The Plague in Ybor City!

The world has an epidemic few weeks back all of sudden it transformed into a deadly pandemic disease killing thousands and increasing its fare share day by day forming itself into a global economic crisis. This is the fear, anxiety and depression of every living human being nowadays the plague of “Corona virus”.

Great measure have been taken by all world governments. Cities locked down, more research and funding, public health awareness, the business are down, schools, universities closed. Outbreak of a deadly disease leaves the streets empty and Walmart Publix massively crowded. What should an ordinary man do in such a situation except not to get bored. Boredom kills more people than any disease in history of man kind. Imagine what would have happened to Sparta in ancient Greece if there were no wars to fight for? Man is essential irrational no matter how much he progress just as 2 + 2 = 4 is a fact same is man’s irrationality. He can never know what is best for him. We wage war and kill people insanely and yet when a plague like this spread man only acts when he faces his own destruction of power and control.   

“Aristotle” was so bored with all his wisdom and knowledge that he takes it all out on “Alexander the Great” who then Rebelling against his father go on conquering the world.


Corona virus” tried hunting The historic Ybor city but failed miserably now one may ask why? Simply because this is Florida. A savage land. Is it possible for a Nightingale to exist but not to sing in the sweetness of night? “No” right so If you are in Florida and even if the world is ending I promise you there will still be a party going on somewhere in this land.

Last night as soon as the sun goes down despite the warnings and media reports. The streets in Ybor city breaths with hundred of souls wandering inside the little area confined by the nostalgic walls protected from the rest of the world far away from its weariness and coldness secured by the Illusionary Hispanic-Cuban style buildings. In the night everyone gathered, free of everything, they were the pleasure seekers, passionate lovers, and some rebels, misfits, trouble makers, geniuses, homeless, students people from every walk of life was there to rebel against the dictations of the world.


The lamps at every corner of the street started creating an illusion with its bright white round globes. Their light kisses the eyes and deceives the heart. The music eludes the ears. The cigar shops, cafes, bars and night clubs calls you in with their fascinating taglines and names yet the mere pleasure of walking down the pavements will always seduce the passerby to keep on going forward as there could be something more interesting on the way who knows? Soon the aroma of “Tobacco” buried inside the Ybor city for more than 60 years will instill demons into the souls which will make the visitors to survey the whole one way street back and forth again and again until he gets bored of all the spectators and the heart yearns for some wild experience then one decides to get into a bar or a club.

A wise men once said, the core of man’s spirit is in having new experiences. The more you get it, the more you will discover about yourself and the world around

Nihilistic Club which I call including some of the very interesting people I know some I quite don’t know gathered last night in Ybor city we know Corona virus is BTW but as I say before dank nihilists doesn’t care about anything their philosophy is this that no matter what a man do best of all his capacities eventually he will fail. So, the real question is what does this disease matter to the Floridians? People who deals with Hurricanes every year, who have crocks living next to their home. This disease is nothing to them. I firmly believe with my experience of living with Floridian which has been amazing, they are the best in everything, always full of hospitality and love. Floridians welcome 365 days of sun shining on its shores. Even thought during the time of plagues like time of hurricanes people have positive vibes. I saw Floridians strong morally and physically, they are going to overcome it. Soon after weeks we are going to smile and say we make it through. We don’t need no Vaccine. The cure for “Corona Virus” is “Laughter” and maybe a bottle of corona beer which is a great medicine for fighting against any plague or disease. The cure is in nature itself, the cure is being self-aware of oneself and the world around.

 Our quarantine 

Dank Nihilists


The Question is why the world is shocked? Is it because we have no cure for such disease? Or whole Italy is locked down and U.S banned whole of Europe to come to U.S. things are going crazy but the point is what should ordinary man do? No matter what you do nothing really matters at the end, death is inevitable. Being a stoic and nihilistic it was not possible for me to sit at home and do nothing. Boredom kill more people than any plague what so ever and yet nobody ever done anything about it. Out of Boredom comes all evil. 

