Why we don’t need Advice from our Elders? Here is life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me.


“Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth, for it has not profited so much as it has lost. One may almost doubt about if the wisest man has learned anything of absolute value by living. Practically, the old have no very important advice to give the young. ”  Wrote Henry David Thoreau


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There is no other advice better than our own. 

I often heard people saying that, one must have a peer, a well experienced man. who has learned from his life and know the technicalities and practical issues one might face, so they can guide us rightly as what to with our lives?

I say, it is never too late to give up our prejudices. It is like the smoke of the cigarette I inhale and each puff releases this unfathomable empty smoke which scatters their opinions in the air because whenever they told me something not to do? I always do that and later find out I did the right thing.

Because nobody knows yourself better than your own self!

Fetch a fresh fuel to keep the fire going, the fire of life itself and only new people can do that

Follow your on unique path, if we see all the high achievers including bill gates, Steve jobs, warren buffet, Alon Musk and Writers like H.G wells, KafkaJames Joyce artists like Da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. 

They all struggles through their life to live the truth instead of the lies that their parents or the society led them believe which kills all the creativity in them for the notion that life is all work, progress and money.




Most people need a standard to live. I dare say raise your standards think for your self, don’t care about what the world wants? Do what you think your best at.

Even if it means to die for your passion, go all the way, go insane like Chris McCandless  while hitchhiking around the country went to Alaska to experience the life only to essential facts by simplifying it with wilderness and labor of his own hands, living life to its lowest form. On his journey he said “if you want anything in life just reach out and grab it.” 

Happiness is in rebellion trust me, don’t just listen what your parents say or what other people say or think.  Don’t resign to that, there is more to life than chasing after the ruthless career hunt.

Do what your heart says. there is whole life out there waiting for you to express yourself and get the best from it.



One must have a vision and a great ideal to follow which must be no one but your own ideal self-image as where you see yourself in next 5 years or so?




All revolutions and progress in the world we see today was always at the mercy of young people. So discover yourself and break the old traditions.

Here is the Inspiration form the greatest artist from all time. Vincent van Gogh, a must watch the video.


How when soul of a man is born in this Country gains Immortality as he grows up. Importance of questioning everything.

When I was born, Immortality was thrust into my soul, the so called “Inquisitiveness” the quest to search for the true meaning of life?

There are a certain class of individuals who are not satisfied with the generally accept principles and notions of life that other takes for guaranteed.

Reasoning and logical questioning is a journey

For what is the value of faith accepted with fear and without understanding?

Intelligent, responsible, constructive, reflecting questioning enriches the human mind and soul. the quest for questioning is not simply a destination, but a journey and I’m going to show you my journey of questioning as I grow up.

I belong to the iconoclasts, so I took a hammer and smash the so called eternal truths? really it is a mediocre life to me and why? because when I was born I was told my purpose here is to worship God, its a test?

Alright, but that was not enough for me to hold on life for long, look now I’m weary of this doctrine. There is surely more to life. As in Quran Allah says to explore the universe and reflect on the world and discover his signs. He clearly wants mankind to find hidden isles.


 The Immortal soul

Allama Iqbal the poet philosopher wrote: ” Had blind following been such a good thing, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have followed his ancestors path limiting the tradition of blind following as we see today. 

The Quran portrays Ibrahim or Abraham as an inquiring prophet who kept on searching for knowledge related to life and death. As in Verse 60:60 sets him as an exemplary man to follow


When I was a child:

I saw the meaning of life was to conform to the commonality of people where you live, accept the values and obey the laws made by men who died thousands of years ago, why I was not allowed to question authority?

Then I saw the meaning of life was to be an obedient child. Do whatever your parents says, suppressing your inner most desires, showing the signs of a good breed by securing good grades in school, showing exotic table manners, doing what everybody else is doing, perceiving that the wisdom is what everybody thinks and repeat after them?


My Adolescences 

I wake up and saw the meaning of life was to be pious and virtuous, offering salah’s (Prayer) five times a day, than accepting the eternal truths without much thought or inquiry as your take pride in your creed, land of your birth, your name, heritage and the birthmark of being a Muslim really that is the life world wants me to live?

I saw the meaning of life was to offer Jumah salah (prayer) on weekends and still keep on lying, doing immoral things, being a relentless sinner and than saying God is merciful, repent and keep repenting and keep sinning then repeating but no more now, that old virtuous Muslim young man had committed suicide out of curiosity.

