Downtown Blues “Poem”

Watch tall roof tops of downtown oh beholder of words

Consider them mountain tops from far

Downtown Tampa oh downtown Tampa what blues

These buildings are like my sorrows

They stand strong to ground

The roads are like my minds landscape

Many unknown isles to be discovered

Many souls to talk too

Many places to visit too

A crowded spectacle of strangers

Homeless on street corners

Street art on walls

Sunny mornings and evenings

White girls, black girls, Hispanic girls, Arabic girls all kind of girls

What to make of them

Nothing but a breathing art gallery

Seated in cars Laborers goes home

Holding their beers they go to bed

Homeless perspective from the chair under the bridge

Nothing matters said James

Who used to sleep under the bridge for years

Nothing matters to homeless the world is meaningless

Now James is like my brother we give him new life

Sunny is like god to him

He will be soon back on his feet’s

Like all great cities Tampa is

Tampa has its beauty in everything

From weather to politics

From schools to offices

From governor’s tweets to snoring of homeless on roads

Down town blues jumbo bumbo

Downtown blues are like boom boom sauce

Down town blues in every heart

Down town blues at every liquor store

Down town blues in everything

River flows through my veins

Poetry flows through my retina

Art is to art what man is to man

What man is to man?

What life is to life?

What love is to love?

What alcohol is to alcoholic?

What homeless is to homeless?

What god is to god?

What Jesus is to Jesus?

What I am to myself?

What you are to yourself?

What downtown is to downtown?

What Tampa is to Tampa?

What sun is to sun?

What my lover is to herself?

What a heart is to heart?

What and what? Million what’s?

Say no more oh public humility

Let’s flame words for a thought to thought

Let’s hide behind words my blues

Let’s take another walk in downtown blues

Walking in Curfew “Poetry”

On the road near the fences and pavements

A soul walks and this is what he saw and felt and said:

The cigarette buds at every Corner of road

A spit of grass grown at every Corner of road

The bill boards with selling tag lines and slogans

Consumerism and strange names at East Busch Boulevard

Cars go by with thin air of pollution

Men go by with little air of madness

The police go by with a little abusive authority

I saw a dead bird near my feet it’s head pale and wasted

I pity his soul and wondered looking at the wings

The air is filled with nostalgia of violence from which I seek escape

No justice no peace “black lives matter” the voices still lurking in my ears

Those wings of the dead bird still afresh if I have those I would fly away from mankind forever

The chopper goes by up in the air with a little surveillance

Welcome to Orwellian world mankind it was predicted years ago

Where is this road taking me?

To the place where I used to do my labour

All burned down to ashes by the crazy mob

Who was the mob? They were ones my customers

I protested with them and wrote poetry for them and say poetry for them

They see me coming and turned their heads away

They ask me If I am okay?

They keep telling me it wasn’t them?

What difference will it make I answer them?

On the road I went place to place asking for work

Sir I am young and able bodied I have two hands and feet and energy

Sorry sir we are not hiring they say

Man should go to woods for his daily labour that would be better

The capitalist society wants to consume the individual at every cost

For every power exercise it’s will against the will of an individual

But this individual is exceptional he is free and free more than any man born in history

Free from all authority or power

Free from all that was not true

Free from all conformity

Free from all bondages and friendships

Free from his own land and people

Free from whoever comes in his way

On the road one have to save ones individuality

Nothing is more sacred than your own free will

I go home thereby by taking slow steps

For I am bound by nothing and my home is the road

I walk and keep walking while the clock says it’s 7:00 pm

The curfew is enforced at this hour

I must submit my will to authority or what?

I must keep walking for the road is my home

Catch me if you can I say

I reached home and sirens came from downtown I heard the choppers flying across the city

Damn the mass surveillance

I got inside and out and inside and out on streets

Sit with my black, white friends

We talk of music and poetry

world can go to hell now

The Resurrection of Romeo “Poetry”

Romeo came to life from Shakespeare’s play

He also finds his Juliet

She is the most amazing girl ever to be born

Romeo fall in love again and this new Juliet is new just as Romeo is new

Their love story is new too, more dreadful than Shakespeare actually wrote

Who have the courage to hear the painful betrayal?

This time Juliet gave up after giving hope

The world comes in their way and succeed in being the enemy of passionate lovers

Rebirth of this Romeo gave him the moral courage

For our Romeo is not going to drink poison this time

For Romeo was sick of dying in past this time he wanted live a happy life with his Juliet

Or else why would He be resurrected?

This time Romeo has decided he will write his story his own way

Romeo rebelled against his own god Shakespeare for his love

He is fighting hard for his love with words that she may come back to him

Words” Romeo believes can move mountains not only human souls

He knows not now but soon Juliet will come running into his arms

He has patience so our story is yet to be told!

Let this Romeo first have his Juliet he himself will write his own love story for the sake of love

Let the world know that Romeo has rebelled against his master Shakespeare and he is resurrected and finds his love again

And that he is writing a beautiful love story for the world to know and learn

To be continued…………………………………………..

A living Corpse! “Poetry” a tribute to “George Floyd”

All the living witness he is dead

Dead inside and and all over

Dead is his soul and body

Dead is his heart and the world

He is a living corpse!

A Loathing of the loathes

Dead are his words and his music

Dead I am why don’t you put me in Grave?

Dead he is to his loved ones

Dead he is like a dead tree

Bury my corpse before I smell bad

Throw my corpse in river before I decompose

Take whatever I have some books and writings

Burn them for I am a living corpse

Burn my living corpse at stake

For god sake we both are dead

Dead I am like George Floyd

Dead I am like a warrior in battlefield

Dead I am like the Achilles

Dead I am like Socrates

Dead I am like the insect humanity has crushed with his boots

Dead I am like the silence of the night

Dead I am like the morning glow

Dead I am like the sun set

Don’t Come on streets before you are dead too

The whole of mankind is dead with the death of George Floyd

I say if god doesn’t come down from sky consider him a living corpse too

Whole humanity is a living corpse like me

Don’t let the brutality of police bury our dead bodies

Let us wander the streets like living corpses

Man was Born Free and No One has the Right to Keep Him In Chains!

Not even God has a right to silence a loose tongue that is why he give Satan his birth right of freedom to say and do whatever he wants. God even has no right to physically or mentally enslave a human being and if he does that then he is a tyrant and such powers must be opposed.

Creation of hell is itself a prove that the concept of god was to keep humans intact and have their wills submit to authorities. For what is hell to me? A coward’s act? a mad entity in power who thinks whatever he says must be obeyed even if it is wrong? for tell me what is point of making thinking beings who can actually think for themselves and giving them a free will and then telling them to obey blindly and tell them not to use their reasoning and all other faculties of human mind.

What is Blashmepy? 

A right of a man to say no to tyranny. A spit on the face of any supreme authority who wants nothing but want his subjects to submit their birth given rights for no valid reason. For what reason one may ask? For boosting a silent, impotent being created by some group of maniacs who thinks they knew everything?

humanity has lost its very common sense in thinking that they know everything! “No” humans know nothing at all there are still hidden isles of man to be discovered.

Man make these laws and man break them when he feels they ought to be disobeyed. New laws are then made. For what is a law? A generally and commonly accepted and socially approved statement for the community based on their culture and history to abide by that particular statement for making society run its engines smoothly.

What is the point? When that machinery is old and full of errors that causes unnecessary accidents for its citizens? why not replace those old rotten machineries we call laws, values and traditions with new and better ones that will serve the society better.

Man must stand up for his rights for the sake of 21st century and punish all those who are trying to solve 21st century problems with thousand year old philosophies and means of operating a society for humanities well being,

Man must stand up for his future generations and be a fertilizer for the seeds. For humanity now needs new schooling and the task is upon every thinker to teach masses who cannot think for themselves to make them think that our world right now is not the best of all possible worlds but it can be only if they start using their mental faculties to save humanity’s birth right to freedom of speech and expression.