Good hygiene and positive thinking is what that makes ones immune system strong enough to fight any disease. If there is a will then there is a way. Give will to power means give power to your will as German philosopher Nietzsche wrote: ” Ones must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a star”.

At the end I will say as “Thoreau” said but a little differently: I have lived through much and I went to the Ybor every night because I wished to live deliberately and to get the essential facts of human interactions, to get more stories to write and learn the culture and know the passion for pleasure and to see what there is more to learn and if I didn’t post again discover that I had not lived and died partying instead of some disease.    

An Old man and a Young boy talking about life: A Dialogue

Old Man: “A Man’s life came into being from nothing like the river from Glaciers , it always flows circular into the endless ocean finally to be drowned into nothingness which suffices why your young full of life and I am old near death. Our earth is round, so is life. This circle must not be broken”.

The old man lift up his chin and cried! “You’re doomed! If you didn’t learn from my experience, from my pocket-size past, my little book full of maxims. Believe me I am talking from experience and reality is explained to the new by the old.”

Young man: “I must agree on the fact that your being old makes you wise enough to have the right to advice young ones. Now enlightened me what do you mean by circle of life? How can I avoid breaking that cycle?”

Old Man Replied: “My child It is to go with the flow of the world. Obey the supreme law of our conscience defined by the Religion and society which are far more important than individual interests. If you do not conform to norms my dear son you will brake the circle of happy life then you will be desperate, a hustler who will fail to secure a job, marriage, kids, friendship, status quo and well being until you have this wrinkled face like I have right now.”

The boy was offended by the old man’s advice like Ivan portrayed by Dostoevsky who wasn’t sure if virtue really existed or anything was sacred? He knew in his rebellious heart that he would shake the old man’s spirit without regret. He knew in all history of the universe life was nothing more than survival of the fittest all else was transitory.

Thus he spoke: “When you old people reached about age of 50 swollen with experience you can’t get rid of it and If luckily you made children, you want us to believe that your past isn’t wasted but let me assure you father. Your wisdom recommends in my childhood to make noise as little as possible and now your telling me to live as little as possible. To allow myself to be forgotten. You tell success stories, you yawn, you think that there is nothing new under the sky.”

There was a pause and there was no sound except stillest silence more dreadful and louder without the need to speak. It stopped the conversation and the politeness in it.

Old man with his sunken cheeks in a dull voice replied: ” You’re a blasphemer of God. I warn you son, Don’t be ridiculous young lad, These forbidden books you have in your defense are not enough to navigate in life. What you read is other man’s worn out cloth, their sorrow taken words and miserable lives and nothing more. If you don’t want to spend ordinary life of happiness then don’t listen to what I say but it will help you to define why some men in history break that circle and bring chaos like the suicides, wars, murders and hatred.”

Young boy: I believe in what you have said: you have experience i have none but I have power of youth which you lack; if I have gained nothing then I have lost nothing. For i have got advice of wisest thinkers the world has ever produced still I don’t even find them of any help so, how can your advice bring me salvation?”

The old man’s face suddenly grew weary, he get up from his chair taking heavy breaths he walked back and forth mapping the room, his eyes seems to be summon by demons he looked at the boy now and then and said nothing.

Young man added: “What you offer me is involuntary thinking and if you told me not to speak my mind, not to welcome new ideas, if you fear ideas are more dangerous than weapons, I’am afraid sir, You are right.”

Old man broke the silence:Nonsense! you speak queer words, who have no respect for their elders. We brought you into this world and were you aware of yourself in your mothers womb? I have seen much of the world, my wisdom more worth than any fine text you will ever read.”

Old man: I am disappointed, I have given you life and yet you are not thankful for that, I thought you will be an aid to me and listen to me. If you want to live in this home then obey what I say if not then you can leave my home .