As a teenager 

I saw the meaning of life was to get a good livelihood, earning a good income, having a respectable status in society, voting in elections, watching the news every night and yelling at the government, hanging out with friends and following the fashion, listening to songs, doing what everybody is doing?

Later, I saw that the meaning of life was to fear God? for if you don’t obey his commands you will be thrown into hell, a place for sinners and disobedient’s. I cried in horror and became a good Muslim, than I see the Molvi’s committing sins, lying, doing every kind of evil, preaching hate speech, corrupting the youth, committing adultery and child molestation. Is this the Islam they want me to follow?

I saw meaning of life was to get married and have children, yet I longed for a women, for those were called immoral and unchaste who repeated the same act before marriage.


I saw meaning life life was to get into a university, securing good CGPA each semester, studying for upcoming life, we are here to learn about life or cheating life?

when I saw professors selling grades for money, I see these educators don’t have a liberal education and running institutions on basis off state propaganda and this is how I was taught to get an education. I stopped believing in their standardize testing and starting educating myself up-to now.

I laugh and laughed so hard that my teeth went out my mouth, my belly swell and blasted with shame.

I wish if i could just die than to live as the world dictates. I prefer death for I will no longer serve in which I no longer belief, I don’t believe in my country, the people and the organized institutions

life is given to us for a purpose and it is yet to be found? guess what “Alon Musk’ recently launched falcon heavy rocket for searching life on Mars? this is my vision? he is my inspiration people who Dare to do things out of the box. 

Art I hereby declare is the true meaning of life for me forever and ever until my death.


Happiness is in rebellion, going against those who discouraged critical thinking or from questioning everything?



I’m a human being, not a sheep after all you tell me what should I do with my curiosity? I mean Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) knows who God is right? because he was a prophet in Torah, bible and Quran and he still questions God how you make the world? how things works? asking about nature and physical laws? Even being a prophet he did that inquiry to show us to do the same instead of following blindly.

“Valentines day” is a Fallacy for me. Because I don’t want ordinary women but a mermaid and then a cupid to rip my heart open.

“My heart is pierced by Cupid, I disdain all glittering gold, There is nothing can console me but my jolly sailor bold.”


My plans for Valentines (Absurdist one)

On Valentines day I will walk down to the river sing this song desperately with hope, expecting that a mermaid might come up, then cupid appear from the sky throw an arrow to my heart and reason behind fantasizing this is that to be frankly honest I’m not expecting any sane women falling for me these days 😀 for I’m still looking for an insane women just as I’m.


I love this song is forcibly sung by Scrum in order to attract the mermaids. Tamara’s first appearance in the film was singing the song, while the other mermaids were coming up, shortly before she attacked Scrum and the other crewmen. from (Pirates of the Caribbean)  here must watch this little clip.

Love a fallacy, it has no real meaning. 

It is in the movies that we see such perfect couples or love that always wins, but in real life Love is a “verb” which means it demands action, it is not a mere feeling, it is a kind of responsibility to the stimuli we get from another person, we gain love by action like sacrifice, mutual understanding, patience, preservation and care.


How popular culture perceive it

Valentines day is described as a romantic cult for the couples to exercise with all the exultation. It has a different reality, very dark indeed on the opposite, if we see the history.

But It is really a good time for flower markets, chocolate shops and restaurants to earn great slums of money. it’s a good business.

If I remain single till the next valentine I might open up a flower shop at least this way I can use my outrageous behavior against 14 feb.

For true lovers each day is valentines day

Yes, Each day the rising sun greets lovers with increased amount love. To illustrate here is my favorite qoute from my favt. Novel.

“They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

More than ritual as part our culture now: 

Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Introduced In Pakistan since 1990’s”

It has become part of our culture, like a ritual we love to celebrate it, emotionally filled with love and care sadly, only for the couples.

Myth behind the valentine’s day

Cupid is a roman God, and love of God like the goddess Venus. it’s a very controversial historical event. I posted this video years ago on my FB profile. one must have awareness of the Valentines’s day’s reality so i hope you will watch.



“An Ideal Woman”

There was something special in her looks, inexplicable and wonderfully beautiful, I startled almost intoxicated, and unwittingly asked myself: Is this the ideal women? what power caused those sad, thoughtful eyes to shine with such glow.

A familiarity, like I have seen her before but where? asked my pitiful soul, oh! such vivacity in her face. what summoned the blood to those pale, sunken cheeks? Maybe she is from another world.