I have felt oppressed by the society so I say “No” to the oppressor’s as a protest not fearing their outmost power whether be it God or any political or economic system.



Why Native Americans were better than US. “An Old Age Inquiry?”

What is man? An animal no different then the mammals with the same instincts of self preservation for food, a female and repose. The savages are devoid of any enlightenment and only cares about his physical instincts and only evils for him would be pain and hunger. I sometimes Observe what reaction red Indians of America would have on seeing the first Spaniard well clothed equipped with guns. First this question arises in my junior high school in history class. What makes Native Americans not to progress or improve? Why such civilizations failed to overcome themselves? 

The answer could be found in this human development of mind which Hegel mentions in his phenomenally of spirit book that the human mind and its power of reasoning which we label as the soul is nothing but the power of decision making.

Rationalizing that ones body is his own property that man must let go all that he has learn so far and he needs no god but only rational principles in short, a god beyond ancient god and new morals. The old ethics has failed mankind but Man indeed is a success in disguise. 

The Faculty of Self Improvement in Man vs Beast!

The free will and the ability to choose unlike wild beasts who are subject to nature’s will but man was not to be subjugated to anyone’s will because he was and always will be a free agent rooming around the universe making unfavorable outcomes to his advantage.

When a beast is domesticated resulting in loss of all its strength and natural instincts in idle company of modern men. That beast will revolt As Jack London portrayed in his novel “call of the wild”.

Soon it calls for it’s primitive nature and either became a ferocious beast and seeks his freedom as happens in  “White Fang”  another story by Jack London.

Einstein felt the same primitive instinct for his own faculty of helping humanity building the atom bomb, he knew his grand mistake and I can tell by studying his note books that he wished so many times that his existence must be ceased to exist for this great error he inflicted on mankind. Man proves himself at the end by making weapons for his own destruction that humans are in its complete sense worst than the animals.  

Broke political economies and the corrupt systems all over the world and this Covid-19 and the thoughts of the homeless people sleeping on roads at any corner of the street curse humans and not many times they seek to go back to “Garden of Eden” and start all over again from zero. To Build the society anew. 

Those Native Americans were flourishing in strictest sense in natural freedom without the extravagant needs of a sophistication our society has developed nowadays in sheer vanity and what their extinction show us is to avoid our owns extinction not by some alien race but by our own selves. If we don’t take control of our own individual instincts instead of the borrowed ones from history then history will soon repeat itself in the extinction of whole of humanity.


Into Plato’ Allegory Of Cave! A Thought Experiment

We all know how Plato defines allegory of cave in his republic. But I am going to describe the concept in a very ordinary and understandable way of our lives which I personally discovered through a small incident.

The Thought Experiment!

Recently I have a very common eye infection to which doctor told me to put on sun glasses and protect the eye from dust and light for some days to come

I was wearing the sun glasses all the time because I wanted to get better quickly so that I could have a date or go around and talk to girls which was not possible if I look like Frankenstein

I was wearing sunglasses when I go to work or hang out with friends or at home and last night the idea suddenly popped out of no where when I got tired of this dark shady spectacles during my night shift at work and take the glasses off

As soon as I took glasses off I see the things like I have fresh new eyes and every thing so full of colors and I was able to sense the light even I was able to notice the darkness outside on streets as “John Milton” wrote: “As one great furnace flames and from those flames yet no light but rather darkness visible”

At that moment Plato’s allegory of cave came to my mind and I understood how we don’t look at things in a different or precise way to have a new perspective of our world to the one we are so accustomed by habits of consumerism.

We look at the world not in a new but in an old fashioned way that we no longer appreciate our own faculties and reasoning to make things happen until we walk out of our daily life consuming comfort zones that’s why psychologists say to patients to have a walk in the woods or in a garden and to have vocations and that’s why traveling gives some people life changing experiences

Ask any soldier after coming home from wars they have changed same is the case with those who go to jail or end up in homeless shelters but one questions arises was it necessary to risk and after all was all this worth it?

Making a rational point of view of life and the world to what end? What’s the outcome? Or the benefit?

That is the unanswered question of a whole millennia for the reader and writer himself that they must need to find out for better or worst.

A Love letter For My Mistress!

Why you left me? Why you appear before me that night in the manner of most romantic nights when full moon appear all of a sudden unexpectedly to earths surprise and beats all the darkness without the need of day light or the sun.

What I have done wrong? Was my love not true? For I poured out my heart by piercing my chest apart and placed it onto your lap and you throw it away so mercilessly but “hear” for it is still calling you in severe pain.

For the heart knoweth no boundaries it will travel to you all across centuries and ages even when your dead and even when you will be in heaven it will still call the same way as it does now.

Listen! Are you dumb or deaf? That you don’t listen to my heart beat and don’t feel the touch of my hand as the same you used to do?

Why should I alone be burned at stake?

Why should I alone be murdered by our culture and traditions?

Was it possible for Greeks not to perish along with the destruction of Troy?

Was it possible for Juliet not to drink poison after the manner of Romeo?

For was it possible for Psych not fight to goddes Venus to win Cupid?

Was it possible for Apollo not let Dophne to trun herself into a tree?

Was it possible for Jasmine not to fall in love with Aladdin after knowing he was no real prince?

How dare you think you can forget me? How dare you walk away from me? How dare you became so much cruel

My memories will hunt you down to your grave and there will be regrets and nothing else in the end?

I will be waiting for you in near future like an oak tree until it’s last branch fell on ground and be dried by heat and storms will flown it away to the oceans and the tales will be made after the discovery of every broken branch of my existence

You shall suffer the same as a curse for all your life as when ever you are going to hear about the word “Love”. It will remind you of your lover and you will be in as much pain as I am now.

Eyes your eyes are majestic it has the power to wake the dead from his sleep and to spell the living to sleep like the dead deep in their graves.

Your smile is like the melody of summer air which hearkens the soul when sun is as high as it could be. Your gaze can make the stones dance. Your breaths can take away ones soul into the unknown

Your words are so sweet that the finest chef will name the sweetest dish after your manner on hearing them.

Your skin is so soft that the finest linen is jealous of its delicacy

Your lips are so delicate that the bees are worried that your lover might stop tasting honey

Your whole existence is no different then the depiction of any goddess praised in every century that I declare to whole of humanity that your shall be worshipped for such ecstasy and charm and beauty.

What it takes to be an Artist?

Who is an artist? The answer is simply in two ambiguous words “Extra-ordinary”. They are those individuals who are always ahead of their generations. “Extra” means they have more to say. They cannot be silenced. Their souls are melodic always expressing their thoughts even when they are unaware of it. “Ordinary” means like every other being just with extra moral courage with same needs and wants living day to day for their own understanding they don’t forget their existence in midst of work and social life. They are alienated dreamers who have to create their own new world rejecting the old world which makes no sense to them with their absurd values, traditions and old age maxims. They have to break through those chains of conformism at any cost.

Common symptoms:

They are underdogs, rebellious, visionaries, lonely, jolly at the same time very mean and rude, immoral, careless, risk takers and always questioning authority.

Creativity is a war against gods and in order to create something it is necessary to have the moral courage which comes from having a sense of being that you exist and have a need to express what that being thinks or feels in a uncertain way. Every great idea in start is ridiculed and then accepted later on.

They will find struggle in their journey of becoming an artist which is the best way to know oneself more deeper and deeper they dig in their souls and find a medium to express what they feel and find their inspirations in best ways possible

Careers are a 20th century invention and they don’t want one. What they want is their drummers to which they listen and prefer to educate themselves on their own.

To be an Artist It takes to be more than a normal human being. More closer to a super entity which through practice and skills create their art and their existence is a burden which can only be lightened by expression of their inner selves

On Crime and Passion! Human all-too human

Some people have a right to commit crimes whether it is crime of passion or logic. The human being is after all a human which means everything that has been said or taught in all history of mankind is subject to change and nothing is sacred and everything is permitted then the will to power is supreme law of all in us.