Young man: You have dragged your life in utter desperation, You married in a hurry, out of impatience, and made children at random and now our stubborn ideas and proverbs you name experience wrapped in a paper to give little pieces of advice sticked to your teeth.

old man: You’re the son of the devil, I can write with my blood to tell you will never succeed in life, you will fail again and again.

Young man: Let me tell you oh wisest old father, I am not afraid to make even a life long mistake. Even Your honorable past does not give you right to speak about everything. Experience is now your only defense against everything even to death.

The boy then left his home. FREE: Fancy free soul now. He has the world to conquer and exclaimed in excitement: “I rebel, therefore, I am”.

Philosophizing Life without Principle & Morality in the West

“I realized that, in a very act of thinking everything false, I was aware of myself as something real; and observing that the truth: “I think, therefore I am” was so firm and so assured that the most extravagant arguments of the skeptics were incapable of shaking it, I concluded that I might have no scruple in taking it as that first principle of philosophy for which I was looking”. “Rene Descartes”

Life begins from zero to what ever number you wanted to put on the end depends on how long you will live and even before living in the U.S I was not found of laws whether religious or traditional. I have broken the most sacred of all the moral codes. I left what seems illogical or for granted. I am now limited to the human existence. To the Individual suffering which matters to me. This state of urgency, to survive and to be triumphed as evolution of life was where the strongest one survives only is to live the life without principle and morality.

Life’s full potential is released in the state of urgency. like Plato said” Necessity is the mother of all inventions” you are inventing a new life in the new world the older one looks rotten, wasted.

History shows us how certain people who achieve the greatness were all in a sense moral criminals. Why? because you are tearing out the old one for the new as the Russian writer Dostoevsky said, great men smash laws, smash old ways in order to create new ones, great man are not afraid to be criminals”

Reason leads the way. I had some great ideas back at home which never makes any sense but here they seem logical because you are pushing the boundaries. My soul is free. It is fancy free. I can be anything here.

I have realized the fact the world i see today was build by the people who were no smarter than me! the only way to create a life here is to abandon the old and adapt the new.

it is super human version of humanity which Nietzsche dreams in his “Ecce Homo”. To became what one is. You no longer believe in things you used to do, you do what you were told never to do. In short you break the moral code, you have no conscience, you don’t judge things but let you things to be seen in a different way. This is the path of every artist I have ever read, to experience and change which is normal.

Only the most mediocre ones stays where they were I come so far that there is no way back. My mind has reached its full capacity to reject all of my former opinions & believes. I can feel the free will and its power, the artistic energy I never felt before.

Now that I have broken the most sacred of all the moral code. I can now see things differently.


“I am now living the American Dream”

Anti-Intellectualism and Anti-Science bias of modern fundamentalist Islam is the root cause of Its failure for Eternity!

If history has taught us anything it is that those nations who remained crippled by Religious establishments for more than a decade declines in political and economical Infrastructure.  Lack of Imagination and creativity, suppressing the humanities like arts and literature which promotes humanity more than anything

  • Clearly it’s not the case that Islam itself is hostile to science; after all, for hundreds of years, the Islamic world was the standard-bearer for world scientific knowledge and progress. Yet, education in many Muslim countries consists primarily of religious rather than scientific programs, and those who do get quality educations in the west tend to remain overseas.

The individual freedom is of the utmost importance. Take a look at any so called Muslim nation where the individual always suffer, his ideas are always ridiculed. Dr. Abdus salam was judged on the basis of his beliefs, Iqbal was called kafir still if I talked to some one about bringing secularism into our political system people react to it rather than understanding it as an advanced way of separating religion from politics, not allowing any culprit to use public sentiments to be in power.

  • Arab world goes into oil/gas, or if smart/lazy, into oil/gas ministry jobs, and anyone seeking safe investment returns tends to invest in oil/gas, where a great return is likely. Having some resources is better than no resources, but having resource based industries dominate your economy crowds out all other investment.
  • Women as second-class citizens

West has taken over the world for many centuries to come. The nanotechnology predicts that it will progress more in 10 years. It can help control climate change, reverse the aging, cure cancer and aids, Increase food resources and even close to defeating death by investing on machine learning will bring immortality to the person who owned the computer which will remain as his own version and furthermore the implementation of AI in everyday life nowadays is leading to ASI (Artificial super intelligence which can revolutionized the world.

