Existential challenge! Why a young and aspiring artist caged himself for a week, setting his own soul on fire in extreme loneliness.

“For he no longer wants to live a lie, he wanted the truth and was ready to seek it by taking a swim in his deepest sorrows, but the unforgiving agony almost drowned him in the darkest despair of his own wretched soul, he siege war against the tyranny of the most terrifying fear called Loneliness. “

Excerpt from a journal!

I reckon the lost isles of being a lonesome, a long-lasting forlorn the blessings of solitude.

If you want to create something you must go into solitude, to the depth of your own soul where you have never dared to go before.

As famous Artist Vincent Van Gogh said in a letter to his brother Theo:

“Instead of giving way to despair, I took the way of active melancholy as long as I had strength for activity, or in other words, I preferred the melancholy that hopes and aspires and searches to the one that despairs, mournful and stagnant.”

I see a young man making a resolution to test his soul in the worst of times when one is entirely alone, he will spend next seven days in utter isolation to discover what it could teach him, to find some answer’s like Is it possible for a man to live alone?

An isolated Man’s Journal for self-study.

Day 1:

He first wrote the Mission Statement:

I have decided to see if I could learn to live alone, relying up on my own energies, being self-reliant, spending time with myself, having only my own thoughts to cheer me up

Then he begin to write in third person singularity following lines timidly.

He wanted to create himself again with a new identity, to create a new world according to his taste. Even to write the history and to be predestined for future, manipulating the whole course of his existence said his soul in its temporal wake.

So, the Experiment begins:

On his 2nd entry in the paragraph he wrote:

There goes my cell phone I turned it off and throw it away! how calm I was without the worry that maybe I receive some important call, or miss hanging out with friends for what is the purpose of a friend? I asked myself yet no answer came to rescue my troubling soul.


Day 2

On being passionate in flames, he penned down the lines as:

I organize my room, starting reading books after books it was magical, discovering each new treasure, every writer was my friend while offering me their life’s finding their purpose and living the life as truthful as it should be, letting their passions to kill them.

I was now creating my own little world. I was finally doing what I love to do, not wasting a single minute on social convention or conforming to the notion that what majority thinks is wisdom. I am better off in this God forsaken lonely room haunted by the writers, philosophers, poets and Artist’s almost dead thousands of years ago.


Day 3

On discovering his purpose of doing what he love:

Writing for straight 4 hours a day! I discover one can only think clearly when one writes, all the distraction which usually comes to mind in thinking process was gone. Finally my mind was at peace, suddenly the soul was enriched and it was harmonious.

It teaches me to work on what is important to you more often what you love doing it why to wait in desperation for the right time, just write away, here I’m writing 5000 words each night and my Novel is in progress since then.

Day 4

On Falling in love with his sufferings in cold lonely nights:

Now I was weary and to be very honest it is terrible to be alone. On the 4th day I had given up and I am seduced to be in company of a friend! for quite some time I haven’t talk to anyone out of necessity like a monk. It was becoming harder and harder to bear myself, my own soul was the sole companion and the ultimate burden……..


On questioning authority:

Why GOD is alone? I have no idea why I wrote this, but it was an interesting inquiry, I deduce that God is supreme He doesn’t need anyone’s company, He is all that exist and will always be, than another thought strikes me down? then why do He create angels and all the living things? if he was reluctant to be alone? maybe he was bored? pardon me oh dear Lord! I said to myself laughingly

Day 6

On Imitating the full blue moon:

Jan 31,2018

The Evening brings great tidings when the full blue moon appears in the night sky, I was overwhelmingly excited so delightful that I lie down on the ground and looked straight towards the moon, its majestic light lit my face and I closed my eyes and my soul left my body suddenly I was free and flying alone in the infinite cosmos

Like stars on fire yet I have never seen a star having a friend, why would I then, as I look down to our own very earth, glowing and colorful blossoming with life, tears fell from my eyes and I asked, oh! dear EARTH did you ever feel lonely? and she whispered to my ears “For I exist for you and you for me, how can I feel lonely when I’m the only planet among others supporting life. I’m heavenly even the Sun exists for me, the whole space and time almost every thing ends up to you oh! the super human soul.”

Day 7

He titled the last paragraph as Conclusion:

I wanted to talk to someone, I finally conclude we humans are social beings I wrote 500 hundred words as why one should have friends? but still it doesn’t convince to me to call some one and out of mere desperation or due to the fear of being left alone that I should spend time with someone in utter vulnerability, I prefer self-overcoming than compromising to the false society.

The experiment proved thus, One should never compromise one’s integrity, my melancholy and loneliness never bother me as it never did for the most people if we see history, for an artist to dwell in solitude is a blessing.