Every book is filled with errors and flaws all you have to do is to look at the structure of languages not all that is said or written has its true meaning in its purest sense. Man make their own morals and laws and man break those laws when it comes to his self preservation the most natural basic instinct of survival

Evolution of man has taught us one thing it is this: The philosophy of impossible have been made possible by only a certain class of individuals who will not hesitate even to shed blood in order to get their views public and implement it through countless revolutions and wars

First these wars are fought privately with in every great achievers soul and body then he enforced it on whole world around him.

How many people started Renaissance? The enlightenment and Romantics era? The industrial revolution? The globalization? Wars? You will only find a few among masses

All of modern English language has been descended from one great man we know as “Shakespeare”.

Alternative current was the revolt of “Nikola Tesla”.

E=mc2 this one equation was the intellectual exertion of Einstein

Frued alone led the legacy of psychoanalysis

Napoleon alone took hold on anarchism in the aftermaths of French Revolution.

Socrates alone have the courage to drink the Hemlock volunteeringly

Alexander alone invaded the whole world in his mind before actually outliving in the real world

Achilles alone killed Hector in front of whole kingdom of Troy and drag his corpse from his chariot

Marx and Nietzsche were the only visionaries

I can name millions of these certain class of individuals who seek their ambitions regardless of any laws of men or even of those by any gods

Even today world only open its arms to such highly inspired individuals who break the norms and took it upon themselves to get what they want and if they teach us one fine thing to learn and apply in our lives is this: “Nobody gives it to you, you have to take it”.

The environment should be the product of an individual not the individual product of its environment after all what masses are? Nothing but a herd of lay men who accept the world as it is who dare not to question or change what they feel ought to be changed.

Therefore, I say I have the right to commit crime whether it’s of passion or logic.ً

What is history to the living? It is “Time” the worst enemy for the dead and friend for the living.ً

What is the role of history in modern man and living men of today? What is there to learn? What it teaches? Does history repeats itself? Do historical events have a purpose for the future of mankind? What it yields for those who have not yet embarked on the face of earth? What is history after all nothing but a stepping stone for the living to reach to the heights of human emancipation.

History prepares human being in the factory of unstoppable arrow of time as a product to be consumed in the future under the given circumstances of not his own making but of those who lived before him as his ancestors

Role of modern man is not to rely on Achievements of his elders but to make his higher self more elaborate and progressive as to learn what they had given him and create something bigger out of it for the good of upcoming

But what has gone wrong? I see men building temples for the dead? Praising and living in the past? Why? Does mankind has left nothing serious to do then to live in the past for those who are not yet living then what is man to himself? A mediocrity? A disease for the living.

He who is ignoring life and its potential at its best by thinking,ً writing, worshipping the dead people and by dead I mean all those values we store in our petty closest called culture,ً tradition and values.

Stories and fables we keep alive of the dead has no use to living? Now one may arose from his bewildered comforts of not living for the present age but for the long gone century which time has erased as being the best enemy and friend to the future of mankind

How long mankind are going to rely on the myths and philosophies of the past? How long our old gods are going to live? Why don’t they die? Why not we have new gods for the living? Why not mankind has new prophets for the living? Why man has to depend on the past and the dead who doesn’t care or who’s bones are rotten in graves and are dead. Those dead has their own history why we let those who have no fare share in the suffering of modern men to tell him what to do or what not to do?

I say how long the living will be turned into dead? How long man is going to wait? Who is going to wake him up from the slumber? Old gods died and let the dead bury the dead and let the dead marry the dead.

The time has come when men should learn from the history and let it not repeat itself as it has been going on for centuries resulting in endless wars and genocides of the innocents.ً The progress is calling mankind from the heights of mountains where man has not yet put on his foot on, he doesn’t know what hidden isles of treasures lies there for him. Mankind’s only salvation is science and technology, it is the idea of endless progress just as the constant expanding of the universe is in outer space after all man is a product of the universe in which he lives it’s not constant but in motion like every new day and night it keeps on moving.

Our heavenly bodies doesn’t look back but it keeps on looking what is ahead or is it not? Why would men live in past and worship the dead? Why not look for new things and new ideas which are not yet accomplished if history has reveal its half truths to us it is this that if the so called men in past centuries have not build themselves up for the future we wouldn’t be having this much progress but would still living in those same times with same means of production and living but “no” they trend on and keep on moving forward as the functioning of clocks do?

Try to make your clock run anti clockwise if it works for you then good and if not then you along with the whole mankind must hang your self on the ticking needle of the clock that will not forgive anyone for committing the worst crime of ignoring the stimulating 21st century in despair, crying out of sheer madness to the living as not to look in past but to welcome the modern man in making of new history but alas the living are still dreaming of historical events for generations and generations to come and to this day it has not yet got rid of those leaches of past.



The Dreamer’s Answers to some Unasked Questions of 21st century?

Literature and arts extends my imagination when there seems to be no way out. My own character developed and take shape during the course of every novel I encounter from my childhood to adulthood writers change, so was their stories, characters change so do I change constantly with the flow of my daily readings.

The possibility to live million lives was so enigmatic that my imaginations now have no limits. I can make a world of my own in matter of seconds holding onto my experience while living in Florida which provides me the opportunity to meet new people almost everyday gives the power to formulate characters in my stories just as when you open a pack of cereal in the morning for breakfast with its each grain you put in your mouth and crush it with your gnawing teeth so do I make characters with my pen.

 Go back and look at this picture in black and white above as it is in colors below:


what does this picture signifies nothing but a rebellion in the hearts of millennials? Why? the answer is very thought provoking as in Albert Camus words: “In order to exist man must rebel”. The world as we see today is meant for the living not for the dead? why we have to obey the dead then? why not leave the dead to their graves? why not rely on new ideas, new words, new forms, new art and recreate life out of life?

A prologue to freedom of expression and speech 


The extreme digitalization, nuclear weapons’, feeble history, unemployment, drugs, expensive Universities, worthless degrees, increasing crimes and mass shootings in schools, fanaticism, global warming, wars in middle east and now this pandemic what do these people the so called our petty gods our society name as parents, politicians, priests, professors, CEO’S, from secret intelligence agencies, world governments to every middle aged man from every corner of street want from us?


“Blind Obedience”. Now one may ask in what particular sense?  They demand us to shun our voices, not to speak our minds? not to express our deepest desires and wants? They want to be the sole Authority? and on no merit? they have already destroyed the world for us and our future generations if you don’t believe it then just wait and watch the world when our kids will grow up. They have locked us in our homes, they have given us a linear definition of life and some maxims of their self glorified past to rely on for our future? They hate the pop culture and every new rapper who come up with new words and rebel against the world asking for change?

Now I see all the dreamers looking for an escape to another universe? Elon musk is trying but we are far from colonizing other planets yet? why not fix the one already paralyzed by our ancestors? but the last answer to our big question still remains unanswered? I might not have answer for that?


Because the answer could be found in each one of us hidden in deepest corners of our gloomy hearts? The answer lies in expression of ourselves in some mode of life or art as freely as wholly as we can imagine where the point is to let it out.

The answer is to free our souls to wander and form our own unique opinions as forever a slogan to non-conformity and individuality. Freely say what you have to say without slightest fear or doubt and like me or like these gentlemen in the picture the so called dreamers you will find this world more wider and just a canvas to our wildest and craziest imaginations. We still have the power to save ourselves and future generations unlike our elders or should I say the dead? let the living take over the world and leave the dead to their graves to rot for eternity.


Melancholia and Hollow Human Intimacy!