ANI (Artificial narrow intelligence has been part of life in west from past years since the invention of internet, from using google search engines, to google maps and strong algorithms and high tech applications to support logistics to solve complex problems.

Job market is highly intense and mostly relying on the data analytics more and more research is undergoing to meet the employment if the technology revolutionized the way we live..

Yet we are still living in our glorified past. We are still talking about Sharia Law and Medieval Khilafat negating the more progressive ideas of socialism and democracy if we look at china and the west.


It is no less than a joke that we still amuse ourselves for medieval ideas when the world has became more and more democratic ans turned into a global interdependent economy.

Athens v.s Spartans 

If we still imagine having a Nuclear power and a strong army is the sign of a prosper nation than we are doomed which is contrary to the idea of highly developed nations.


Further Readings;

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

An Attack on Aphorisms and Maxims. Breaking the Traditional Wisdom with a Hammer!




On Human Existence

The human existence demands justice, there was no trail so it doesn’t give a chance to have his say.  It was not a unanimous decision to produce this human race and history tells us that it clearly stands on lies.

Only the individual suffering has a meaning and nothing comes to redeem him. He suffers alone and alone he must experience this very life given to him without his consent.

“I think therefore I am”, said Descartes. “I revolt therefore I am”, said Camus. “I don’t think therefore I am not what I am, said no man ever.”

On Happiness

It seems to be of no importance whether a man is happy or sad as long as long he has a reason to live he will be in despair.

Happy is the one who is not born yet, happiest must be the one who was never born. Unhappiest is the one who was born and raised.


On Love:

We demand love  and say “I love you” but It has no meaning these three words were joined together in a hurry by some horny man to satisfy his urges.

Hatred has more place in our hearts than love.

On Nature:

The existence of everything speaks for itself the trees, grass, sky, stars and moon. Why let some supreme power undermine their freedom of expression. Listen again what the universe has to say for you.


On Women

A women can never be honest. she is handicapped by nature to manipulate.

To deduce from the fact that there more women than men explains why something in excess is wasted or misused.

In history of Western lands thousands of Ancient Greeks and Trojans dies for one single women. Orpheus enters the underworld in order to bring his wife back to the world. It explains how far human race can go out of boredom.


On Compassion

There is no such thing as compassion. why? we give to the poor to make ourselves feel more human. is it generous to give a penny to a power as to make him a beggar. The beggar only lacks education.

 Love thy neighbor they said, how can you love when you don’t know him?


On God

God the all knowing all seeing? Didn’t He saw a man killing himself? what does that indicates? A metaphysical rebellion.

So God created me in his shape. If I kill, rape, and lie, is that vice not also a virtue instilled in me by God why shouldn’t I use them?

God exists? Yes he exists then where is He? He is everywhere. Why don’t he show up? Because this world is a test and he will come up at the end. But human race is now out of patience.

One shall not believe in God out of fear or death but leap of faith is to believe Him because you know him.


Notes From My Dark Room!

I am going to degrade myself now you may wonder why? Simply in order to write and take pleasure for getting humiliated by my readers for the simple reason that I cannot do anything. I am a solitary and a heart broken man, so I started smoking cigarettes. I say immoral things, I read too much, play with ideas, question God’s existence, I even like to offend people out of spite.

I once saw a women dying and did nothing so I hate laughter’s, I loathe goodness and adhere all that is evil believe me I am not saying this just to be more offensive to all of you.