825 (1).jpg

Here must read the blog about my favt. Artist Vincent van Gogh:

How Van Gogh Found His Purpose: Heartfelt Letters to His Brother on How Relationships Refine Us




Let’s Discover “Mozart Effect” on Mozart’s Birthday! The Musical Erotic stages and Art in it’s best form to help humanity.

Every time I sit down for studying, reading or Writing I simply play Mozart’s music and the creative energies emerged out with a new inspiration.

The melody and the flow of music really take’s the breath away! Suddenly the mind is relaxed and the soul is enlightened with such a lovely enchantment like singing of birds in early morning, His music pours down into my heart like honey as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a brilliant composer of the classical era.

He was the greatest musician and artist with the remarkable talents, his immortal music really inspires the world to this day and he often helped me while brainstorming for new ideas or even if  someone want’s to enjoy the “Tobacco” fully I suggest him to listen to Mozart and you will feel the everlasting “Mozart Effect”  which will increase the pleasure’s of smoking.

All his recordings are available on YouTube as if anyone want’s to listen.

According to the The idea that listening to classical music can increase your brainpower has become so popular that it’s been dubbed “the Mozart effect.” … In the 1990s, 36 students in a study at the University of California at Irvine listened to 10 minutes of  Mozart’s sonata before taking an IQ test.  

Then, According to Dr. Gordon Shaw, the psychologist in charge of the study test, he noticed that the students’ IQ scores went up by about 8 points. after listening to Mozart’s music.  So, “Mozart effect” was born that day.

Myth or is there any science involved behind Mozart’s music, why not give it a try? 

One might wonder Why listen to Mozart not the other pop music I say “Yes” because his music has all the healing power we need to drive away the tensions and stress of our life’s. the classics always romanticize us and sometimes changing taste of music is also good in discovering new moods.

Here listen to that sonata! the amazing “Mozart Effect”


Make sure next time you study you put on Mozart’s music too, For who know’s you might score double in Exam. 😛

The Legacy of Mozart



He composed more than 600 works, many acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, concertante, chamber, operatic, and choralmusic.

He is among the most enduringly popular of classical composers, and his influence is profound on subsequent Western art music.

Ludwig van Beethoven composed his own early works in the shadow of Mozart.

Joseph Haydn wrote: “posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”.

And In words of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard:

“From the moment my soul was first overwhelmed in wonder at Mozart’s music, and bowed in admiration, it has often been my cherished and rewarding pastime to reflect upon how that happy Greek view that calls the world a cosmos, because it manifests itself as an orderly whole, a tasteful and transparent adornment of the spirit that works upon and in it – upon how that happy view repeats itself in a higher order of things, in the world of ideals.

How it may be a ruling wisdom there too, mainly to be admired for joining together those things that belong with one another: Axel with Valborg, Homer, with the Trojan War, Raphael with Catholicism, Mozart with Don Juan. A wretched unbelief exists which seems to contain much healing power.”

He further wrote:

It is a piece of good fortune that what in a deeper sense is perhaps the only true musical subject was granted to Mozart.

With his Don Giovanni Mozart enters that small, immortal band of men whose names, whose works, time will not forget, for they are remembered in eternity.

He emphasize on his music in The Immediate erotic stages prolific essay in his book Either/or A fragment of life.



During his final years in Vienna, he composed many of his best known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and portions of the Requiem, which was largely unfinished at the time of his early death at the age of 35.

Support and love, listen and share Michael Andrea’s the youngest pianist and Artist.

Michael Andreas is a young Pianist who’s talent is well recognized even in early age. When he first won his competition at the age of seven. Do like his page on Facebook, he even can reply you, if you want ask anything to him. I mean if your fan of Mozart or any classical musicians you might be interested to know.

Here he was alive on Facebook today on 27th January, celebrating Mozart’s Birthday playing all time favorite music of Mozart, living his legacy.



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I am always on Fire like the Burning Solitary Star in the sky! Discovering The dying sun with in us.

I looked at the sky! In the midst of the gloomy darkness, their flickering lights went straight into my heart and enlightened me, It was my renaissance and I see myself as one of them, yet burning with all the turmoil and the phantoms of busy life fathoms a desire in my soul to find the meaning of existence.

I was like the solitary most luminous star in flames scattered in the vastness and vacuity of space, aware of my own insignificance therein the infinite cosmos.

I recall the breaths I take are meant to be stopped, the studies will end with degree, the fear of failing was gone, the insecurity of being alone disappears, the quest to found richness and wealth, and the aging and calling of finding a good livelihood in society all was lost on its vast meaningless distance, terrifying because of the inconceivable long vistas of time and all human history was questioned in an instant with twinkling of  an eye.  



About 4.6 billion years ago, two gigantic stars in flames, blisteringly collides with each other and one of them was our Sun. After splitting our planets formed out of its matter and revolved around it, Earth was the only part of this planetary system where life was given to us in a chaos.