A human being is incapable of maintaining good relations with his fellow man. Now and then he reminds himself that he is alone in midst of masses. The mind itself is unconquerable thing it makes men do insane things. He ought to confine his thoughts in those rigid hollow walls of his brain from which he always tries to escape. The true noble self of every man is his own image alone in the form of his shadow that follows him every second during the day and night. The shadow is nothing but a reflection of the soul that yearns to get out of the body, once and for all he wants solitude.  What is the value of human intimacy? One may ask. It is this that society is too cheap and you meet it every short interval and that it is most of the times full of boredom. The kings from every age felt that too, they were the only kind of privileged individuals who suffered greater amount of loath for their subjects and as a kingdom whole. I bet not only once but many times they must have tried to get rid of their rule as an emperor. I studied napoleon and alexander and what their personalities reflect is quite peculiar that they have this urge of being normal, yet their role made them do abnormal things and always keep them away from the ordinary lifestyle.

The question arises? What is the cause of this psychoanalysis nowadays in many individuals who are struggling through life with little ambitions feel the same urge that is why it is so hard for them to be normal is it due to their rules as well thrown on them by social demands for money and wealth and longing to prove their loved ones that they will make something of their life? What other cause there could be? One thing is sure if we look at natural laws of physics is that nothing is subject to change.

While on the run people change and what changes them are not the circumstances but the fear and vision of what the future holds? This empty rage, the abyss, the dungeon makes them act in a way which is inappropriate, and, on the run, they go in the direction which is not beneficial to them and they became irrational? Why? The world as it appears to them is not satisfactory and their inability to turn it upside down, powerlessness to stop the arrow of time seduce them to commit atrocities. I conclude here for all thinking men that if such individuals you gave them all the money in the world, respect, women and family they will still get bored?

To emphasize look at the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp, the genie and three wishes. Why three wishes? The writer who ever was it who wrote the classic tale of Aladdin was very aware of the human nature indeed. He shows this why? And Ahh? The feeling of full belly that men are impatient towards their goals, they want things immediately even without action. So, he gave three wishes to Aladdin and we know even after the three wishes are fulfilled in which he frees the genie in his last one to make a trade as to own forever and genie in return appears to be loyal and stays with him fulfilling every desire Aladdin may have for instance one may wonder isn’t close to the concept of God? After all why men need God? To ask for help and to make things happen for them same as the genie was god to Aladdin. We pray only in misery and good times, in pain and happiness and in most cases when men are happy, they forget their own gods. For example, look at the tradition of all monotheism religions and the wrath of God on them. In the end what remains is this giant melancholia each of us carry along with every breath we take until death.

Orwellian World is knocking at your Door! Big Brother is watching you

Orwell wrote the book 1984 years ago in which he envision a world that we see today as the mass surveillance through social media and the economic leaders waging wars for getting more control on their citizens, locked in their homes most of them unemployed and many died who is responsible for this epidemic?

The worlds government don’t tell us what they discuss in their hidden chambers which are not the parliaments. Our only source of information we rely are the so called controlled mass media there are more chances of being misinformed. They spread the mass hysteria of fear and obedience to the will of the state by force nowadays

They don’t want the thinking individuals but obedient ones and they are happy that you are doing what they are telling you to do

“The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.”
― George Orwell, 1984

All you have to do is to go back and have look at the historical events and let me tell you history does repeat itself as what we see in the present circumstances many economists and analysts predicted last year already.

The question remains? What’s next? More deaths or another Great Depression to be witnessed by Americans?

The answer lies in your common sense and the natural birth given right of liberty and freedom to speak your mind

Slogan of INGSOC

Freedom is slavery 

Ignorance is strength 

War is peace 


“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

“HOPE” is nothing but a spit on the face of Mankind

Hope means a longing for something yet to come. What is the etymology of this word does not concern me anymore? Its meaning has been devoid only to say it has no meaning. Who is the authority? Oxford dictionary or Webster dictionary? Some Linguistics? I say to myself pick up a hammer and smash this word we call “Hope” into pieces. Nothing has destroyed men of action then these uncertain feelings full of doubts and idleness. Hope is only for the lay man but for the rebel it is a weakness. Who is waiting for Jesus to change the world? In short to end all the suffering of the world. How absurd is this idea of our church men that with the emergence of one magical being all the problems will be solved or justice will be delivered? How long are the homeless sleeping under the bridge or the innocents inside the cellar, the oppressed, the poor, the proletariat will suffer even after decades of revolutions. When we see the murderers rooming freely, the rich like bill gates getting richer and fooling the world by creating another non-profit foundation and spending pennies from his wealth for betterment of his fellow man and the world around. When I see all these charitable institutions, I feel sick. These people are still exploiting the unprivileged by their sheer sympathy and pity. Thinking that by donations they can make a difference. The prime minister of Pakistan lived all his life on donations and he still asking citizens to donate to fight this pandemic claiming on his glorified past as how he make hospitals for the poor which if one visits is the complete opposite.  The concept of any charity creates class antagonism it states clearly without any doubt that there are unfortunate poor folks who needs money and in order to help them the masses need to give money to some fortunate individual who will then in return equally distribute for the needy ones. What a slack of joke they still play on the working class. Donations has in its complete form became a kind of business where the individual fills his pocket more than he gives and earn his dummy reputation of a philanthropist. Now how long mankind will hope for Jesus or Imam Mehdi to come? Who will take the first step end this charitable business run on the very word we call “Hope”? This capitalist disease of corona virus, the bourgeois are still taking advantage all around the world from every lay men, to mullah, or priest, to officials of any government are asking their obedient citizens to donate their wages for coping with the chaos of this deadly plague when we know “Oliver Goldsmith” to “Albert Camus” and many other writers in addition the very common sense tells us these plagues have been used from centuries for some unprecedented outcome in advantage of whole global economy. Who is still waiting? Who has hope? I have none so I say

The Bitter Truth About Human Existence!

The streets were busy with steps of such men for whom the marketplace was formed to run the engine of everyday life. It was not Neolithic age nor stone age but an age where no word existed in dictionary of archaeologists to describe the perfection human civilization achieve in that specific time period when the Greeks flourish in Athens. Labelling that age of achievement will be a mistake by us even in todays modern world. Leisure was so much among people that they were employed to be sophists and learners, scholars, thinkers, poets, dramatists and philosophers. There was a man named “Aristotle” whose name to this day has been glorified but never understood. One day he come up on the streets in Athens with his disciples and on observing the hustle and bustle in the marketplace. In short just one single snap judgement his eyes visualize all the ways in which a human being consumes himself in all parts of life regardless of their profession. The end purpose was the materialistic fulfillment, a house, a beautiful wife, children, social recognition, a state, music, poetry, bravery of soldiers from Sparta to Persian Gulf to Indus peninsula. For he has seen the end of Alexander after he died in Babylon how vain was his attempt to conquer the world when couldn’t even conquered his own very existence and died at the age of thirty five with nothing in his hands when buried. Aristotle himself was at the age of sixty-two he had learned all sitting in the great library of Alexandria in Egypt. He got tried of all learning and his wisdom at last failed him to understand human nature and the world around that he was so nihilistic in the sense he gave up his quest for truth because there was no truth in reality but all that existed was an illusion it was there for the last time he uttered these words with so much truth and hardness. Aristotle said, “One must be a beast or a God to live alone”. His sage there ended and up to now scholars wondered why would he say such thing?

The Germans then came with the development of ages we found a man name “Fredrich Nietzsche” who alone understand what Aristotle was saying in the literal sense of human reality so he wrote, “One must be a beast or a God to live alone said Aristotle leaving out the third case that one must be both a “Philosopher”. Now according to the definition of “Thomas Hobbes” a philosopher is not some higher being but it could be every lay man who considers reason alone the sole of measure of everything to make it simple he meant to say that no authority of some god, book or king can tell him what to do? when a man understands himself and the world around he could be a philosopher he doesn’t have to be a philosophy major or in academia but a normal human being who earns his living, who has a wife or kids or single yet engage in world just to survive with the limited time given to him. “Albert Camus” the French Algerian emphasize the idea in his essay “On the myth of Sisyphus”, how everyday life of a man shows his weariness and the absurdity of life that nihilism which covers his body in the night like a blanket with fear of mortality that one day it all will end that his own very existence will be ceased to exist then what is the use of everything he is trying to do in the present? How long he is going to fool himself with trends, music, literature or sciences or his own profession and the family or the community in which he lives at the end he is alone even among masses. Every man is alone juts like that when he sees himself every morning in the mirror.

