Lamentation of separation from Norris “Poem”

Oh God why Norris has an advantage to suffering than my own self?

Didn’t I know Planned my trip to Denver to find Norris?

Why is Norris like Zarathustra?

Why do I envy him?

Why not I be in place of Norris?

Why not I approach him before he does?

How can I sleep tonight?

He wants no help like I want no help?

What similarities we have yet so lamenting

Learning with Norris is unprecedented

How I hate witnessing my own self in another self?

Oh Arabic how much I hate and love Arabic

Oh how I wished to hammering chain’s

How I long for an Iraqi man to converse with?

How thankful I am for Iraqi soil to produce Such a beautiful Iraqi soul?

Who cares?

If you cry over the world for your miseries

Who cares?

Nobody knows what one is going through

Just as Plato said million years ago “The Essence of being is only known to the knower”

Nobody cares but if you yourself doesn’t care?

Life of a Rebel

My words are like sword of Achilles

My ambitions are like Divork symphonic genius

A rebel is a man who says “No” says Camus

In order to exist man must rebel

Against the weak cultures and relations

One ought to destroy others or oneself ?

To preserve oneself one must became a destroyer

An immoralist, iconoclastic, pessimistic soothsayer

Life of a rebel at best is a lonely one

Why Mourn the dead? “An Answer”

Why mourn the dead? When we know it all means nothing but absurdity and useless tears and weakness in human nature

Perhaps answer to such questions can never be given as humans are highly emotional beings, they are only sentimental temporary for the time being and such sorrows are overcome by the torment of time and labor

Dear stranger you might consider me a misanthrope or a monster

Humans need to evolve from such petty triflings and face the the empty void of human intimacy

Only when someone closer to us dies we instantly became aware of the phenomenon of death and mourn for the loss. We are not aware that million dies everyday and millions are born everyday such is the catastrophic event of life dear stranger for mankind on this wretched planet

As Nietzsche envisioned greater men, the over man faithful to earth that much in Man is still worm. Why mourn then? Is it going to bring the person back? Why should one shed tears for the gone? Why not invest those energies for the new, audacious and stronger human race. Now tell me? what have you done to Overcome yourself O weaklings of human race?

Being towards death teaches Heidegger that Death is everyday phenomenon and there is nothing tragic or mournful about it. One has to accept bravely and stand face to face to it when ever it approaches with no remorse or reward or justice to eternity and nothing can justify human existence that it was a grand mistake

Perhaps Socrates is my ideal for facing death voluntarily and willingly except Plato who mourned his rebellion in his Pheado dialogue

Unbearable Existence “A Nihilist’s perspective”

What do I live for? My soul is lost into abyss

Nihilism is my greatest enemy and friend. Oh ask not how I suffered?

Since a child not a happy moment came to rescue for my troubled soul

I am all alone lost like Odysseus and homer is turned into dust

How can I escape my present moment?

What torturers me is not my past but present

Present moment is the only reality all else is just in imagination

Where to go? Whom to call?

Who will listen?

Why brag,? why complain to strangers on the internet?

Why not kill oneself?

Perhaps I am a mediocrity and a coward unable to end my life

It was much easier to became a proud nihilist than a suicidal

Forbidden Desires “Psychoanalysis”

Genius of Frued and rebellion of Foucault in history of Sexuality

Forbidden desires of flesh, repressed thoughts enforced by culture and religion are enemy of man’s happy state of mind

A man in extreme anguish could only be rescued by love of a young girl

My mood entirely changed following the recklessness of Zorba the Greek

If a women approaches to a man there could be no greater sin than not going to comfort her in her bed argues a wise Turk back in the day

Why resist inner temptations?

Why not let a young girl do her magic?

Touch of a women’s hand is a cure for all mental ailments

The Age of Sentiments

Welcome this new age of sentiments

My soul at once is at peace

A solitary gaze looks at the world

So, what if literature is my only salvation?

A man can either exist or express

Or can a man of sound reasoning express what he feels

Normality is being questioned for my madness

Social awkwardness and lonesomeness a trail

The sun, the wind understood me more than people around me

Who’s fault is it if not my artistic temperaments

Dilettantism “A Crime of Modern Age”

The internet, Google, Wikipedia and social media has made crime of dilettantes a common phenomenon

The crime of dilettantism is rising in this modern age of information and technology

No one knows a thing but claims to know everything

Do we need Socratic method to be reinforced of saying “I know that I know nothing”

Knowledge is no longer a privilege for the few but for all but on what cost?

Everybody is a philosopher these days on the internet?

What difference does it make actually to study philosophy in academia?

Just as in classical times music was only available in operas, orchestras and theaters

YouTube has even ruined that romance

I want to offer futility in modern age

Now why conceal it? “Futility” is the most difficult thing in the world

Skepticism is needed more than ever now

It is a sickness of mind and soul in these times of dilettantism

Where everybody is something and I choose to be nothing

I have loved poetry, philosophy and the arts at the expense of my health

I have not yet resigned but incriminated my mind

What if I myself am a dilettante? I have cultivated an obsession with such words

The State of Aporia “The Sun and The Moon Conversing”

The Sun asked the Moon with voluptuous fad

“Where thee Art? When I “The Sun” the light, the source of life appears in midst of darkness and vacuity of the void in space

The Moon with its senility and contempt remained silent

The Sun with its magnanimity continued, “You imposter, ye imitator, ye mediocre lifeless stone. I the “Sun” is real and master of the universe.”

The Moon unable to tolerate its own truth henceforth think of a lie, any lie to succumb Sun out of its vain glory

I the “Moon” is an imposter, a fraud for a just cause, I steal thy light O sun and shed it on earth when you hide in your abode the earth is shadowed with my shine and delight

I am forever bound to earth the only living stone amongst your universe of dead stones ye God Sun!

The Sun with imperative confusion replied, “I never left Earth alone but Earth rotates on its own axis and show resentment towards its own benefactor the “Sun” ah, what ennui, lofty turpitudes and venomous hatred”

The Moon succeeded finally in his devilish task of dismantling Sun of its existence

A state of Aporia exists surrounding the whole Universe

Who will bring salvation from all paradoxes?

The Sun and The Moon looks towards Earth in a state of Aporia

The necessity of Lies “Cioran”

If a man lies that means he wants to live more

The necessity of lying is well put up by Cioran in his book “The temptation to exist”

“Cioran wrote: In pursuit of lie, any lie which promotes action, he idolizes it and from it seeks salvation.

Emil Cioran further wrote: “to renounce the truths is the sole method of making up with life, of leaving the path of knowledge, of the intolerable one to tolerable one.”

“Anything, except my truths!”

I cried, “anything except my truths”

Sorrows of Young Lover “Lyricism”

Once upon a time and it was a very good time, the birds were singing and the sun was setting and the sea was kissing the shores

there was a young man and not only young but very handsome, ambitious and romantic who fell in love

The decline of true love in modern age is inevitable

What happen next was madness

He is still somewhere lost cursing vehemently to young men of his age

Not to fell under the spell of women’s lies

Not to be the dice being played on by there whimsical words

He now walks to and fro in rage and hatred towards Shakespeare and Goethe

He reads famous dialogues of Romeo and Juliet to himself

  • “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, …
  • “Did my heart love till now? …
  • “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo”


What is the point of all this romanticizing?

Hide your Valentine’s

Say no more

Sorrows of young Werther reborn again

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day who cares?

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mostly philosophy

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mostly philosophy

mostly philosophy

Journal Reviewr

For everything notebooks / journal reviews

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art and philosophy blog

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


Digital products and reviews


Just a personal blog. I'm not trying to sell you anything.


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