So,  why the whole Universe up there cold and dark is hostile to life?


Then is this what all life amounts too? to stumble, almost by mistake into a world flourished with life.

Last night when the cold wind was bristling and making me to shiver under my coat. I went upstairs and looked at the night sky filled with glittering stars and sit besides the shining moonlit.

I have seen whole big bang in my mind’s eye, grasping the never-ending space and time.


That glimpse was all I needed and I howl like a wolf, which might have scared my neighbors in their slumbers.

Living life at its best for oneself, befriended with the everlasting melancholy.



There it was the milky way surrounding the earth, the vast space and our wonderful gigantic Universe among many.


How little we know of our universe yet we say we know everything about life. How little we value life? And satisfy our self in our comforts, the steady flow of trends, the children, marriage, all achievements suddenly starting making no sense. All that was these vast number star’s.




How one of our stars the sun formed itself by the collision with another star billions of years ago, the splitting makes these planets and life flourishes in one and only earth, how lonely is our planet in this whole wild cosmos, yet it never felt itself lonely it enjoys the company of other planets and its loyal friend moon, the sun and stars.


That was when I saw myself part of it, a star on fire, the fire of life.

I will burn myself alone like the star and yield the tiniest atom in me to bombard the electron’s to blast the nucleus. because the end of our live’s are no more different from the life of star’s up there.


The Dying Sun within Us!

Astronomers and the physicist claims that the sun will soon die because of energy it emits in the form of heat, and this heat and light is needed to sustain life.


Yet what they didn’t see is we all are the dying sun’s already, Universe itself is hostile to life and when death approaches as our vital heat is lost like the Sun is losing each day and all our aspirations doomed to final frustrations. So, When the sun will be frozen all our goals and most valuable things must perish with all human race, leaving the universe as we never existed.


How beautiful life is if we sleep like the savages under the open sky that way, we will value life more, while Sitting in the warmth of fire and busy in our cell-phones we need to go out and reflect on the nature of which we all are part of.

As Sir James jeans, a great astronomer and writer wrote in his book

” We must probe deep into the fundamental nature of things before we can expect to find answers to our questions”. 




Confessions of a Dangerous Mind!

“Freedom” That is an easy word to say and yet no one know’s it’s true meaning, people often call themselves free?  share with me or even at least with yourself the most dominant thought you have in your mind? 

You can’t even bear to think across it. Therefore history  proclaim’s you as a slave of your peers, can you O poor soul set your own free will as a law? 


Grab a hammer and kill your self and if you cannot then I dare say be a murderer of that dominant thought which evokes fear and obedience.   

I heard a barbaric cry in my soul!


For the sake of truth, I had devoted my life in experimenting and suffering hunger in my soul, even to climb the top mountains to tempt the tempter.

This life as we see it, promise us so much and give us very less in return, we live it as the world dictates by the people who lived centuries before us even before we were born.

Why not keep the dead to their graves and live the life with new age, a new birth by waging a war against the old traditions. We must free our-self’s from all the old myths and customs and create new ones, declaring a new vision. We should live life in our own unique way. Breaking all the shackles, we are bound to at the time of our birth.

I Consider Myself as the child of mother earth! simple, wild and free as natural as one could be

In a friend one should have one’s best enemy says “Nietzsche” 


Indulged myself in a fight, and by friend means a good one.

I saw the darkest corner’s of my soul unleashing the cruel, rotten beast.

How desperate our lives are, quarreling over such a vague matter on a miserable hangout, he kept my cell phone against the inhospitable coldest meal we eat together.

Dramatically, it ends up in a fight! turning us into Savages. For he growls and attacks me like a hungry wolf, ready to tear me apart!

I yelled and burst out words more dangerous than anything else, they won’t let me sleep, and are going to hunt me to eternity and I feel terrible and guilty of this huge sin that I commit in anger the most evil of all human notions.

He now apologizes to me!

Why should I pity you or myself O friend! 


Can you make peace with yourself by smashing the sacred word  “Friendship”.

“your not evolved my friend as human

                                                   The beast with in you showed up

                                                    how little you value life and relationship”

For I beseech you in declaring human relationships are not necessary in one’s life

there is more to life on which I like to occupy my mind.

As Thoreau wrote “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrows of life”

Trust me I forget about you the moment I walked away from you, I have so much in life to think about, I started finding pleasure in the sufferings of breaking our friendship.





My visionary Great Men theory. The Immorality


Sorry to my parents!

I’m guilty that I cannot be the dutiful son, my rebellion is even worst than the whole “Communist Manifesto”

My manifesto is that there is no good advice that the older can give to younger one’s


They are weary and want their experience to be the deeds of others, 


For life is out there un-experienced by me, Age is no better a teacher but experience is


I’m sailing my boat over your hope’s to reach to my destination. 