I envied this short-lived exhilaration, and I regret the momentary beauty faded so quickly , so irretrievably, that it flashed before me so deceptively and in vain I regret this because there was not time for me even to fall in love with her

All the time I was walking besides her like a damned soul, with bated breaths, and my heart beating violently while she seems not to care absorbed in her own profound soul filled with pride and prejudice for which my heart sank in a deadening melancholy and I left her in her beauty and pride like the clouds after raining left the garden full of flowers to bloom with life.

The Ideal Beauty!

I cherished her upbringing with such delicacy and love that one can say she is no more less than a princess. perhaps Not like me a wretched soul with all the inflicting sorrows. Her handsome face  reminds me of a Turkish actress I have seen in a serial long time ago.

Her eyes were mysterious, what caused those tender features of her face flared with passion? the confidence in her spasmodic figure, her legs the way she put one on other. Her lips so pinkish and soft like a strawberry one wants to chew it to the last bit. A simplicity in her gentle beauty.

The words out of her mouth are so precisely well-spoken like they are refined and filtered with a gifted perfection. Whenever she says something it has such sweetness like someone showered me with honey, I can feel it all over me the encompassing never-ending delicacy which turns every disgusting thing I have before into a wonderful piece of art.

Such an ecstasy when she looks at me, my heart flutters out of my trembling body with all that is evil in me. I feel disguised and immoral. I envy why I’m not like her. Well accomplished and such completeness. She clearly understands everything. I feel myself much lower in front of her. I even hate my own being. I wish I could be much better than I’m. she revolts my dark soul to become utterly virtues. Suddenly the whole world changes, life feels like a heavy burden as its meaning has been lost.

What a spell she put on me, I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. The impression of her on me is so strong I feel like a filth, a dirt and she is like a precious shoe that must not walk on such a muddy ground as I’m.

Ah! when she laughs, her sparkling laughter has such liveliness it can even bring the dead to life. Such a vitality in her. She has given me a hope that truly there is more to life. I for a moment forgot all my worries like I entered into a heaven on earth, just one desire left that is to worship her, just to look at her and reflect on the world, how little is the world in her presence, she has brought a new, a better world filled with love, compassion and hope.

I’m but an impressionist, this is my job to see the best in one’s soul. Get the best out of it and the let the damned world know what really happiness is, how these little things can make a huge difference in  life, her smile, the soft, thin cheeks and the fondness one finds in her eyes. Oh! It’s like I have lived a hundred lives and still not satisfied.

So your life is going to change girl? being a doctor is not easy as it looks like said her uncle, a stout middle-aged man, she sank at her seat timidly with her expressionless face. she is passionate and can do anything, its my daughter for god-sake do i look like giving up on her? said her mother profoundly. while she sits there in a stillest hour like some doll immovable just her presence was enough to run thousands arguments on her mighty ambitions.

Her Vain Glory! 

It was a bright sunny day in the University, she was standing outside her block blossoming like a flower, her vulnerability was like that of a child lost in wilderness. I accompany her and her glowing face brightened my heart all dark and gloomy.

she exclaimed! “I wish if I could leave this place, I miss my home look where my parents had thrown me into, Umm she paused and nodding her head. She added, into this “pind” a hell on earth. Oh! don’t say that, everything will be alright, I replied. ‘You know what I think people who study commerce has lesser brains as compared to sciences student, for what is the value of humanities subjects? I’m getting a medical degree to have a major guy in my wedlock! she said disdainfully, ha-ha-ha! I laughed at her mighty ambitions, well! that was an insult on me. I cried instantly, then she laughed and said, ‘that was not what i mean’, and we walked for hours but her words mattered really even the degrading one’s even to be insulted by her was a blessing in disguise.

I have no intentions to make any sort of acquaintance with her at any rate.  She is going to be the leading light. A flower of hope on mountain crushed with pain and despair. How my melancholy stays me awake on this cursed night.

He risked all for her, why is he so much changed without any indication from the lady herself. Who avoids him. Why she is arrogant and self-obsessed? because as the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote, “That a girl in the company of her same-sex mates destroys all womanliness in her. She is no longer in her truest natural form as she was made. But became something else.”

This girl had thrown me out of little paradise, I was happy if not the unhappiest one. books and writing, I was lost in my imaginary world. She put me out of the fantasy world into the real word. Such cruel and unforgiving world it is and sadly, it has nothing good to offer me.