Russians were way smarter than all these people Dostoevsky writings for example from the “notes of the underground” where a man lives alone in a home doing his job as a clerk in office and he manifests over his own life recalling his past confesses the fate of mankind in their foolish task of living and dying. There is a famous Russian proverb that says, “Living after forty’s is bad manners and is vulgar”. The French writer “Marcel Proust” wrote worlds longest novel just to tell you he spends rest of his youth and adult life writing and recalling the past of his childhood now after reading his novel what one may wonder? What is the use of all this? Living in the past hating the present world so much his rebellion with so called arrow of time is self-evident and his disgust for living.  Same is the case with the German writer “Gunter” who on his death bed outburst on seeing his friends surrounding him in his last hour said, “nobody understands anyone, I never understood anyone of you nor do you ever understood me”. “Franz Kafka” write “Metamorphosis” in the story he transforms the protagonist into a cockroach one morning on his bed when he discovers himself turned into a vermin still in the body of a cockroach he cares more about the work he has to do to earn and feed his family not his own self he still wanted to go to work even being more less than a human but at the end his own family kills him. What point does the writer tries to indicate in this essay on solitude is that human life as it is as we see it today is nothing but a mistake where man alone faces the godless world in oblivion. One should have courage to live alone like “Thoreau” who spends three years in woods alone and teach us that nothing is worth in the world than self-reliance, relying on ones own energies and not waiting or depend on other people even in the lowest conditions a human could be. Stand for your self as “Hemingway” wrote, “Man was not made to be destroyed but as long as he stands, he can be defeated but not destroyed”. Now wait until the world ends so that every soul realizes that their rat race for materialism fails them ending up even in heaven will bore them, wait until their own gods will bore them. Boredom which is the reason of all crimes that exist and wait until he kills his own gods and put wrath up on themselves that they were on a folly, their thoughts were not enough to cheer them and that mankind should have never ever have been existed.

The Plague in Ybor City!

The world has an epidemic few weeks back all of sudden it transformed into a deadly pandemic disease killing thousands and increasing its fare share day by day forming itself into a global economic crisis. This is the fear, anxiety and depression of every living human being nowadays the plague of “Corona virus”.

Great measure have been taken by all world governments. Cities locked down, more research and funding, public health awareness, the business are down, schools, universities closed. Outbreak of a deadly disease leaves the streets empty and Walmart Publix massively crowded. What should an ordinary man do in such a situation except not to get bored. Boredom kills more people than any disease in history of man kind. Imagine what would have happened to Sparta in ancient Greece if there were no wars to fight for? Man is essential irrational no matter how much he progress just as 2 + 2 = 4 is a fact same is man’s irrationality. He can never know what is best for him. We wage war and kill people insanely and yet when a plague like this spread man only acts when he faces his own destruction of power and control.   

“Aristotle” was so bored with all his wisdom and knowledge that he takes it all out on “Alexander the Great” who then Rebelling against his father go on conquering the world.


Corona virus” tried hunting The historic Ybor city but failed miserably now one may ask why? Simply because this is Florida. A savage land. Is it possible for a Nightingale to exist but not to sing in the sweetness of night? “No” right so If you are in Florida and even if the world is ending I promise you there will still be a party going on somewhere in this land.

Last night as soon as the sun goes down despite the warnings and media reports. The streets in Ybor city breaths with hundred of souls wandering inside the little area confined by the nostalgic walls protected from the rest of the world far away from its weariness and coldness secured by the Illusionary Hispanic-Cuban style buildings. In the night everyone gathered, free of everything, they were the pleasure seekers, passionate lovers, and some rebels, misfits, trouble makers, geniuses, homeless, students people from every walk of life was there to rebel against the dictations of the world.


The lamps at every corner of the street started creating an illusion with its bright white round globes. Their light kisses the eyes and deceives the heart. The music eludes the ears. The cigar shops, cafes, bars and night clubs calls you in with their fascinating taglines and names yet the mere pleasure of walking down the pavements will always seduce the passerby to keep on going forward as there could be something more interesting on the way who knows? Soon the aroma of “Tobacco” buried inside the Ybor city for more than 60 years will instill demons into the souls which will make the visitors to survey the whole one way street back and forth again and again until he gets bored of all the spectators and the heart yearns for some wild experience then one decides to get into a bar or a club.

A wise men once said, the core of man’s spirit is in having new experiences. The more you get it, the more you will discover about yourself and the world around

Nihilistic Club which I call including some of the very interesting people I know some I quite don’t know gathered last night in Ybor city we know Corona virus is BTW but as I say before dank nihilists doesn’t care about anything their philosophy is this that no matter what a man do best of all his capacities eventually he will fail. So, the real question is what does this disease matter to the Floridians? People who deals with Hurricanes every year, who have crocks living next to their home. This disease is nothing to them. I firmly believe with my experience of living with Floridian which has been amazing, they are the best in everything, always full of hospitality and love. Floridians welcome 365 days of sun shining on its shores. Even thought during the time of plagues like time of hurricanes people have positive vibes. I saw Floridians strong morally and physically, they are going to overcome it. Soon after weeks we are going to smile and say we make it through. We don’t need no Vaccine. The cure for “Corona Virus” is “Laughter” and maybe a bottle of corona beer which is a great medicine for fighting against any plague or disease. The cure is in nature itself, the cure is being self-aware of oneself and the world around.

 Our quarantine 

Dank Nihilists


The Question is why the world is shocked? Is it because we have no cure for such disease? Or whole Italy is locked down and U.S banned whole of Europe to come to U.S. things are going crazy but the point is what should ordinary man do? No matter what you do nothing really matters at the end, death is inevitable. Being a stoic and nihilistic it was not possible for me to sit at home and do nothing. Boredom kill more people than any plague what so ever and yet nobody ever done anything about it. Out of Boredom comes all evil. 

Good hygiene and positive thinking is what that makes ones immune system strong enough to fight any disease. If there is a will then there is a way. Give will to power means give power to your will as German philosopher Nietzsche wrote: ” Ones must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a star”.

At the end I will say as “Thoreau” said but a little differently: I have lived through much and I went to the Ybor every night because I wished to live deliberately and to get the essential facts of human interactions, to get more stories to write and learn the culture and know the passion for pleasure and to see what there is more to learn and if I didn’t post again discover that I had not lived and died partying instead of some disease.    

Philosophizing Life without Principle & Morality in the West

“I realized that, in a very act of thinking everything false, I was aware of myself as something real; and observing that the truth: “I think, therefore I am” was so firm and so assured that the most extravagant arguments of the skeptics were incapable of shaking it, I concluded that I might have no scruple in taking it as that first principle of philosophy for which I was looking”. “Rene Descartes”

Life begins from zero to what ever number you wanted to put on the end depends on how long you will live and even before living in the U.S I was not found of laws whether religious or traditional. I have broken the most sacred of all the moral codes. I left what seems illogical or for granted. I am now limited to the human existence. To the Individual suffering which matters to me. This state of urgency, to survive and to be triumphed as evolution of life was where the strongest one survives only is to live the life without principle and morality.

Life’s full potential is released in the state of urgency. like Plato said” Necessity is the mother of all inventions” you are inventing a new life in the new world the older one looks rotten, wasted.

History shows us how certain people who achieve the greatness were all in a sense moral criminals. Why? because you are tearing out the old one for the new as the Russian writer Dostoevsky said, great men smash laws, smash old ways in order to create new ones, great man are not afraid to be criminals”

Reason leads the way. I had some great ideas back at home which never makes any sense but here they seem logical because you are pushing the boundaries. My soul is free. It is fancy free. I can be anything here.