I like to feel evil, what you consider evil is good for me.

Certainly there I see, the passion to conquer my own soul.

As Nietzsche wrote:

“you must have chaos within you to give birth to the dancing star”






The kiss of the Goddess

Her killing eyes looked at me, Ah, her deep glorifying eyes almost stopped my breath

She kissed me with her mouth filled with life And the dead poet with in me came to life.

She whisperer’s, “I’m your goddess Here, sell me your soul to be summoned.

My sorrows and pains are so great even the terrible sadness in their laughter fills me with compassion.

That was the secret, I am in love with everything this world despises, the frightening ghost for you is the leading light for me.



I’m a wanderer, I have no Place or Time. I’m Just drifting on this Lonely Road of Mine. How to Discover the Meaning of our Life?

“There are many Universes up there, and in one of them is the only Universe among many planets where on earth I dwell, in a little country’s little town’s little house. An inquisitive fragile boy. So, you tell me, how can I stay calm why can’t I question what is my place in this whole World?

Oh! Still there are many isles of Man’s nature to be discovered? I’m but a wanderer, searching for the lost treasure’s hidden inside the human soul”.

For what is Life without the quest or curiosity to understanding one’s own sole purpose of existence.

What is the universe? Nothing but an illusion, we believe what others told us and never listening to what the earth, the vast galaxies with gigantic stars and flowing cosmos wants us to know?

One must avoid acquaintance which loosen’s one’s individuality in the crowd where he conform and conditioned to be what the world wants him to be not what he really wants of himself.

I wonder here and there loathing relentlessly, as is the famous saying, “Those who find themselves first lost themselves in midst of their voyage of self-discovery”.

Solitude is my best companion

ζ Where are you taking me?

The inconclusive spirit, I have my own thoughts to cheer me up

How come I have been so lucky to be in the company of best men’s

I look upon myself without any observations and yet why I see many versions of myself.

My burning desire is not to worship but to question?

Who I’m I? What is the meaning of my life?

Is it the mainstream doctrines of culture, religion or the blind obedience that the world wants me to follow up?

The sorrowful and timid,

The unhappy and the wanton.

The iconoclastic and selfish,

The lonely scoundrel and the fool.

Why I’m not contended with myself and with the providence I had been given?

Henry David Thoreau spent 3 years in woods and lived his life without any desperation, that was his way of discovering the meaning of life?

Henry David Thoreau; Artist unknown; No date

Socrates served his life in the duty of teaching other’s about wisdom and being a philosopher, he drank poison to understand meaning of life?


Friedrich Nietzsche proclaim himself an Übermensch, Self-overcoming and spending his life to understand the world as will to power, Zarathustra spoke to him about the meaning of life?

Soren Kierkegaard was an aesthetic, who devotes his life to pleasures of suffering and beauty in enduring pains and despair, Existentialism was the meaning of life for him?


For Marcel Proust wrote world’s Longest Novel and discovered the meaning of life in Art?



Why I’m a Wanderer

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Life is actually an Art! How we Live, Dress, Eat, Talk, Love and Suffer. How writing is an Art as simple and natural as we are. How Keeping a journal can make us a better person.

Writing is the language of the soul, So, I write just as I get dressed, eat my breakfast or as I suffer in my melancholy and love in happiness, it is the product of my own personality. So, Living is an art just as writing is without being conscious of it. Being as natural and as straightforward as we truly are. 

If I don’t write I feel like being drowned in my constant sorrows and my soul yearns to scream for “words”.  They can do what nobody else can do they bring solace to me, I write for myself it’s like I was born to jot down the frustrations of past and save myself from the future anxieties and live cheerily in the present, I am like the “Time Traveler” who see’s the past and the future and try his best to change the present. 

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Socratic Tea! My Dead friend came to life and had a cup of tea with me. How l overcome the Fear of Death while listening to his talks.


             Death, so called, is a thing

            which makes men weep,

         and yes a third of life is passed in sleep.

Lord Byron


January 3rd, 2018.

I had rough day in the University and was not feeling well! I wanted to go somewhere  to spend some quality time and talk about other things than the politics and everyday gossips. I wanted something simple and beautiful to think about like life and it’s weariness, the truth, as how one should live. Even more Importantly on achieving fulfillment for one’s soul in the spectrum of life and death.


As soon as I reach near ‘kharia” city, while riding on a motor bike in the frosty night, my legs were almost shivering and hands freezing, my mouth was dry, I wanted to drink tea or coffee, just to relax my self of all the anxiety I was in due to the workload and tensions I have during the day.



I wish if there would have been such a cafe nearby, I would love to go there and talk about Socrates and his legacy.