I woke up thinking about her cursing myself she was on my nerves oh! my lonely heart your forever doomed.

What an Art. Just imitate her, adore her. Nothing more than that, I will get through it like all the times but this golden beauty has left a wound which can never be healed.

For she was the women of my fantasy world, and the ideal must remain ideal out of any man’s reach. 

I swear to god as soon as I had written her in words, she will be long gone from my memory into the enigma. into a black-hole. 


Her  sickness unto death.

For one even fears to go to sleep not see her in dreams for that will be unbearable for such unworthy soul as mine: she must remain an ideal, yes! An Ideal woman.

For out of anyone’s reach. For superior and close to Art itself. for if Leonardo da Vinci would have been alive and he would have painted her face right away without a second thought. Cause such a jubilant glowing face had all the wonders and simple beauty to appreciate in our daily life’s.

A stalwart always unwelcomed, the alienated timid boy in whole university. The only good thing was her, his reason to be in the mass crowd was her existence. He wanted her sunlight to shine on him give a reason to live and be proud. But his dark despair reveals covered under his skin. He was an impostor. Nothing of him was real

It was another version of himself. He couldn’t recognized. Rest of the world doesn’t matter even the things which was the most important things in his life suddenly lost its meaning. Now it has a new life and a new desire just to get close to her. For he would do anything, anything and anything.



Its only part of my creative writing. I’m just practicing, no such people exist as I mention above it’s all Imaginary. 


Waking life! Lucid Dreamer, How I learn to dream consciously. Astronomy labelled such dreamers as #Star children’s Experiencing Deja vu is also Artistic.

It was a beautiful night, the sky was filled with glittering stars and the cold wind was blowing in great silence, I was walking calmly, taking swaying steps, breathing heavily my hands were in my pocket, shivering with cold as I met a neighbor down the street. He talked to me about something I don’t really remember but during that conversation a sudden exhilaration makes me conscious of my dreaming and I knew in my dream that I was dreaming. 

A hysterical madness rushed all over me as I looked up in the sky and I swear to God I have never seen anything more beautiful than this a surreal view of a gigantic planet it was non other than Jupiter and its four moons orbiting around, flashing lights and so vivid and clear and as more as I observed and focus it was like someone is zooming the picture for me, it was falling on me, slowly it came so close towards me. I see the crown, the ring of Jupiter its surface and the moons, the excitement and horror was so real I woke up the next second and still  felt the chaos with in my heart.


My conscious dream a few hours ago!

Self-awareness is when you see the yourself in the dream and at the same time you are aware that it is a dream, that way you can control your dream and anything is possible and like a lost wanderer we will find our self’s among the lost isles of man never discovered before.

What is a lucid dream?

 A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

The term ‘lucid dream’ was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams

The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote: ‘often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream

The first step to lucid dreaming is recognizing one is dreaming. This recognition might occur in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is one of the few areas deactivated during REM sleep and where working memory occurs


My Deja vu experience 

Some of the dreams still haunt’s me since I was a kid and this is the reason I have a keen interest in time travelling, the parallel universes and theoretical physics.

What I envision is when inside a time bubble, time solidifies into HORIZONTAL [linear] time, permitting infinities of (past, present, future) probable conditions. According to Quantum mechanics there are many versions of ourselves in another universe same as ours where we make other choices and possibility of changing the past. So Fascinating isn’t?

When outside the time bubble (non-time), I suppose you could call it VERTICAL time with infinite possible horizontal intersections of the V-axis. However, once “intent” (or focal point) catalyzes an inter-section into action, it then becomes the impetus of a new event.
Thus, parallel universes would seem as fractals, or branches off vertical time with apparent parallel HORIZONTAL time lines that may or may not be close to each other.



When I was a kid about 6 or 7 years old, I used to imagine and sometimes also dream about the parallel universes that there is this same home, same family, and a version of myself but acting at different times. past, present and future and I’m currently in present shell, so whenever I did something wrong I would think about traveling there to change the past, to create an alternative reality.

It’s just wired I cannot help but those tormenting thoughts still piss me off and I ask to myself why the hell a kid would think of such things while not having any scientific knowledge at that time. what kind of consciousness is this?

Sometimes I avoid sleeping when I lost myself completely 

People often ask me why don’t you sleep for 8 hours? your eyes shows sleep deprivation. what they don’t know is those dreadful visions horrified me so much that I fear sometimes going to sleep I might never woke up. And if you told anyone they do say your crazy and never understand the real problem.

