Preachers “Poem”

The world need no more preachers

The world need no more revolutionaries

The world needs no more revelations

The world need no more prophets

The world need no more saints

The world needs no more devils but science alone

The world only needs reasoning

Leave the world at peace O preachers

Keep your doctrine to yourself for godsake

Your theory has failed! Look what the world has became so fanatic and intolerable to diverse opinions

Even if your truth worth the whole world it gives you no right to enforce it on other people

You follow your divine ways

We follow natural ways

Nature cries for humanity

Let us follow way of mankind and man alone

Adalee Street “Poem”

My memories walks on the Adelee Streets

There is a house on Adalee Street

There is Nostalgia on Adalee Streets

There is nothing forbidden on Adalee streets

Every laborer used to come home with fatigue on Adalee street

I miss my friends at Adalee street

Where are they? Where are my lost treasures

Steve the poet?

Sonny the Arab?

Jay the rapper?

Ray the Alcoholic?

Eric the homeless?

Sam the most talkative?

Ali the philosopher?

Where is the diversity of great American spirit?

Where is Adalee street I have forgotten?

Take me to Adalee street my madness

Himalayan Salt Lamp “Poem”

In the light of Himalayan salt Lamp I get high

Deep in heart of a friend we get high together

We listen to some music and talk about our lives

We learn about the Benefits of Salt Lamp

We wander our minds to women

We google perfumes and Wrote a research paper on impact of fragrance on women

We smoke the blunt together

And come to conclusion that women want money

And that money makes you visible

So we come up with million dollar ideas

With million dollar smiles we Became millionaires

Weed is our savior in times of distress

Give us a fig high five we are so high

Four Noble Truths “Poem”

A poetic expression of Four Noble truths by Buddha

Buddha teaches that suffering is inevitable

The cause of suffering are cravings

The wants, needs, desires and passions

Human nature wants more and more

The more one gets the more one remains unsatisfied

It is like one is thirsty for a glass of water but he wants wholes oceans

Human wants are no different then a Maya (delusional)

Expecting happinesses is different from actual happiness

Buddha the wise one says denounce materialism

Kill your craving for unessential wants

Buddha speaks “Simplify, simplify your life”

Buddha observes modern buying behaviors

You don’t need a new I-phone, fancy dresses, or be slave to popular opinions just because it is a trend

Buddha teaches the vices of modern consumerism

Markets utilizes consumers as products

By simplifying your wants

You will reduce suffering

You will find enlightenment

Buddha have no ideology

Buddha teaches individual experience and quest for truth

Hence the eight fold path is different for everyone

Buddha proclaimed don’t believe what I say discover truth yourself

Truth has no authority it is free as nature is and as equal as two and two equals four

Happiness “Poem”

Since the dawn of mankind

Every man seeks happiness but failed to possess it

What is happiness if not the constant struggle

A means to no end turning nihilism into annihilation

Jesus finds his happiness in preaching or in suffering?

Or one just imagine Sisyphus happy as An Algerian French writer penned a decade ago

Who was Sisyphus in real sense according to Camus?

Every labor to every working man is condemn to toil and sweats

They grab their beer at the end of the day and think that’s what all life is about

They start their day with the name of God and think that’s happiness

We all end up in graveyards, a being into nothingness

Happiness doesn’t exist is a fact

To create happiness is logos as per ancient Greeks

Let’s me be a nomadic O poor soul

A Strange Encounter “Poem”

My heart seeks a strange encounter of her existence

She appears out of no where

She must answer my questions

Why she is so colored in my colors

Or is she colorless I doubt every night?

A sudden excitement she brings in my heart

What it would be like seeing her?

Speak now why moon and stars look for our encounter so passionately?

When will our stranger encounter will took place the universe conspires

I look forward to the day

When her divine being come before me with resentments

Shall I talk or just look at her deeply

Will she be able to break the stereotype of American culture?

She must answer such questions whenever we see each other

Or else there be prejudice

I don’t know O heart

Fate will decide was she just a random follower

Or something more than a follower

Guinness “Poem”

Irish Guinness gripped in his hands Sonny used to walk

If you misspell Guinness what would it sound like? He inquired gaily

I replied in nightly sadness “I don’t know!”

We used to walk from Nebraska to Floribraska streets

Sonny exclaimed in his drunkness it will be as “Geniuses” who hold Guinness in their hands

I laughed! So you mean to say your a genius? I asked politely

Yes! have you any doubts? He protested

I replied, how dare there would be a doubt

Ali you belong to Vermont he outcried

I nodded and ignored

He stopped and started yelling

Florida has nothing good to offer us

I am moving to Colorado and you must move to Vermont

You will find intellectual cuticles and inspiration to write

I replied I will think about it

Tonight I felt the need to move somewhere far

Maybe my friend was right I must move to Vermont

Black America “Poem”

Beware O world! Black Americans are rising

The most oppressed of the human race in all history

Better close your doors black Americans marching on the road

The courage, the potential in black Americans are unshakeable, unimaginable and unconquerable

I even started to imitate their ways

Nothing can stop them they are coming

Like a Hurricane they will destroy racism

I saw true humanity in black Americans

I felt the bond and unity in black Americans

I fell in love with black Americans

Color is no longer the right of the might

Race is no longer the sign of right

Black America is all what America will be known for in future

The champions will be the Black Americans

The First Murderer “Poem”

Cain Murdered Abel first of all

Sons of Adam against what not?

One brother against another we see not

That guilt of Cain still hunts human race

The murder of Abel still hunts human race

How long mankind will be guilty and murderers at the same time?

Is this human race ever going to achieve the promised Utopia?

My eyes are blindfolded and mouth sealed and ears dumbed and hands cuffed and legs paralyzed

Where is God? Have anyone seen God?

Why has God abandon mankind in blood and despair?

Who wants heaven after death? Death is truly a heaven

We all are only equal when we are dead

A dead men is not rich nor poor

A dead man has no color, belief or hate or love

A dead man is a dead man that’s all

Death is the only Utopia mankind will ever achieve

Death was the only Utopia for the first murderer and the murdered

Death is the fate of mankind forever and ever

Journey of an Artist “Poem”

The journey of an artist is no different than Homer’s marvelous Greek tragedies

I hereby walk on the path of being an artist

Who is an artist?

Any person who sees things differently

Any person who thinks differently

Art is not just painting, it is a way of life

Every Artist has their canvas

Pen is my supreme tool of expression

The world stands on way of an artist

Artists presents the world different than what it is

Reality is against imagination

Poetry is against rationality

Writing is against authority

Loneliness is against company of friends

Welcome O reader I choose to be an Artist

In a world stormed by engineers, doctors, and dot .Com millionaires

You have an emerging artist in rebellion

He cares not about a career or job market

His only passion is to be like Socrates

An un-examined life is not worth living

Philosophy and literature are his sole companions

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The Artistic Endeavors & General Musings of Matt Snyder


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Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

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Paper Life Painting

Visual works of Wayne Wolfson

The Fair Left

Politics of Writing

A Prolific Potpourri...

The Artistic Endeavors & General Musings of Matt Snyder


An Empyrean Cycle


Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

Article Writing and Marketing

plr articles and related news

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