There is a famous restaurant called as “Mian Jee” which is located near kharia and I was just crossing Lala Musa, when the idea just popped into my head to pull over and have a nice warm cup of tea. I supported the idea because at the same moment, it just occurred to me that I had a copy of Plato’s dialogue “Phaedo” in my bag. So, I Intently wanted to re-read it with pleasure.

As I walked inside the hotel wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and a sneaker while holding a backpack enter’s into the lounge, there were some desperate glances at me first from the waiter’s then the gentlemen sitting at their tables.


I’m pretty sure that’s how a student look like nowadays. So, the place was filled with enormous hustle and bustle, chatters floating in the air, food was being served, a perfect atmosphere and the aroma of the tasty dinner being cooked specially the BBQ.

I settled myself at the corner of the table. A shabby old man wearing a dull grey sweater came to me with a weird look on his face and asked, “Are you all by yourself?  What can I get you”?

I  was feeling awkward as it was not common for people to come up in the cold night just to drink a cup of tea specially alone.

“YES”,  I replied.

And added “I just need a big cup of tea and add some extra milk, boil it for some more seconds than usual, he nodded and went away smilingly.



In winter you’re not a true Pakistani, if you don’t drink  chai or dhoodh patti (forms of tea), that’s our cultural norm. we drink along with our friends and family. It has its own significant value and bondage among the people. 

Reading “phaedo”

So I mind my own business, I open the book and as I started reading the names of the people in the dialogue, calm and peace run through my body,  I was never really alone, for books are your truest friends, aren’t they?

After a pause, I took a long sigh! the intoxicating feeling of gloating by reading the word “Death of Socrates”. I was overwhelmingly hypothetical and wondering how can such a man die? he knows by drinking this poison. He would die surely and he even drink it in front of his friends, how much defy they would have been from the inside.

I paused and looked around and saw many people in groups, laughing and eating together to my right and left. I felt miserable because it is sometimes terrible to be alone.

Thoughts begin to unfold in my mind “As what would others think about me”.

I was the only one sitting alone all by himself and as I grab my book out, everybody literally stumbled and started looking at me with a curiosity as I’m some kind of alien and they had never seen someone reading a book in a restaurant before.

It was mainly because I said to myself at the moment, this was not the America or Europe where there are cafe’s for people to come and sit down to think and to write, to read books, or like the silicon valley with famous coffee shops for the tech enthusiast for brainstorming.

Anyways, I was enjoying the company of greatest man ever lived, with some beautiful talks about life and death, more importantly the importance of the immortality of soul, time passes with the speed of light, two hours were gone when I was almost at the end of the dialogue indulged in the painful emotions, seeing a man dying for no reason was enough for me to worry about who cares about the  surroundings then.

I was overwhelmingly delighted as I had no other friend with home I could talk philosophy so I had no other options nor that it was an option, I wanted to do this seriously this urge and quest to pause and ponder is sometimes extraordinary and most pleasurable feeling’s.



Fear of Death: How I overcome the most hated and terrible fear of all.

Well! this man died for some reason, suddenly I felt much lighter as I have discovered a precious treasure and it was the truth about death, as how we fear death as how our religious institutions and their myths had cause fear in us about this horrible word called “Death”.

Death is the ultimate reality!



Why our Religious establishment’s try to control our behavior by making us fearful? why not tell us that this life is a beautiful lie and death is the bitter truth.. 

I have heard Molvi’s (Priest’s) talking about the punishment and terrible things one can suffer in a grave” They say: “Do this or you will burn in grave, worms will eat you, you will have no light there, or some Giant snake will bite you fiercely to eternity”.

For they want fear to control us and it make us more vulnerable, it never reveal the truth or produce the urge to investigate, as the religious institutions are corrupted nowadays. My belief in them has been long gone. I really don’t care about their stories and many people get offended by my views.

See how this great philosopher set an example to tell us what life is, how to live it and how to die without any fear, Is there a better to reveal the truth in a sweetest and delicate manner than this.

Contemplation of true existence is realizing that our soul is immortal so when we die there is nothing to be worried about, we all are going to die some day. why to live in fear and not wish death. Why not welcome death audaciously, whenever it approaches us with open arms.

All we are worried about is our social status, the money, bodily lust for marriage and love these things will be gone, we will finally see the truth.

Hemlock! the only drink which remind us of bravery and strength over passion. Socrates the man who escaped death.



They explain in their marvelous conversations in the dialogue that they can actually investigate and know that death is not something to fear but it’s actually the truth. Not to be sad on this occasion. The soul is true life which is imprisoned in body. When it leaves the body true knowledge appears without any bodily needs for money, food or lust.

when your close to truth so much, where all the mysteries of universe will unfold themselves. Wouldn’t you be happy?

For a True Muslim never fears death he is although always ready to die . That is a weak faith if on fears death. What people fear is worldly worries about their possessions and children. Parting from them is painful. But still to a higher cause. I’m being free as soul is actually the true source of existence.