There is only one notion of Time that it’s constant, it is Right now and its eternity!


If anyone can help me about these visions and dreams I will really appreciate that, the purpose of sharing this in my blog is a hope to find some help or answers regarding Lucid dreaming?


Existential challenge! Why a young and aspiring artist caged himself for a week, setting his own soul on fire in extreme loneliness.

“For he no longer wants to live a lie, he wanted the truth and was ready to seek it by taking a swim in his deepest sorrows, but the unforgiving agony almost drowned him in the darkest despair of his own wretched soul, he siege war against the tyranny of the most terrifying fear called Loneliness. “

Excerpt from a journal!

I reckon the lost isles of being a lonesome, a long-lasting forlorn the blessings of solitude.

If you want to create something you must go into solitude, to the depth of your own soul where you have never dared to go before.

As famous Artist Vincent Van Gogh said in a letter to his brother Theo:

“Instead of giving way to despair, I took the way of active melancholy as long as I had strength for activity, or in other words, I preferred the melancholy that hopes and aspires and searches to the one that despairs, mournful and stagnant.”

I see a young man making a resolution to test his soul in the worst of times when one is entirely alone, he will spend next seven days in utter isolation to discover what it could teach him, to find some answer’s like Is it possible for a man to live alone?

An isolated Man’s Journal for self-study.

Day 1:

He first wrote the Mission Statement:

I have decided to see if I could learn to live alone, relying up on my own energies, being self-reliant, spending time with myself, having only my own thoughts to cheer me up

Then he begin to write in third person singularity following lines timidly.

He wanted to create himself again with a new identity, to create a new world according to his taste. Even to write the history and to be predestined for future, manipulating the whole course of his existence said his soul in its temporal wake.

So, the Experiment begins:

On his 2nd entry in the paragraph he wrote:

There goes my cell phone I turned it off and throw it away! how calm I was without the worry that maybe I receive some important call, or miss hanging out with friends for what is the purpose of a friend? I asked myself yet no answer came to rescue my troubling soul.


Day 2

On being passionate in flames, he penned down the lines as:

I organize my room, starting reading books after books it was magical, discovering each new treasure, every writer was my friend while offering me their life’s finding their purpose and living the life as truthful as it should be, letting their passions to kill them.

I was now creating my own little world. I was finally doing what I love to do, not wasting a single minute on social convention or conforming to the notion that what majority thinks is wisdom. I am better off in this God forsaken lonely room haunted by the writers, philosophers, poets and Artist’s almost dead thousands of years ago.


Day 3

On discovering his purpose of doing what he love:

Writing for straight 4 hours a day! I discover one can only think clearly when one writes, all the distraction which usually comes to mind in thinking process was gone. Finally my mind was at peace, suddenly the soul was enriched and it was harmonious.

It teaches me to work on what is important to you more often what you love doing it why to wait in desperation for the right time, just write away, here I’m writing 5000 words each night and my Novel is in progress since then.

Day 4

On Falling in love with his sufferings in cold lonely nights:

Now I was weary and to be very honest it is terrible to be alone. On the 4th day I had given up and I am seduced to be in company of a friend! for quite some time I haven’t talk to anyone out of necessity like a monk. It was becoming harder and harder to bear myself, my own soul was the sole companion and the ultimate burden……..


On questioning authority:

Why GOD is alone? I have no idea why I wrote this, but it was an interesting inquiry, I deduce that God is supreme He doesn’t need anyone’s company, He is all that exist and will always be, than another thought strikes me down? then why do He create angels and all the living things? if he was reluctant to be alone? maybe he was bored? pardon me oh dear Lord! I said to myself laughingly

Day 6

On Imitating the full blue moon:

Jan 31,2018

The Evening brings great tidings when the full blue moon appears in the night sky, I was overwhelmingly excited so delightful that I lie down on the ground and looked straight towards the moon, its majestic light lit my face and I closed my eyes and my soul left my body suddenly I was free and flying alone in the infinite cosmos

Like stars on fire yet I have never seen a star having a friend, why would I then, as I look down to our own very earth, glowing and colorful blossoming with life, tears fell from my eyes and I asked, oh! dear EARTH did you ever feel lonely? and she whispered to my ears “For I exist for you and you for me, how can I feel lonely when I’m the only planet among others supporting life. I’m heavenly even the Sun exists for me, the whole space and time almost every thing ends up to you oh! the super human soul.”