What I am writing is not even a blog where you can find inspiration or knowledge. You shouldn’t even be here right now reading all this gibberish talk I’m putting you in, do you even listen to yourself? Look at you always looking for something to be pleased? Spectators, question my mannerisms or my duty to your common sense. Oh! don’t you dare to speak of humanism. I have seen it all, this is an atomic age, blood everywhere here take this humanity and keep the miserable world to yourself  for I’m better off in my dark room filled with novels. You may call it a cave, a grave, an underground or even a block hole I don’t mind.

I created these lines to make sure you read it simply to tell that some people took extraordinary effort just to be normal but who cares? I might have created these imaginative words in order to live.

I tell you miss or sir that nothing is sublime or beautiful and reasoning is a disease a real actual disease. We kill each other with our prayers and  nice things. I believe in hatred just as you hate me now after my confession which you must be expecting a heartwarming words worth reading. Oh! How I pity you? Your so concern with what I do or what I’m going to say in the next lines.

We need to learn how to be reborn from an idea? Look at me in the picture, I am the idea of a dead man, I must never tell you this I’m that idea, and I died when the first man lied, killed, hated, robbed, loved, or prayed.

Humanism is just a word which has no meaning. I just gave it the meaning by writing all this to let you know its a vermin we never hesitate to crush it with our foot. I should not tell you this honestly how I missed life by decaying morally in my room with some books, ideas, words, and imagination.

I think I shall not say anything, anymore I had it enough. Not a “word”. This society has failed the individual it cannot and must never prevail

Perhaps it should never have been exited at the first place. It was a mistake like “time” that cannot be reversed so I’m going to say this I am a mediocrity,  a sickness and I have no self-respect because this race, time and environment has produced me so I shall express myself as wholly as I am and I’m going to tell you for the last time that I am an artist not any of the names you might gave me, may it be my education, or the work I do for living.

   Long Live the Under Ground! Inspired by the notes from underground by

“Foyder Dostovesky”  

Man of Ideas in Atomic Age only finds Absurdity. The Millennial Generation’s Biggest Anxiety is “Nuclear War”.

“We have heard about the great depression in 1930’s along with plague of communism. The stories of  Orwellian world wars, totalitarian regimes of Nazi in power and the victims of Vietnam and middle eastern wars but the millennial generation is blessed with atomic age. The anxiety, and public unrest cannot be compared to any generation in all history of mankind against fear of war and massacre but Nuclear bomb means total destruction which only leads to absurdity, plunges into the depth of Nihilism”. 

As soon as tensions develop between India and Pakistan recently. I find myself and others marking time desperately like waiting for Godot with nothing much to do in hand for any ordinary individual. As Samuel Beckett characters came to life when I swipe social media news feed, saw people on streets, offices engaged in terrifying arguments whether we are at war with India or not?

The presence of atomic bomb is more evident than God and there is nothing we can do to stop it because we all know its gonna happen sooner or later how much score is 20 years or 50? someone will eventually unleash this weapon of mass destruction on any given opportunity.  How can we not procrastinate?



It has already happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki we have no guarantee why it won’t happen again. We truly have no sense for the whole of humanity even in this age of reason. Other wise no one would have the need to built this monstrous bomb and I often laugh when people praise the inventors and say it is for our security.  We shouldn’t have gone for this at the first place.  The goal of science was to develop a rational understanding of the world not to destroy it.

Seriously think was it worth it? Investing so much on building a giant bomb to destroy a land because you hate those people, their language or religion is different, or because you have that disease of patriotism and jingoistic passions programmed by the state and Politicians who don’t even hesitate to shed blood for coming into power and we promised with false promises. They put blindfolds on our eyes and the Media manipulates us to support them in ignorance.



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The only answer I can find to this absurdity is the fact that “Man is a total stranger to himself, his very existence betrays him and this Irrational Man find ways of destroying his own world”. It all leads to the biggest existential crisis and makes us think that the atom bomb was probably a grand plan for a mass suicide of all life on earth.

The despair of living in the atomic age raises questions that could struck any man on the corner of the street like what is the meaning of all this cutting edge technology if it could not benefit mankind? We don’t need to witness any more evidence for the end of times than this century and sadly we the millennial’s are its victims.