That Picture I took above while reading these lines, how beautifully they are written?

It was like I died and born again and felt all that was good in me, the whole human nature was put in front me in the form of words. How greatly he explained all the difference between the lover of body and the lover of wisdom.


“I no longer have the so called fear of death. Moreover I now have a dying wish. This is what I learn after reading this amazing dialogue”. 


The soul is divine and immortal

and intellectual,



and unchangeable.


The body is mortal and vulnerable

and mortal,

and full of greed

Therefore, it is changeable.




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Sleepless Nights of a Dreamer and a Lover. The Importance of being an Expressionist.

For I only took pleasure in dreaming of beautiful women, one might say I’m a stalker or a desperate man but that is not the case. For I’m a dreamer and I imitate women as they are no less than Art itself, there lies in them the profound harmony that resounds in every work of Art.

Some are extraordinary wonderful, others gives hope, reflect my inner most sorrows and a few of them might warm up my loneliness in the thrilling gloomy winter nights.


“For seven cold inflicted nights, I suffered the most it was the ideal stage for my romantic spirit to exercise the cult that I frequently made of my own soul, passionate dreaming for either melancholy or exultation”..

A melancholic week.

1st night:

On a beautiful morning. The sun rises for her I said, when I woke up from a troubled sleep, the realm of her presence I witnessed in the horizon, and I asked, who was that women?

For she makes my heart flutter all night long. She walk besides me last night in the bazaar and her one look tormented me so much. Even after we part from there and I suffered for looking right into her eyes, so deep and bright like the sun it enlightens my soul and all that was dead in me came to life.

2nd night

Still I didn’t recover from my previous encounter, here I was sitting in a park on a sunny day, Suddenly I heard a serene laugh. I turn around and see a young girl laughing, and yet she was standing so close to me but seems so far away almost out of my reach shining and glittering and in my dreams later that night. She was like the brightest star in the sky “Sirius”.

For she was the bow and I was the arrow and our passion was the aim to shoot at. And that’s how one ought to kill one’s passion, for a dreamer how mournful was the situation, one can only endure such helplessness.

3rd night

Next day I saw another pretty women and in my dream, she was like the ship and I was the roaring sea on which she floats for her beauty and pride seduces me to bow at her and be always below her knees drowning in the sweetness of her delicacy.

4th night

It was a rainy day and I was in University among the blooming students, suddenly she came wavering through the door walking with swaying short steps, she had a delicate smile on her face.

As she talked to her friends, at each word her bright smile and the constant gleam of her white teeth appeared, allowing everyone to admire her beauty. She was the Helen of Troy for me and in my dreams. I wage wars for her and killed millions. She was the driving force of my little scribbling heart.


5th night

She came out of nowhere first I thought she was the “Alice from wonderland”, it occurs to me due to her simple looks and her kind words, like she belongs to another world, she spoke a different language and the spirit in her was undeniably childish. she was overwhelmingly cheering and sweet for her voice was singing songs around my ears all night long.

6th night

I saw a photo on Instagram while scrolling down the news feed, It was a portrait of a Kurdish women I scarcely know, her eyes were so strange, her cheek bones so soft and smooth, a proud face but still her eyes tells me that she has suffered terribly and even died from the sorrows and it excites me.

And In my dream she was Re-born like the birth of Venus, for she seems to me the goddess of love even in her suffering’s and I wanted to worship her.


7th night

For I was weary and excessively in pain, trembling with fear that another women might come in my dreams to torture me, I wouldn’t dare to sleep now. These dreams will kill me so I stayed up all the night.

I went up to my desk hastily to write and as the words begin to flow out my head on the dull screen, the stream of consciousness flows irrevocably and I wrote down each and every detail of every sleepless night I suffered and in a few minutes it was finished. which I came to realize, when I titled it as an “Ideal Women”.

Ah, To hell with me, what did I create all of a sudden, this was the ideal one. The women of my dreams and surely she will hunt me to eternity in my sleeps.. for she is the ideal and cannot be attained, I’m forever doomed and this is how one let’s one’s own passion to be executed miserably.


I believe in true expression of one’s self and I support and love the movement started in early 20th century by some Artist’s called the “Expressionism”. As human being’s we exist and have every right and must always express our inner most desire without any fear or prejudice.


thankyou for the read and do forgive me for the Ecstasy I was in while writing these lines.


How Our Universities are destroying Education! Students are no longer the products for Market needs! Revolutionizing the Education System.

The Aim of the University is to produce students as a product for the needs of the markets as prescribed by the industrialized world, to hunt jobs and to earn money which is against all human principalities. They do not train students as humans beings with emotions and values but as “Job hunters” for some mediocre purpose and never gave them freedom to discover their inner talents and pursue their dreams as their careers.



