Sorrows of Young Lover “Lyricism”

Once upon a time and it was a very good time, the birds were singing and the sun was setting and the sea was kissing the shores

there was a young man and not only young but very handsome, ambitious and romantic who fell in love

The decline of true love in modern age is inevitable

What happen next was madness

He is still somewhere lost cursing vehemently to young men of his age

Not to fell under the spell of women’s lies

Not to be the dice being played on by there whimsical words

He now walks to and fro in rage and hatred towards Shakespeare and Goethe

He reads famous dialogues of Romeo and Juliet to himself

  • “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, …
  • “Did my heart love till now? …
  • “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo”


What is the point of all this romanticizing?

Hide your Valentine’s

Say no more

Sorrows of young Werther reborn again

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day who cares?

Melancholia or Delirium “A state of mind”

What is it that I am suffering tonight? Is it melancholia or delirium?

Foucault talks about mania and hysteria in his book “Madness and civilization”

Foucault states “The Melancholic person suffers and his thoughts are limited to one single object or point of view”

I see such sickness every where almost everyday

Now what to make out of it if not that the whole of mankind is melancholic and delirious

Where is my salvation?

Walking home tonight I saw some houses a church and trees in perfect harmony and peace

Was that really me or my restless soul wandering and wandering late at night on streets?

Was that I who was melancholic not the streets?

It was I who suffers from delirium not the trees or houses?

This “I” was on the heights of despair not the cars passing me by

Aristotle’s Metaphysics “A Troubled Reader”

Started from book Alpha Reached Nu 6

How can I discover metaphysical truth?

I am as much useless in understanding of the world as I was before finishing Aristotle’s metaphysics

What was the point of all that Labor and toil of reading late at nights and early in the mornings?

My mind is so weak that I couldn’t even digest Aristotle’s metaphysics

Should I smash my head with something?

I must re-read and read and read again until I grasp all that Aristotle have to say in it

Just like Hegel’s phenomenology of spirit, and just like Marx’ das Kapital I failed to understand even a single thing

Should I just kill myself for taking such tasks?

Whatever can be said has been said already and whatever I can write is written already

What is the use of my mind to read and reflect on the history of ideas

I am no better than those in Harvard or stand Ford

I shall say no more and read Aristotle metaphysics again

a megalomania, a curse it is to be a student of philosophy

I am and I will be nothing more than a modern pamphleteer on the internet

Notebook of a Lover “Poetry”

“ I saw you in my darkest hours”

Why do My heart beats so fast every night?

Why are these nights so long?

Listen to the sound of my heart beat

A gaze follows my shadow

How can I not see my own shadow under the blazing sun?

Why can’t this sun disappear like her memories?

Let no light come near my soul

Close the windows

Shut the doors O insanity

An image often comes to my mind

A women’s Hairs fell on my shoulder

I can even feel her warmth

What to do with you my love?

I wonder if these matters of heart have any cure?

Find me a doctor?

Someone do cure my disease

Valentine’s Day “Poem”

A night on Valentine’s Day remains locked in my memory

The crowd, the flowers, chocolates, kisses and hugs

A little space in her heart perhaps a little room cost so much

The chatters, clapping and couple dancing

The beating of heart, the bending on knees

Her glass of wine filled with surprises

A shock, a heartache, a breath, a ring, a little drunkness

Some music in the background, some food on the table some excitement in the conversation

Oh penniless heart what to do with you?

Oh nostalgia of dinner table and her voice

Her smile and her eyes

Madness and love on Valentine’s night

The great American night behold

Take another heart break says the American women

Oh Valentine is there anyone who found their love on Valentine’s Day?

Let me know O lovers if you ever found true love

The Limits to thought “Un Problema”

There are certain limits to thinking I assert to the point beyond realms of facts that I am unable to doubt or acknowledge my being

I know the sun is shining but I only know because I can see it, I cannot yet see my own eyes which affirms that the sun exists

For the sun to exist it is important first I must exist who will watch the sun and say “I can see a fireball in sky which we call sun”

Or is it possible that the sun may exist without the need of my existence to approve this truth that the sun do exist?

If I deny my existence what will be the meaning of all this world?

I cannot think about a world without my being as a thinking being?

I touch, I breath, I walk, I feel, I see, I think that I think, I read books, I play with written words, I write blogs, I cannot doubt that I exist

I cannot at the same time admit that I am what I see in the mirror or as others see me or come to know me by conversing?

I could be something more than I am or I could be something less than I am?

Man is rational and at same time irrational

What Buddha achieve was not nirvana but limits to his thoughts

If I sat down under an oak tree that means I cannot think

For thinking requires leisure like the ancient Egyptians

As soon as my bodily needs are gone I move forward to thought process

I acquire or desire that state of mind as soon as I finish my work or school to be able to hold a book in my hands to think and write

Such limits to my thoughts cannot be ignored or undermined under any influence

This Cartesian problem of human beings as a thinking being or subject to knowledge remains a problem to this day

How I overcome inner Moral conflict “New Ordeals for New Morals”

Philosophers have argued that we should be “Men first subjects later.”

