Words for Mexican girls “Poem”

I have but few words for the Mexicans girls

The color of your skin is like the dust on the cameleers face in the deserts

What words should I dedicate for the beauty of all Mexican girls?

For their voice has a tranquility

Their spirit is free and wild

Their ways are savage still ah, heartaches

I have no words for the Mexican girls pity me oh poets!

Sitting lonely near the sea winds play with her hairs

A whisper came rushing “Mexican” oh winds I listen with care to Mexican women speaking

A Mexican girl stole my heart away

Catch her oh God punish her for such hideous crime

Gave me some words to express oh lord

Or make me fall in love with that Mexican girl

Beethoven’s Emperor’s piano concerto at Mahaffey Theater “Live performance”

This afternoon is refreshing, the sun is shining and the winds are strong

The pages of the book on my desk are being kissed by the wind entering from the window

I am on my way to Florida Orchestra

For some hours I will open myself to pure aesthetic pleasure

Beethoven’s piano concerto no.5 reflects a heroic struggle of an individual that we can relate

The Culture of the self “Apimeleia”

Most people are unbearable to bear their own minds and body

It takes special attention to take care of oneself

Emerson teaches the cultivation of self in his essay “Self Reliance”

Foucault teaches the culture of self in his book history of sexuality

It is never too early or too late for young men to philosophize or retire to their own selves

Epimeleia implies a labor, a measure for self development

Thoreau labored his soul with nature in his book “Walden or life in the woods”

Socrates by drinking a cup of hemlock in Plato’s dialogue “Apology”

It takes time to devote oneself to Oneself for pure Happiness and success

Epicurean theme which Seneca and Alicibiades adapted with a view to turning and returning to oneself

The cultivation of self is no different than cultivation of a garden

The culture of the self is an art of existence concluded Foucault

Death Ovens “A Gist”

The will of God is the will of a tyrant.

“O Great and Terrible God”

Whether Obey or disobey God’s will either way God wins even when God loses he wins

Death Ovens are prepared in hell whose fuel are men and stone

“Death ovens” portrait by Camus in his play titled as a “State of Siege”

Nothings changed. Nothings happening, nothing has happened. (Human Crisis)


Thou hast signed in the sand,

Thou hast written in the sea,

Nothing endures but misery.

Who is wrong and who is right?

Truth is but surmise.

Death and death alone is sure,

All the rest is lies!

Young MoeMoe in Love “Poem”

Wretched! oh my Wretched MoeMoe why haven’t you overcome her love?

Is there any cure for your madness?

Listen to the blowing of the cool winds tonight

Her face appears in your memory like the moon appears from behind the clouds

Is this a sign of mania or melancholia?

Why not Ask the dry lips of your mouth longing for a kiss?

Yet no Answer came like the silence of the Dead Sea

Wandering and wandering across the endless isles in search for love

Oh poor MoeMoe how unfortunate are you among happy people?

Why are you still in love Young MoeMoe?

Answer now or consume yourself like stars all alone shining and burning in love.

Sickness unto death “Poem”

What is sickness unto death if not being able to die says kierkegaard

What if even death no longer gives hope we must go further than death?

And what is further than death if not despair?

Such despair is called sickness unto death

A Mad Poet “Poem”

Somewhere in Florida resides a lonely poet

Who have been succumbed to madness

He writes poems after poems for whatever he sees or hears

People see him writing and call him a mad poet

He writes for himself not for the world

Behind his words he finds a little solace

He writes lines after lines for which nobody cares

The world have not seen poets real madness

Poetry keeps him sane

Writing saves him from sanity

Let him write no matter how bad his poems are for strangers on the internet

All poets are mad

Only the readers remains sane

On COVID-19 Vaccinations “Let’s not get Vaccinated”

Our Medical perception is a Godlike Phenomena always accepted without questioning

An argument against COVID-19 Vaccinations is simply not a necessary but an obligatory one these days

What sovereignty a state has over its citizens to have them vaccinated without consent?

Can we really trust the COVID shot? How much more shared data, statistics and government support we need to put our faith on the big pharmaceuticals?

The medical gaze looks at us with deceiving eyes termed as bio-politics by Foucault in his book “Birth of Clinic” in the Archeology of medical perception

“An epidemic is a finger grained constitution, with more constant, more homogeneous phenomena”

“Epidemic is a political consciousness” argued Foucault further in this book

What obliged us to be obedient towards the governments?

It is the same Orwellian slogan “INGSOC” hate speech and fear of life

To summarize the concept of Homo sacer the ordinary man who is the ban in short the ban is the average citizen and the wolf is the government

We rely too much on modern bio politics to save us?

Epidemics has been part of our being since the beginning of mankind

First it was Jesus curing the lepers now it is the CDC and the pharmacists curing us with vaccinations and forcing us to wear masks?

Are we not even allowed to question?

Just because we lack the elite knowledge that a few privileged in the medical profession possess and know better than us?

Does that secret medical knowledge give them a right to dictate us?

It is same argument I put against God despite the fact “all seeing all knowing” give him no right to ask for submission?

I relate such notions to Tyranny where subjects lacks something and not to transgress is the fulfillment of that powerful command

Governments are no different than Gods in ancient world

They put fear in us for our lives and seek submission and control over us

Observe how the consent of every citizen is manufactured during the pandemic towards their governments and mainstream media “Chomsky”

Now the real question is this: “Should we take vaccinations or not?”

It depends on every individual as the world is their idea “Schopenhauer”

Whatever their minds conceive of the aftermaths of epidemic and their faith on the medical society

For me these vaccinations are out of the question

Visions of Norris “Poem”

And it was a night just like this when visions of Norris spread across the Oceans

He likes to brag his miseries in public and loves to live dangerously

I walked with Norris on and on and on the streets from Nebraska to Floribraska

Looking for danger in black neighborhood across America

That Iraqi boy is lost and he surely got a lot of galls

To be so sure of his talents and romantic soul I bid Farewell to Shakespeare

Colt 45 and we chase our dreams in our highway blues driving a truck that cannot be turned right or left

The visions of Norris seems so cool

On a Broad day light I have the same hallucinations under the influence of cold beer

All that remains are infinite visions of Norris

In the empty lot of past I seek such notions far off from my present

Off we jump from a bar in ybor messing with white girls and to soho and to river walk

Being so uselessness and all while flirting

Oh how I can explain it’s so hard to get on

I still trick myself so seriously unlike the visions of Norris

The Mahaffey Theater “Aesthetic experience”

I am drinking wine and waiting for the orchestra to begin

The waitress told me that’s her favorite brand

I forget the name of the wine and I must ask her about it later

The show will begin at 2:00 pm

I see a lot of old people in the theater for live Performance

I am the only young man in the theater who is passionate about classical music

I have became wiser before my time a lady told me when she inquired

I know deep down into my heart I will come out as a different person after the orchestra

Last orchestra I attended has such an artistic impression on me that I couldn’t sleep the whole night

Inside the Mahaffey theater slow jazz music is playing with chatters of people rushing in for the show

They are going to perform Dovraks new world Symphony today and clock is ticking so slow


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mostly philosophy

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Asian German Sports Exchange Program

Life Marbles

Discover your best self

mostly philosophy

mostly philosophy

Journal Reviewr

For everything notebooks / journal reviews

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


Digital products and reviews


Just a personal blog. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

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