When I was in school, I used to imagine that colleges have more freedom and fun in learning. We don’t need any uniform or strict curriculum to follow. There would be freedom while studying, choosing to attend the lecture or just leaving it when one wants to.

So when I was in college all my hopes were fruitless and it was the opposite as I expected but the worst of all was when I got into the university. And this was the mistake I regret to this moment which seduces me to blog about it.

“In 1920 H.G. Wells wrote, ‘History is becoming more and more a race between education and catastrophe.’

I think he got it right. Nothing is more important to the future of the Pakistan and the world than the breadth and effectiveness of education, especially of higher education.

What has University life taught me?

Its been two years while I’ m pursing a degree in the university, It was the worst decision I made, at this moment I’m Stucked in the middle and under the debt to my parents for providing me the money to study. I cannot do any particular job, the University work load is enough to make me weary and the timing didn’t just match.

where as I’m highly disappointed at the professors which don’t really nurture the individuals and inspire them to discover themselves, the freedom to express one’s point of view  but destroy them, students loose their confidence and ability they have before because teacher’s simply lay out the curriculum and follow the same old traditional ways of testing and memorizing and the examinations are all the same which I have been doing from school life which makes my life more miserable.


Standardization of the education system. 

One forgets what one memorize for a specific purpose like passing an exam. The information we store in our brains very soon faded out. And like I don’t remember what I studied in my matriculation that is too far away, I wont even remember what I study last semester.


Conventional way of providing students a scary plain white sheet for answering and a question paper, we simply memorize some portion which the teacher has been delivering us in the lecture and filled it with it. Its whole purpose was to pass the exam, no higher purpose like its use in one’s practical life.

The cheaters specially disappoints me the most, if I study day and night preparing for the exams and I see the dumbest people cheating and then getting better grades than me, which usually happens all the time around me really pisses me off.

“I cannot take this anymore, the purpose of writing this blog is to raise my voice against this conventional, superficial education system we have in our country”.


How universities destroy public education:

This semester I have two worst teachers I wish if I could name them, which were on contract, they were a mediocrity and a shame on being as a teacher for me, I want to write their names on a glass and smash them in the gutter. they are the disgrace on earth.

I mean I’m outrageous cause they never come in class in time, never give a lecture worth sharing, their life have been a miserable one, they are failures and they failed to teach us anything at all.

So, Increase the reliance on part-time faculty members and one-year contracts to teach most courses. Those faculty members are more vulnerable and amenable to administrative control.

public universities are relegated to second-rate status with inferior facilities and loads of part-time faculty members, and will forever have a negative stigma placed on them relative to private universities.

Not promoting Humanities I Ask why not?

Areas to show that you are in tune with the demands of the new “knowledge economy” and will no longer tolerate puffy and useless subjects like history or literature. If students are interested in those subjects, they can do Civil War re-enactments or join a book club. Such areas are superfluous in the new, pragmatic age of economic determinism and global competition.

Self education is the real education:

Self education is true education. I firmly believe in self education, information is available everywhere nowadays and comforting ways to understand it, rich sources better than the narrow lectures which some of the university professor”s are providing in class rooms. I mean some teachers are great and are inspiration. But according to those few of them, The grades are the stocks that every one can buy and they have a price tag on them all you need is some money to spend on them and get A+ as many of my classmates are doing this which pisses me off to wrote it all down here.



Revolutionizing the education system

I believe if a person has an aim to do something, then he can do it as long as he has the will. So, I have suffered the most because of these narrow educational institutions and this was the reason I was never good at studies back then.

I don’t believe in any institution, this degree has no real worth for me. I’m just doing for social acceptance or because of my parents whims.

Here is the only Sane man on earth speaking the truth about the education’s death valley its  a must watch!


If I had a single opportunity to drop out of the University I wont think about it twice. I will do it and I will Educate myself intently happily. I don’t need these institutions to tell me how to get an education, I mean common we are living in 21st century.


Here’s one of my Mentor’s famous saying.




Thankyo for the read 🙂


Who could be an Artist? Are Writer’s also Artists! The present day concept of an ‘Artist’

An Artist is a person who expresses himself through some medium of art and for me it is “Writing”. Just as a painter can draw an impressive image using pen and paper.

Writer like me, draws images out of mere imagination, and each person that reads the piece that writer wrote can see that image loud and clear. Writer’s define our vision and help us to see the world in new ways. As Oscar Wilde’s famous quote is, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life”


What does the word “Artist” means?

The word art derives from the Latin “ars” (stem art-), which, although literally defined, means “skill method” or “technique”, and conveys a connotation of beauty. The word is also used in a qualitative sense of, a person creative in, innovative in, or adept at, an artistic practice.

So, how can we define an Artist? Who is this magical being? If we see it in a dictionary or any mainstream source of information, you could be disappointed like I am now.