I have realized the fact the world i see today was build by the people who were no smarter than me! the only way to create a life here is to abandon the old and adapt the new.

it is super human version of humanity which Nietzsche dreams in his “Ecce Homo”. To became what one is. You no longer believe in things you used to do, you do what you were told never to do. In short you break the moral code, you have no conscience, you don’t judge things but let you things to be seen in a different way. This is the path of every artist I have ever read, to experience and change which is normal.

Only the most mediocre ones stays where they were I come so far that there is no way back. My mind has reached its full capacity to reject all of my former opinions & believes. I can feel the free will and its power, the artistic energy I never felt before.

Now that I have broken the most sacred of all the moral code. I can now see things differently.


“I am now living the American Dream”

An Attack on Aphorisms and Maxims. Breaking the Traditional Wisdom with a Hammer!




On Human Existence

The human existence demands justice, there was no trail so it doesn’t give a chance to have his say.  It was not a unanimous decision to produce this human race and history tells us that it clearly stands on lies.

Only the individual suffering has a meaning and nothing comes to redeem him. He suffers alone and alone he must experience this very life given to him without his consent.

“I think therefore I am”, said Descartes. “I revolt therefore I am”, said Camus. “I don’t think therefore I am not what I am, said no man ever.”

On Happiness

It seems to be of no importance whether a man is happy or sad as long as long he has a reason to live he will be in despair.

Happy is the one who is not born yet, happiest must be the one who was never born. Unhappiest is the one who was born and raised.


On Love:

We demand love  and say “I love you” but It has no meaning these three words were joined together in a hurry by some horny man to satisfy his urges.

Hatred has more place in our hearts than love.

On Nature:

The existence of everything speaks for itself the trees, grass, sky, stars and moon. Why let some supreme power undermine their freedom of expression. Listen again what the universe has to say for you.


On Women

A women can never be honest. she is handicapped by nature to manipulate.

To deduce from the fact that there more women than men explains why something in excess is wasted or misused.

In history of Western lands thousands of Ancient Greeks and Trojans dies for one single women. Orpheus enters the underworld in order to bring his wife back to the world. It explains how far human race can go out of boredom.


On Compassion

There is no such thing as compassion. why? we give to the poor to make ourselves feel more human. is it generous to give a penny to a power as to make him a beggar. The beggar only lacks education.

 Love thy neighbor they said, how can you love when you don’t know him?


On God

God the all knowing all seeing? Didn’t He saw a man killing himself? what does that indicates? A metaphysical rebellion.

So God created me in his shape. If I kill, rape, and lie, is that vice not also a virtue instilled in me by God why shouldn’t I use them?

God exists? Yes he exists then where is He? He is everywhere. Why don’t he show up? Because this world is a test and he will come up at the end. But human race is now out of patience.

One shall not believe in God out of fear or death but leap of faith is to believe Him because you know him.


Man of Ideas in Atomic Age only finds Absurdity. The Millennial Generation’s Biggest Anxiety is “Nuclear War”.

“We have heard about the great depression in 1930’s along with plague of communism. The stories of  Orwellian world wars, totalitarian regimes of Nazi in power and the victims of Vietnam and middle eastern wars but the millennial generation is blessed with atomic age. The anxiety, and public unrest cannot be compared to any generation in all history of mankind against fear of war and massacre but Nuclear bomb means total destruction which only leads to absurdity, plunges into the depth of Nihilism”. 

As soon as tensions develop between India and Pakistan recently. I find myself and others marking time desperately like waiting for Godot with nothing much to do in hand for any ordinary individual. As Samuel Beckett characters came to life when I swipe social media news feed, saw people on streets, offices engaged in terrifying arguments whether we are at war with India or not?

The presence of atomic bomb is more evident than God and there is nothing we can do to stop it because we all know its gonna happen sooner or later how much score is 20 years or 50? someone will eventually unleash this weapon of mass destruction on any given opportunity.  How can we not procrastinate?



It has already happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki we have no guarantee why it won’t happen again. We truly have no sense for the whole of humanity even in this age of reason. Other wise no one would have the need to built this monstrous bomb and I often laugh when people praise the inventors and say it is for our security.  We shouldn’t have gone for this at the first place.  The goal of science was to develop a rational understanding of the world not to destroy it.

Seriously think was it worth it? Investing so much on building a giant bomb to destroy a land because you hate those people, their language or religion is different, or because you have that disease of patriotism and jingoistic passions programmed by the state and Politicians who don’t even hesitate to shed blood for coming into power and we promised with false promises. They put blindfolds on our eyes and the Media manipulates us to support them in ignorance.



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The only answer I can find to this absurdity is the fact that “Man is a total stranger to himself, his very existence betrays him and this Irrational Man find ways of destroying his own world”. It all leads to the biggest existential crisis and makes us think that the atom bomb was probably a grand plan for a mass suicide of all life on earth.

The despair of living in the atomic age raises questions that could struck any man on the corner of the street like what is the meaning of all this cutting edge technology if it could not benefit mankind? We don’t need to witness any more evidence for the end of times than this century and sadly we the millennial’s are its victims.

The Forgotten Utopia 

The Ancient Indus valley civilization had No interest in War. 


The Ancient Greeks, Persians, Romans, Chinese were all proud of their warfare techniques but in all human history one mighty civilization lived for more than two millennia without ever engaging in war. The only city whose dwellers were real pacifists, having no need of building even an army.

We should learn from our ancestors from “Mohen-Judaro” and “Harrappa” who lived more peacefully where archaeologist failed to find even a single weapon. Ancient Indus people teaches us a lesson. Ask the modern man to look back, learn from them and that civilization lived a more sophisticated and happy life even before the ancient Greeks, Romans and many more yet to come.


Links for further study:


Say No To War.  


#Pak-India peace will soon prevail.


The Hunger Artist still lives! Today You will Find Me Among the Countless Men Starving for their Art.

This man is an Artist condemned by God and imprisoned by its people not to produce art. The Artist has demons as a gift by God. In short his own inheritance cursed him and welcomes him into commerce. He must live or get his living? The motto of community life. He must choose weather to be killed slowly by his own creative potential or to earn a livelihood?

The rebel is powerless now. The slavery of 9 to 5 tear off his soul. He lost the track of time. There is no voluntarily thinking but weariness of work, work and work. He is now paid to be less than a human.

The Rat race has got best of him. How cruel reality has became for him. Tonight he is in great melancholy, he looks at his face in the mirror and hate every bit of it he is the starving artist. How he bears to live without his art?  He suddenly picks up the laptop and jot down the words with his shivering hands:

“I must write, I must put words into actions. How long I am going to put myself into chains and listen to people call my art an idle thing. I must mind my own business. I can endure hunger of food and cold but not Art. My soul burdens me every night, my imagination seduces me. I can not resist it any longer. I must say: My heart is on fire, the desires are burning, it will soon explode my body and the soul will be free to wander into the unknown.”


The artist likes to starve now. For him there is no “I”, no ego now at the workplace but “We”, “Yes Sir”, “No Sir” and at home “Yes Dad”, “Bills”, “Obedient son”, “well-Employed”. He learns not to live for himself but for others and enjoys humiliation and pain and loath at the happy moments because they delude him and he now understands there is no reality only misinterpretations. However, The words he writes are only real to him because when written they existed so do  “I” existed on a blank white page, therefore, a solitary hunger artist still lives.



Before You Judge Someone Take a Break and Read this! “Stop Judging” and “Stop Criticizing”.

One of the greatest social taboo is to judge the book by its cover. In simple words we never understand a person but are always eager to give our judgments. German writer Goethe while dying on his bed surrounded by his friends suddenly burst out in utter desperation.