Day 7

He titled the last paragraph as Conclusion:

I wanted to talk to someone, I finally conclude we humans are social beings I wrote 500 hundred words as why one should have friends? but still it doesn’t convince to me to call some one and out of mere desperation or due to the fear of being left alone that I should spend time with someone in utter vulnerability, I prefer self-overcoming than compromising to the false society.

The experiment proved thus, One should never compromise one’s integrity, my melancholy and loneliness never bother me as it never did for the most people if we see history, for an artist to dwell in solitude is a blessing.

825 (1).jpg

Here must read the blog about my favt. Artist Vincent van Gogh:

How Van Gogh Found His Purpose: Heartfelt Letters to His Brother on How Relationships Refine Us




Let’s Discover “Mozart Effect” on Mozart’s Birthday! The Musical Erotic stages and Art in it’s best form to help humanity.

Every time I sit down for studying, reading or Writing I simply play Mozart’s music and the creative energies emerged out with a new inspiration.

The melody and the flow of music really take’s the breath away! Suddenly the mind is relaxed and the soul is enlightened with such a lovely enchantment like singing of birds in early morning, His music pours down into my heart like honey as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a brilliant composer of the classical era.

He was the greatest musician and artist with the remarkable talents, his immortal music really inspires the world to this day and he often helped me while brainstorming for new ideas or even if  someone want’s to enjoy the “Tobacco” fully I suggest him to listen to Mozart and you will feel the everlasting “Mozart Effect”  which will increase the pleasure’s of smoking.

All his recordings are available on YouTube as if anyone want’s to listen.

According to the The idea that listening to classical music can increase your brainpower has become so popular that it’s been dubbed “the Mozart effect.” … In the 1990s, 36 students in a study at the University of California at Irvine listened to 10 minutes of  Mozart’s sonata before taking an IQ test.  

Then, According to Dr. Gordon Shaw, the psychologist in charge of the study test, he noticed that the students’ IQ scores went up by about 8 points. after listening to Mozart’s music.  So, “Mozart effect” was born that day.

Myth or is there any science involved behind Mozart’s music, why not give it a try? 

One might wonder Why listen to Mozart not the other pop music I say “Yes” because his music has all the healing power we need to drive away the tensions and stress of our life’s. the classics always romanticize us and sometimes changing taste of music is also good in discovering new moods.

Here listen to that sonata! the amazing “Mozart Effect”


Make sure next time you study you put on Mozart’s music too, For who know’s you might score double in Exam. 😛

The Legacy of Mozart



He composed more than 600 works, many acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, operatic, and choralmusic.

He is among the most enduringly popular of classical composers, and his influence is profound on subsequent Western art music.

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his own early works in the shadow of Mozart.

Joseph Haydn wrote: “posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”.

And In words of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard:

“From the moment my soul was first overwhelmed in wonder at Mozart’s music, and bowed in admiration, it has often been my cherished and rewarding pastime to reflect upon how that happy Greek view that calls the world a cosmos, because it manifests itself as an orderly whole, a tasteful and transparent adornment of the spirit that works upon and in it – upon how that happy view repeats itself in a higher order of things, in the world of ideals.

How it may be a ruling wisdom there too, mainly to be admired for joining together those things that belong with one another: Axel with Valborg, Homer, with the Trojan War, Raphael with Catholicism, Mozart with Don Juan. A wretched unbelief exists which seems to contain much healing power.”

He further wrote:

It is a piece of good fortune that what in a deeper sense is perhaps the only true musical subject was granted to Mozart.

With his Don Giovanni Mozart enters that small, immortal band of men whose names, whose works, time will not forget, for they are remembered in eternity.

He emphasize on his music in The Immediate erotic stages prolific essay in his book Either/or A fragment of life.



During his final years in Vienna, he composed many of his best known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and portions of the Requiem, which was largely unfinished at the time of his early death at the age of 35.

Support and love, listen and share Michael Andrea’s the youngest pianist and Artist.

Michael Andreas is a young Pianist who’s talent is well recognized even in early age. When he first won his competition at the age of seven. Do like his page on Facebook, he even can reply you, if you want ask anything to him. I mean if your fan of Mozart or any classical musicians you might be interested to know.

Here he was alive on Facebook today on 27th January, celebrating Mozart’s Birthday playing all time favorite music of Mozart, living his legacy.