Anyways, According to Oxford dictionary, an artist could be a painter, singer, dancer, or actor.

When I Googled it. “Who is an artist?” The first definition was something like this:

“A person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria. a person who practices one of the fine arts, especially a painter or sculptor. a person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer: a mime artist; an artist of the dance”.

“A person who is skilled at drawing or painting,” as well as, “a skilled performer.” According to Webster well! It offends me a lot because we the writers were out of luck.

I’m really curious to know what comes to your head when you hear the word artist? As far as I’m concerned writers could be considered artists as well. I mean why not?

Many people seem to believe that art is just drawing, painting, sculpting or the like. However, they fail to notice that art does not have to be in the form of pictures.

For the most of the people, it’s usually Leonardo the Vinci or Vincent van Gogh or even maybe Picasso holding a brush in his hand and painting something or When we see a singer playing his guitar like we see James blunt, Eddie vedder or Bob Dylan, singers like Adele and Katy Perry and rapers like Eminem.


So, what about James Joyce, Earnest Hemingway, Mark twain, Stephen king, D.H Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, J.K Rowling, Franz Kafka, Harper Lee and Oscar Wilde. If people considers Shakespeare an Artist then we cannot neglect Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Charles Dickens etc.


As I Explore more on this topic, I found amazing blogs and some comments that support the idea that writers are also artists. The so called orthodox definition of an artist is long gone.

It is the time, we consider these people sitting with their typewriters as Artist’s.


A writers puts pictures in your mind. Anyone who has read a book can tell you that they have been taken to another world just by reading letters on a paper. People everyday say that “a reader lives a thousand lives”. How is that? A writer thought of situations and stories, fictional or nonfictional, and decided to put them in a book for people to read and enjoy.

The present day concept of an ‘artist’

Most often, the term describes those who create within a context of the fine arts or ‘high culture’, activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, film making, new media, photography, and music—people who use imagination, talent, or skill to create works that may be judged to have an aesthetic value.

Art historians and critics define artists as those who produce art within a recognized or recognizable discipline.

Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art. An artist also may be defined unofficially as “a person who expresses him- or herself through a medium”.

Those individuals who uses their creative energies to use for some higher purpose, create something out of nothing. Using all the emotions and their innovative ideas.


Expressionism was developed as an avant-garde style before the First World War. The style extended to a wide range of the arts, including expressionist architecture, painting, literature, theater, dance, film and music.

Expressionist artists sought to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality

Important precursors of Expressionism were: the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, especially his philosophical novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra the later plays of the Swedish dramatist August Strindberg and many more.

Fictions writers as Artists

A work of fiction is an act of creative imagination, so its total faithfulness to the real-world is not typically assumed by its audience. It excites the reader and vicariously to many places across the continents. it has all the manifestations of Art, As Art is mere Imitation of life, nobody can capture the emotions of life and its event better than a writer then why not call those fiction writers as Artist too.



Traditionally, fiction includes novels, short stories, fables, legends, myths, fairy tales, epic and narrative poetry, plays (including operas, musicals, dramas, puppet plays, and various kinds of theatrical dances).

However, Art may also encompass comic books, and many animated cartoons, stop motions, anime, manga, films, video games, radio programs, television programs (comedies and dramas), etc.

Internet Revolutionized the term “Art”

I have heard people say. There are no more Artist’s in this world just like the philosophers, they have no future and it has lost it’s significant value. They cannot earn much money, Nobody wants to be an Artist nowadays.


Well! I disagree with them cause the Internet is also used for the development of blog fiction, where a story is delivered through a blog either as flash fiction or serial blog, and collaborative fiction, where a story is written sequentially by different authors, or the entire text can be revised by anyone using a wiki.

The combination of inexpensive home computers, the Internet and the creativity of its users has also led to new forms of Art, such as interactive computer games or computer-generated comics.

Role Of Art In Society:

Art in all its forms, is the universal language. It is the great equalizer and thinking agent. Art reaches across borders and connects the world. Great Art stirs the imagination, causing us to pause, think and reflect.  Art allows our minds to escape into childlike wonder. Paintings are windows to the imagination.

As Karl Marx’s few words Revolutionized the world if we study history.

I don’t quite remember exactly what was the word but I read somewhere that “WW1” started just from the influence of a single word.

Importance of the written word can be describes by seeing all the sacred scriptures which are millions of years old, but still refresh our emotions and form the strongest bondage in humans for love and hate too, all religions are example of it which are purely on the term of artistic merits. and is an Art in itself.







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mostly philosophy

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Asian German Sports Exchange Program

Life Marbles

Discover your best self

mostly philosophy

mostly philosophy

Journal Reviewr

For everything notebooks / journal reviews

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Training

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


Digital products and reviews


Just a personal blog. I'm not trying to sell you anything.

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