No one has ever properly understood me, I have never fully understood anyone; and no one understands anyone else” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You can never tell why people behave the way as they do. Since it has become a privilege to undermine a person who is different or unique. Just because someone don’t conform to conventional way of thinking or values we became defensive as why that particular person is not like “us”. If you had a circle of friends and who had similar things to talk about which I do not find interesting, and If I question everything, express my opinions or prefer solitude than partying like others then  you will label me as an outsider, thought criminal, a Liberal or an anti-social.

Ancients Indians thought Earth is Supported on Elephants Standing on a Tortoise. Aristotle for centuries misjudged earth is the center of the universe and it was accepted for decades.

In Greek mythology Icarus thought he could fly with his wax-made wings to the sun ignoring his father Daedalus warning not to fly too high fell into the river and drowned.

We are only humans after all that makes mistakes but we should be capable of accepting our failings to understand certain things.

The need to affirm oneself, to distinguish oneself, to stand out, is a law of nature for every individual; it is his right, his essence, the law of his being.

For many years I suppressed my inner most desires to express my ideas because I fear others will be critical or misjudge me. And it happened in the University when I failed to mold in the Uni friends circle everyone finds another and became the great friends except me who was a loner most of the time.

Some of my class mates starting questioning me saying bluntly, “Why you have no friends? I mean like a one specific person or like our group of friends?”. I replied, “I have been like this all my life, people without ambitions don’t interest me and I spend more time with in my room with nothing much to do than to listen some music, and sometime to read and I do have friends to hangout but I can’t bear to sit with their gibbering words, laughter and petty jokes for long I had this urge to absorb all that in a solitary confinement to cheer up my mind with my own thoughts”.

Recently I finished reading Dostoevsky masterpiece “Notes from the Underground”. The most truthful prolific Russian writer to my soul. He writes in the preface following lines.

“The author of these notes and the notes themselves are, of-course, fictitious. Nevertheless, such people as the writer of these notes not only can but even must exist in our society. Such men will always exist in all generations who will never be accepted in society.”



We all hold terrible secrets that we often fear to share even with ourselves leave the case out of confessing it to others.  And the character in the story is similar to all of us who are misjudged by the people and privately confess the trivialities and find pleasure either in suffering or humiliation there is no such necessary individual ego left in us.

In the words of Dostoevsky

“In the crude unstructured state of society manifests itself in the individual quite crudely and even savagely”.


 On Breaking the social Taboo

We must take a hammer and smash the taboo of judging other people based on our intuition. We must accept others as they are instead of manipulating them with our opinions to be able to come into the so-called  general criteria for acceptability.

Now before you Judge anyone please stop! Give yourself some time to know and even if you don’t like someone then don’t criticize or hate because there is always a reason why someone’s behave in a particular way and it takes a lot of courage and patience to accept it the way they are and welcome their sweet indifference of the world.




Discover Why The Western World is the New Age of Enlightenment?

There was a time when the decaying Greek thoughts came to life in middle eastern lands. Historians often called it  The Islamic Golden Age. All the knowledge were brought in Baghdad where house of wisdom was build by Abbasid Caliphs. It was the center of all learning and scientific thought while the West was in dark ages. Then came the Mongol destruction and we know their story as every rise have a fall and it is when the Arabic texts were translated into Latin which later brings Renaissance in the Western world.

The history of Islam and of the World’s Muslims brings together diverse peoples, geographies, and states, all interwoven into on narrative that begins with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to this day. 


Today the West is the center of all advanced learning and technology. Just as in past westerner’s were obliged to travel into Arabian peninsula. Now we from the developing nations intend to travel west to study their culture, success and modern thought. 

“Islam has been one of the most important religious, social, and political forces in history.” 

Ask any well read westerner about Alhazen, Avicenna, Averroes, etc. They will tell you about the greatest thinkers of Islamic golden age that influence the Renaissance movement the so called age of Enlightenment in western world.

Best book to study:

I suggest book by Firus Alkhateeb “Lost Islamic Hiostoy” 


Must Watch Movie:

The physician:

Story follows during the 11th century, a destitute orphan (Tom Payne) travels to Persia to study medicine with a famed healer Ibn Sina (Ben Kingsley).


Why Travel West? 

There are plenty of reasons anyone knows already, the rich culture, secured future and good standard of living but for me these two things in the western world matters most.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin. 



1: Freedom of Thought

Every man needs doubts to discover the truth and it cannot be possible where the state or tradition limit people’s imagination and freedom of speech without any fear. Respecting the unorthodox, outlier behavior leads to new innovation of ideas. 

There could be no progress without a progressive thought. If a society is long chained by tradition and prejudice, Intolerance for new ideas, there is no chance that it can succeed. We have the example of this in all of our dead Muslim kingdoms in India under the colonization of British Empire.


If I talk about freedom of expression people often call me a thought criminal or I became victim of the taboo used by fanatics as the Liberals.

I believe that day is not far away when Pakistan will became a free thinking society 



2: To Art that pushes the Human Race Forward 

 Any nation who try bring down the artists or doesn’t care for its Artist’s and their works is doomed to destruction. Artist’s has more influences on people than any leader or a king. They shape the society, they bring new ideas and help people to appreciate life even in the endless suffering. 

By artist I mean every poet, writer, philosopher even the scientist is also an artist who first observes the world and then form the scientific way of thinking. An artist is anyone who gives a new vision, a new life, a new way of seeing things. Runs our passions in midst of depression, and war hysteria etc.

Art speaks to the mind as to fight the evil. Read any post world war writer’s they plunge for harmony. They live up to show us that humanity still exist in us. I will quote Hemingway here

“A man is not made for defeat…a man can be destroyed but not defeated.”


Traveling to west can kill our prejudice and help us to know the world and ourselves better, we will then develop mutual understanding and come to common terms by sharing our unique cultures, language and beliefs.

For Young Muslims like me can follow the path of our forefathers by studying history and travelling to west instead of listening to some Mullah or Religious scholars who only spread hate speech. We can bring another Renaissance together 

Travel the world and discover the wonderful Western land. 

In the words of Islamic Mystic Rumi:


My Age is as a lusty Winter, frosty but kindly. Here Read My Winter Impressions and Discover Yours?

The winter is near, I can feel it in the whisper of a cold breeze that touches my skin where I’m sitting writing these words down in my room next to the window.  There is an invisible artistic energy, the power to create.

In the midnight the blowing wind beats the door. It can take one’s breath away like someone out there is calling you or knocking at the door to let him in. Open the door even if your cold. Do not despair oh poor soul lets Welcome the winter and listen to the Vivaldi winter third movement.


The silence of the night is different than the weary summer nights that I spend awake. It is more deep and mysterious like a child’s mind curious to try anything new just to make sure he is alive.

Everything smells different. Even the most obvious things like chair, table, bed, the carpet, and the book shelve they all seem to sublimate into something more than they are.




Take this cigarette in my hand right now the tobacco has different taste and sound in the fall of cold gloomy darkness, the puffs, the torch illuminating the white thin smoke transcending up to the heavens like demons.


Pleasures of studying in winter

The pleasure of reading books in your warm bed as you open with each new page it’s like a new door to heaven. How can we not appreciate the beautiful earth of ours? One can never imagine the transforming seasonal change affects not only our bodies but all that exist living or dead.

In long winter nights reading is an exquisite pleasure, it is the best time because we feel more energetic and our bodies have more resistance power.

Artist’s knows the seasonal change can bring inspiration. many have taken advantage of it. That is why during fall semester students perform better research says.

I’m preparing my GRE test in winter. I think there will be no better time for this than to do it now.

Taking cold showers in winter also boost your creativity.

It might seem odd to you but I have experimented many times, the colder the water is the more energy you will feel. Give it a try and there is a lot of stuff you can find it on google relating to this.

Best time to read Jack London’s masterpieces.  

Shakespear’s Winter tales: 



Reading Dostoevsky despair


How amazing is this country where I live, I get to enjoy spring, summer, autumn, and winter all the four seasons you might think it is Australia, but it is not it is the land where I was born it is the heaven on earth  “Pakistan”.