This is just wonderful ❤




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I am always on Fire like the Burning Solitary Star in the sky! Discovering The dying sun with in us.

I looked at the sky! In the midst of the gloomy darkness, their flickering lights went straight into my heart and enlightened me, It was my renaissance and I see myself as one of them, yet burning with all the turmoil and the phantoms of busy life fathoms a desire in my soul to find the meaning of existence.

I was like the solitary most luminous star in flames scattered in the vastness and vacuity of space, aware of my own insignificance therein the infinite cosmos.

I recall the breaths I take are meant to be stopped, the studies will end with degree, the fear of failing was gone, the insecurity of being alone disappears, the quest to found richness and wealth, and the aging and calling of finding a good livelihood in society all was lost on its vast meaningless distance, terrifying because of the inconceivable long vistas of time and all human history was questioned in an instant with twinkling of  an eye.  



About 4.6 billion years ago, two gigantic stars in flames, blisteringly collides with each other and one of them was our Sun. After splitting our planets formed out of its matter and revolved around it, Earth was the only part of this planetary system where life was given to us in a chaos.


So,  why the whole Universe up there cold and dark is hostile to life?


Then is this what all life amounts too? to stumble, almost by mistake into a world flourished with life.

Last night when the cold wind was bristling and making me to shiver under my coat. I went upstairs and looked at the night sky filled with glittering stars and sit besides the shining moonlit.

I have seen whole big bang in my mind’s eye, grasping the never-ending space and time.


That glimpse was all I needed and I howl like a wolf, which might have scared my neighbors in their slumbers.

Living life at its best for oneself, befriended with the everlasting melancholy.



There it was the milky way surrounding the earth, the vast space and our wonderful gigantic Universe among many.


How little we know of our universe yet we say we know everything about life. How little we value life? And satisfy our self in our comforts, the steady flow of trends, the children, marriage, all achievements suddenly starting making no sense. All that was these vast number star’s.




How one of our stars the sun formed itself by the collision with another star billions of years ago, the splitting makes these planets and life flourishes in one and only earth, how lonely is our planet in this whole wild cosmos, yet it never felt itself lonely it enjoys the company of other planets and its loyal friend moon, the sun and stars.


That was when I saw myself part of it, a star on fire, the fire of life.

I will burn myself alone like the star and yield the tiniest atom in me to bombard the electron’s to blast the nucleus. because the end of our live’s are no more different from the life of star’s up there.


The Dying Sun within Us!

Astronomers and the physicist claims that the sun will soon die because of energy it emits in the form of heat, and this heat and light is needed to sustain life.


Yet what they didn’t see is we all are the dying sun’s already, Universe itself is hostile to life and when death approaches as our vital heat is lost like the Sun is losing each day and all our aspirations doomed to final frustrations. So, When the sun will be frozen all our goals and most valuable things must perish with all human race, leaving the universe as we never existed.


How beautiful life is if we sleep like the savages under the open sky that way, we will value life more, while Sitting in the warmth of fire and busy in our cell-phones we need to go out and reflect on the nature of which we all are part of.

As Sir James jeans, a great astronomer and writer wrote in his book

” We must probe deep into the fundamental nature of things before we can expect to find answers to our questions”. 




Confessions of a Dangerous Mind!

“Freedom” That is an easy word to say and yet no one know’s it’s true meaning, people often call themselves free?  share with me or even at least with yourself the most dominant thought you have in your mind? 

You can’t even bear to think across it. Therefore history  proclaim’s you as a slave of your peers, can you O poor soul set your own free will as a law? 


Grab a hammer and kill your self and if you cannot then I dare say be a murderer of that dominant thought which evokes fear and obedience.   

I heard a barbaric cry in my soul!


For the sake of truth, I had devoted my life in experimenting and suffering hunger in my soul, even to climb the top mountains to tempt the tempter.

This life as we see it, promise us so much and give us very less in return, we live it as the world dictates by the people who lived centuries before us even before we were born.

Why not keep the dead to their graves and live the life with new age, a new birth by waging a war against the old traditions. We must free our-self’s from all the old myths and customs and create new ones, declaring a new vision. We should live life in our own unique way. Breaking all the shackles, we are bound to at the time of our birth.

I Consider Myself as the child of mother earth! simple, wild and free as natural as one could be

In a friend one should have one’s best enemy says “Nietzsche” 


Indulged myself in a fight, and by friend means a good one.

I saw the darkest corner’s of my soul unleashing the cruel, rotten beast.