The Forgotten Utopia 

The Ancient Indus valley civilization had No interest in War. 


The Ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, Chinese were all proud of their warfare techniques but in all human history one mighty civilization lived for more than two millennia without ever engaging in war. The only city whose dwellers were real pacifists, having no need of building even an army.

We should learn from our ancestors from “Mohen-Judaro” and “Harrappa” who lived more peacefully where archaeologist failed to find even a single weapon. Ancient Indus people teaches us a lesson. Ask the modern man to look back, learn from them and that civilization lived a more sophisticated and happy life even before the ancient Greeks, Romans and many more yet to come.


Links for further study:


Say No To War.  


#Pak-India peace will soon prevail.


The Hunger Artist still lives! Today You will Find Me Among the Countless Men Starving for their Art.

This man is an Artist condemned by God and imprisoned by its people not to produce art. The Artist has demons as a gift by God. In short his own inheritance cursed him and welcomes him into commerce. He must live or get his living? The motto of community life. He must choose weather to be killed slowly by his own creative potential or to earn a livelihood?

The rebel is powerless now. The slavery of 9 to 5 tear off his soul. He lost the track of time. There is no voluntarily thinking but weariness of work, work and work. He is now paid to be less than a human.

The Rat race has got best of him. How cruel reality has became for him. Tonight he is in great melancholy, he looks at his face in the mirror and hate every bit of it he is the starving artist. How he bears to live without his art?  He suddenly picks up the laptop and jot down the words with his shivering hands:

“I must write, I must put words into actions. How long I am going to put myself into chains and listen to people call my art an idle thing. I must mind my own business. I can endure hunger of food and cold but not Art. My soul burdens me every night, my imagination seduces me. I can not resist it any longer. I must say: My heart is on fire, the desires are burning, it will soon explode my body and the soul will be free to wander into the unknown.”


The artist likes to starve now. For him there is no “I”, no ego now at the workplace but “We”, “Yes Sir”, “No Sir” and at home “Yes Dad”, “Bills”, “Obedient son”, “well-Employed”. He learns not to live for himself but for others and enjoys humiliation and pain and loath at the happy moments because they delude him and he now understands there is no reality only misinterpretations. However, The words he writes are only real to him because when written they existed so do  “I” existed on a blank white page, therefore, a solitary hunger artist still lives.



Before You Judge Someone Take a Break and Read this! “Stop Judging” and “Stop Criticizing”.

One of the greatest social taboo is to judge the book by its cover. In simple words we never understand a person but are always eager to give our judgments. German writer Goethe while dying on his bed surrounded by his friends suddenly burst out in utter desperation.

No one has ever properly understood me, I have never fully understood anyone; and no one understands anyone else” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You can never tell why people behave the way as they do. Since it has become a privilege to undermine a person who is different or unique. Just because someone don’t conform to conventional way of thinking or values we became defensive as why that particular person is not like “us”. If you had a circle of friends and who had similar things to talk about which I do not find interesting, and If I question everything, express my opinions or prefer solitude than partying like others then  you will label me as an outsider, thought criminal, a Liberal or an anti-social.

Ancients Indians thought Earth is Supported on Elephants Standing on a Tortoise. Aristotle for centuries misjudged earth is the center of the universe and it was accepted for decades.

In Greek mythology Icarus thought he could fly with his wax-made wings to the sun ignoring his father Daedalus warning not to fly too high fell into the river and drowned.

We are only humans after all that makes mistakes but we should be capable of accepting our failings to understand certain things.

The need to affirm oneself, to distinguish oneself, to stand out, is a law of nature for every individual; it is his right, his essence, the law of his being.

For many years I suppressed my inner most desires to express my ideas because I fear others will be critical or misjudge me. And it happened in the University when I failed to mold in the Uni friends circle everyone finds another and became the great friends except me who was a loner most of the time.