Now what does that statement reflects?

Life is thrown at us by others as a mere accident. This accident is my first observation as a living subject of knowledge

First Proposition is this innate and strange accident of birth. We have no control as who should be born or who must not be born but it is a process of nature simply that we are gifted with this life which none of us asked or requested or even given a right to complain at first hand but life is linear only when experiencing it as a child

The world exists as it is already made and build by others and I have no contribution or an opinion in its making as why it is the way it is or why it is not what it should be

The second proposition is the Genealogy of Morals?

From whence we have these moral codes and laws and customs?

As these traditions of history were present even before my birth and I have a right to doubt them as I didn’t make them

Be it God or a King or a states man. I cannot say either I owe my obedience to no one simply because I have not asked for their ideals or benevolence to concern so much about the world and the way of life

Nor can I say I must obey God or president of United States because I happen to be present as a subject under their powers or as non of my present circumstances are of my my own making entirely

Now I can assert that nothing is forbidden and everything is permitted

I am at once free to act in any way I please or wish

I can tell what is good for me or what is bad for me without the need of any intervention by someone be it God or a politician

I can assert that when I put my hand near fire it will burn, I can feel the soreness and warmth and pain

Do I still need someone to warn me about the dangers of Fire or I can feel the danger of fire with my own senses of touch and smell?

In this way my own mind can differentiate and have the ability to judge on its own of what is good and bad for me by mere instincts

Whatever is good or bad is within me not outside my understanding

The logical question is this; should I allow God or any outside power to warn me or teach me about good and evil?

The answer is a simple “No”

Everything comes down to individual perspective and experience

If I am in pain no one understand or is able to comprehend what sort of pain or what pain feels like being me in my body

Same is the way of all morality

I am my own judge and my own avenger

I hung up my own higher laws before any of Gods law or states law

I shall obey my own higher laws before even considering the world of others as Heidegger put it “being for others”

Hypocrisy of Hospitals “A perspective”

I saw a man in pain sitting in line gnawing his teeth’s and gathering his strength

I saw useless Paperwork’s and mere play of payment options

For they must kept a Record of our data, their end goal is not to relive ones pain but to gather information about human subjects for profiteering

I saw all and I saw nothing and I kept silence

I saw that the purpose of hospitals is to make money out of human suffering and pains

Doctors practice their art for not serving humans to ease their bodily pains but treat them no less than customers

Like every money monger doctors at first hand are nothing but monsters in human flesh

At once I said to this young man

Better Keep yourself away from hospitals and their protocols and meaningless progression of scholastic legal measures and instruments of operation

A man be better off with his pain and suffering than to be handed down to such monstrous creatures we call doctors and specialists

A Cherokee Indian once told me

For they can remedy all their pains by their own knowledge and willingness

For hospitals it is necessary that diseases must exist and man be in pain

Otherwise how else doctors will make money?

Henceforth, mankind has invented more diseases for themselves by making clinics and hospitals than nature ever did

Better to die in pain on the field like a soldier than to rot in an hospital bed

What is Pain “An Inquiry”

What is pain?

Pain has two forms one is physical and the other is spiritual or emotional

Physical pain like I have right now wants one thing only which is “Suffering and remedy”

This “I” is fully aware of physical pain as it is a sensation, an uncomfortable state of mind

One can hardly function if pain in any physical part of the body overwhelm and take hold

Nor one is able to endure it nor remedy it? Then what should one do?

Either endure the physical pain or take a medicine for remedy

What if the physical pain still persists and one is not able to do even daily chores

Food is on table but one is unable to eat it?

One must think of killing oneself and get rid of any physical pain that last long than a minute or wakes you up in the night

Book is on the table but one is unable to read it?

On the other hand emotional or spiritual pain doesn’t effect body as it functions normally

Where one can at least eat and sleep peacefully

Hence physical pain in any form is impossible to endure

How can Jesus endure such pain on the cross? Me thinks in my own pain and misery

Flee just flee O soul and lose consciousness at once or have the strength to endure and suffer this pain

Month of February is a Tormentor “Poem”

Last year everything in February was dreamlike, magical and sublime

This year February will be like a tormentor, a disaster, nostalgic and sorrowful

Last year in February I have all a heart of man May desire

This year in February I have nothing except despair

I want to skip month of February and jump to March

I want to Erase February from human history forever

I do not wish to see this Valentine’s Day somebody please come and shoot me

God send another plague and miraculously let me die in February and be raised from the dead in March like Lazarus

Send another great flood similar to Noah and flush all mankind in February

Then in March let man start again afresh and anew like sons of Noah

How can I negate month of February from the calendar?

The Cherokee Indians has named bony moon to the month of February

For me it is rather kagali or bony moon in place of February

now and I must spend next month in some Indian reservation


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Asian German Sports Exchange Program

Life Marbles

Discover your best self

mostly philosophy

mostly philosophy

Journal Reviewr

For everything notebooks / journal reviews

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Training

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


Digital products and reviews


Just a personal blog. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

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