How desperate our lives are, quarreling over such a vague matter on a miserable hangout, he kept my cell phone against the inhospitable coldest meal we eat together.

Dramatically, it ends up in a fight! turning us into Savages. For he growls and attacks me like a hungry wolf, ready to tear me apart!

I yelled and burst out words more dangerous than anything else, they won’t let me sleep, and are going to hunt me to eternity and I feel terrible and guilty of this huge sin that I commit in anger the most evil of all human notions.

He now apologizes to me!

Why should I pity you or myself O friend! 


Can you make peace with yourself by smashing the sacred word  “Friendship”.

“your not evolved my friend as human

                                                   The beast with in you showed up

                                                    how little you value life and relationship”

For I beseech you in declaring human relationships are not necessary in one’s life

there is more to life on which I like to occupy my mind.

As Thoreau wrote “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrows of life”

Trust me I forget about you the moment I walked away from you, I have so much in life to think about, I started finding pleasure in the sufferings of breaking our friendship.





My visionary Great Men theory. The Immorality


Sorry to my parents!

I’m guilty that I cannot be the dutiful son, my rebellion is even worst than the whole “Communist Manifesto”

My manifesto is that there is no good advice that the older can give to younger one’s


They are weary and want their experience to be the deeds of others, 


For life is out there un-experienced by me, Age is no better a teacher but experience is


I’m sailing my boat over your hope’s to reach to my destination. 


I like to feel evil, what you consider evil is good for me.

Certainly there I see, the passion to conquer my own soul.

As Nietzsche wrote:

“you must have chaos within you to give birth to the dancing star”






The kiss of the Goddess

Her killing eyes looked at me, Ah, her deep glorifying eyes almost stopped my breath

She kissed me with her mouth filled with life And the dead poet with in me came to life.

She whisperer’s, “I’m your goddess Here, sell me your soul to be summoned.

My sorrows and pains are so great even the terrible sadness in their laughter fills me with compassion.

That was the secret, I am in love with everything this world despises, the frightening ghost for you is the leading light for me.



I’m a wanderer, I have no Place or Time. I’m Just drifting on this Lonely Road of Mine. How to Discover the Meaning of our Life?

“There are many Universes up there, and in one of them is the only Universe among many planets where on earth I dwell, in a little country’s little town’s little house. An inquisitive fragile boy. So, you tell me, how can I stay calm why can’t I question what is my place in this whole World?

Oh! Still there are many isles of Man’s nature to be discovered? I’m but a wanderer, searching for the lost treasure’s hidden inside the human soul”.

For what is Life without the quest or curiosity to understanding one’s own sole purpose of existence.

What is the universe? Nothing but an illusion, we believe what others told us and never listening to what the earth, the vast galaxies with gigantic stars and flowing cosmos wants us to know?

One must avoid acquaintance which loosen’s one’s individuality in the crowd where he conform and conditioned to be what the world wants him to be not what he really wants of himself.

I wonder here and there loathing relentlessly, as is the famous saying, “Those who find themselves first lost themselves in midst of their voyage of self-discovery”.

Solitude is my best companion

ζ Where are you taking me?

The inconclusive spirit, I have my own thoughts to cheer me up

How come I have been so lucky to be in the company of best men’s

I look upon myself without any observations and yet why I see many versions of myself.

My burning desire is not to worship but to question?

Who I’m I? What is the meaning of my life?

Is it the mainstream doctrines of culture, religion or the blind obedience that the world wants me to follow up?

The sorrowful and timid,

The unhappy and the wanton.

The iconoclastic and selfish,

The lonely scoundrel and the fool.

Why I’m not contended with myself and with the providence I had been given?

Henry David Thoreau spent 3 years in woods and lived his life without any desperation, that was his way of discovering the meaning of life?

Henry David Thoreau; Artist unknown; No date

Socrates served his life in the duty of teaching other’s about wisdom and being a philosopher, he drank poison to understand meaning of life?


Friedrich Nietzsche proclaim himself an Übermensch, Self-overcoming and spending his life to understand the world as will to power, Zarathustra spoke to him about the meaning of life?

Soren Kierkegaard was an aesthetic, who devotes his life to pleasures of suffering and beauty in enduring pains and despair, Existentialism was the meaning of life for him?


For Marcel Proust wrote world’s Longest Novel and discovered the meaning of life in Art?



Why I’m a Wanderer

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Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

Article Writing and Marketing

plr articles and related news

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