Some of my class mates starting questioning me saying bluntly, “Why you have no friends? I mean like a one specific person or like our group of friends?”. I replied, “I have been like this all my life, people without ambitions don’t interest me and I spend more time with in my room with nothing much to do than to listen some music, and sometime to read and I do have friends to hangout but I can’t bear to sit with their gibbering words, laughter and petty jokes for long I had this urge to absorb all that in a solitary confinement to cheer up my mind with my own thoughts”.

Recently I finished reading Dostoevsky masterpiece “Notes from the Underground”. The most truthful prolific Russian writer to my soul. He writes in the preface following lines.

“The author of these notes and the notes themselves are, of-course, fictitious. Nevertheless, such people as the writer of these notes not only can but even must exist in our society. Such men will always exist in all generations who will never be accepted in society.”



We all hold terrible secrets that we often fear to share even with ourselves leave the case out of confessing it to others.  And the character in the story is similar to all of us who are misjudged by the people and privately confess the trivialities and find pleasure either in suffering or humiliation there is no such necessary individual ego left in us.

In the words of Dostoevsky

“In the crude unstructured state of society manifests itself in the individual quite crudely and even savagely”.


 On Breaking the social Taboo

We must take a hammer and smash the taboo of judging other people based on our intuition. We must accept others as they are instead of manipulating them with our opinions to be able to come into the so-called  general criteria for acceptability.

Now before you Judge anyone please stop! Give yourself some time to know and even if you don’t like someone then don’t criticize or hate because there is always a reason why someone’s behave in a particular way and it takes a lot of courage and patience to accept it the way they are and welcome their sweet indifference of the world.




Discover Why The Western World is the New Age of Enlightenment?

There was a time when the decaying Greek thoughts came to life in middle eastern lands. Historians often called it  The Islamic Golden Age. All the knowledge were brought in Baghdad where house of wisdom was build by Abbasid Caliphs. It was the center of all learning and scientific thought while the West was in dark ages. Then came the Mongol destruction and we know their story as every rise have a fall and it is when the Arabic texts were translated into Latin which later brings Renaissance in the Western world.



1: Freedom of Thought

Every man needs doubts to discover the truth and it cannot be possible where the state or tradition limit people’s imagination and freedom of speech without any fear. Respecting the unorthodox, outlier behavior leads to new innovation of ideas. 

There could be no progress without a progressive thought. If a society is long chained by tradition and prejudice, Intolerance for new ideas, there is no chance that it can succeed. We have the example of this in all of our dead Muslim kingdoms in India under the colonization of British Empire.


If I talk about freedom of expression people often call me a thought criminal or I became victim of the taboo used by fanatics as the Liberals.

I believe that day is not far away when Pakistan will became a free thinking society 



2: To Art that pushes the Human Race Forward 

 Any nation who try bring down the artists or doesn’t care for its Artist’s and their works is doomed to destruction. Artist’s has more influences on people than any leader or a king. They shape the society, they bring new ideas and help people to appreciate life even in the endless suffering. 

By artist I mean every poet, writer, philosopher even the scientist is also an artist who first observes the world and then form the scientific way of thinking. An artist is anyone who gives a new vision, a new life, a new way of seeing things. Runs our passions in midst of depression, and war hysteria etc.

Art speaks to the mind as to fight the evil. Read any post world war writer’s they plunge for harmony. They live up to show us that humanity still exist in us. I will quote Hemingway here

“A man is not made for defeat…a man can be destroyed but not defeated.”


Traveling to west can kill our prejudice and help us to know the world and ourselves better, we will then develop mutual understanding and come to common terms by sharing our unique cultures, language and beliefs.

For Young Muslims like me can follow the path of our forefathers by studying history and travelling to west instead of listening to some Mullah or Religious scholars who only spread hate speech. We can bring another Renaissance together 

Travel the world and discover the wonderful Western land. 

In the words of Islamic Mystic Rumi:



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mostly philosophy

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For everything notebooks / journal reviews

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


Digital products and reviews


Just a personal blog. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

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