, lo! How can one not be what one cannot be?

What do you mean? I insisted

The old man said, “You have a restless soul, you must never be at peace, you are a wanderer, fate is against you”

What do you mean o wise sage?

He replied, “If you chase what you desire you will fail every time”

How can one not strive for what one desires? I added.

The old man smiled saying, “You heard about the treasures of King Solomon”

I affirmed saying, “I am aware of looking into the eyes of king Solomon”

The old man replied, “Go back into the town, let your thoughts be at peace and talk not to anyone unless necessary, learn to see like king Solomon and you will find peace”

I parted soon after we finish eating and I never seen the fortune teller again

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