Every Smoker has a story so before you say him “Smoking Kills” I want you to know that something is already killing him.

“Smoking kills” is the biggest blunder of Marketing and the most illogical statement used by so-called environmentalists one can ever imagine. Yet non-smokers never realize the fact why do giant “Tobacco Corporations” sell and make millions? It’s like telling a man if you stop breathing you will die.

How absurd is this world yet and I always rely on Nietzschean statement “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and smoking will never kill me I know because Smoking is a signifier of rebellion within my soul but what will kill me is the purity being as moral as a newly born child what’s the point of living if you live so cautiously. Live wild free and death is certain we all going to die sooner or later so what’s the difference if we smoke or not. Yet the despair of this meaningless existence I exhale with each cigarette gives me the strength to welcome each day.

“A cigarette is the perfect type of perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?” “Oscar Wilde 

Why Intelligent People Smoker More Cigarettes

Research done by American psychologists show that the consumption of tobacco is of even more recent historical origin than the consumption of alcohol, so the results predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to smoke tobacco than less intelligent individuals.

“No matter what Aristotle and the Philosophers say, nothing is equal to tobacco; it’s the passion of the well-bred, and he who lives without tobacco lives a life not worth living.”

Read a biography of every genius you will know.  From renaissance to revolutionary jazz age young people who wanted to change the world show their hatred for the long controlling elite classes as the famous saying is “Let the proletariat smoke and blow the dust ”

 An artist always needs some kind of occupation. 

What was George Orwell’s 1946 essay Books vs Cigarettes about?

“Whether it’s possible to write without smoking”


From Tolstoy’s Novel “Anna Karenina” 

“‘Yeah,’ I said, and started smoking another cigarette. Unless I specifically inform you otherwise, I’m always smoking another cigarette.” Who is saving the reader from too many references to smoking, and in which novel?

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Here is the conversation from the Irish Play “The Importance of Being Earnest” 

  • lady Bracknell: Do you smoke?

  • Jack: Well yes, I must admit I smoke.

  • Lady Bracknell: I’m glad to hear it. A man should always have an occupation of some kind. There are too many idle men in London as it is.


Simon Gray’s Smoking Diaries is a must read!


Every genius has some kind of pleasure taking habit in order to boost the creative passions within themselves.

Every smoker has a story 

If you see a person smoke don’t judge him. He could have gone through the worst trauma or trying to overcome it. You live your life if you hate cigarettes so much stay the hell away But most people like to fancy themselves as lunatics while trying to tell them that smoking is not good for their health and then in a minute everyone is a  doctor to you. I say you dumbassess go and live your safe and secure life. let the rebels live the life they want too.

I smoke because Schools and Universities kill creativity:

main-qimg-22872c0bbfe7a6ce233bce6315fbb432 (1)


Einstein loved to smoke a wipe while his school proclaims him a mentally ill retarded person. He is now considered the best genius who has ever lived.

Every Lecture is a tiresome punishment for a student. it’s boring and very traditional way of testing and memorizing plus it is extremely authoritative so I smoke to revolt against their tyranny. 


The fear and loathing of making good career’s in future, about getting a job, getting married and the stress of satisfying your parents tear away the inner peace one needs to undergo in something more fulfilling and relaxing.

Growing up adults always have tons of anxiety to deal with what do you expect then if not rebel and took control of their lives.

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” “Mark Twain” 

Some Benefits of smoking 

Harvard researchers were among the first to provide convincing evidence that smokers were less likely to develop Parkinson’s. In a study published in Neurology in March 2007

  • Smoking lowers risk of obesity

A study by Korean researchers in the October 2010 issue of the journal Thrombosis Research builds upon work by Harvard researchers published in 2009 that demonstrates the benefit of smoking at least 10 cigarettes a day. It seems that something in cigarette smoke activates certain proteins called cytochromes, which convert clopidogrel into a more active state.

  • Smoking may reduce stress
  • Smoking increases memory 
  • Smoking keeps you activated and beings henceforth pro-Activeness. 

I admit it has more side effects then benefits and it is at the end very easy to quit its all depend on your willpower.

At the end:

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The Art of Self-Overcoming. Finding an absolute naked truth of Eternal Reoccurrence.

Ubermensch is a German word meaning “Overman or Superman. A vision of a human being with extraordinary abilities not as we see in Marvel stories but in thinking and reasoning. “Superman” is a term significantly used by Friedrich Nietzsche, particularly in his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883–85).  

Reading the German philosopher gives me the superpower to think rationally, to accept the absurdity of life and the ability of man to reach towards his higher self.

“To make the individual uncomfortable, that is my task.” — Nietzsche 


A higher order of beings 

He taught me to obey one’s own moral code to create higher laws for oneself, to see life differently and rejecting the un-questioned moral values and metaphysical teachings of religion on grounds of scientific thought experimentation while being conscious of this meaningless life and searching for meaning even in suffering and to dwell passionately in one’s own long-lasting despair and misfortunes.

As the American philosopher Thoreau wrote in Walden:

Obedience to yet more sacred laws, and so have tested his resolution without going out of his way. It is not for man to put himself in such attitude to society, but to maintain himself in whatever attitude he finds himself through obedience to laws of his being. He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favour in more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings. 



How one can become the overman “ubermensch.’ 


Deconstruct your existing identity and create a new one. 

No ethical rule or metaphysical doctrine, then, but only the life of philosophy matters to Nietzsche in the end. His whole ‘philosophy’ of will to power and eternal return aims to shake to the eye-teeth the self-evidence of a rationalistic, philosophic approach – and thus to make genuine, self-questioning love of wisdom


“The world is your Idea”

If you haven’t read the latter German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in his first book “The world as Idea” and his concept of will to power then must read below to captivate yourself with it.

“The world is my idea”- this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows, though man alone can bring it into reflective and abstract consciousness. If he really does he has attained to philosophical wisdom.


Rule: 3

Entertainment the thought without any religious bias

Allama Iqbal the Pakistani poet-philosopher was so inspired by his ideas that he tries to merge it into Islamic belief so-called the concept of “Khudi” meaning “self-ego” came from the very idea of Overman.



Accept the absurdity of life

Overman is someone who has got the feeling of unity of creation and destruction, good and bad taste of life and is able to say that life is good even it may seem terrible and questionable. He views all the past actions, silly or wise, accidental or achieving, as the necessity of becoming himself. Therefore he can redeem himself and thus be willing to repeat the same life again. Some may even say that it was and thus I willed it even though he knows well that one cannot will backward and there are many other limitations in life


Amor Fati

What if death is not an escape? What if you are sentenced to life, not death? To this life in particular. The only one you know.


Why I study philosophy

I want the best of my youth hearken to nature, to tear off those robes and cast them aside, to enjoy the sweet pleasures of philosophy naked and in the flesh – not as a rape, but with philosophic eros as a most willing partner.

What is the theory of eternal reoccurrence? 

The universe and all existence and energy has been recurring and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space. The theory is found in Indian philosophy and in ancient Egypt and was subsequently taken up by the Pythagoreans and Stoics. With the decline of antiquity and the spread of Christianity, the theory fell into disuse in the Western world, with the exception of Friedrich Nietzsche, who connected the thought to many of his other concepts, including amor fati.

Eternal return is based on the philosophy of pre-determinism in that people are predestined to continue repeating the same events over and over again.

The Eternal Return in the words of Nietzsche:

“What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence—even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!’”

–Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

He responded later as: 

“Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: ‘You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.’ If this thought gained possession of you, it would change you as you are or perhaps crush you.


At the end a little advice from the Greek philosopher:




It’s a very ancient concept and yet its a proved thought experiment.  Live the life without fear and prejudice and enjoy philosophy.

Our job is to Discover the Artist within you. To give life to the un-lived creative genius is a dream that will make a million subscribers.

All your life you have always felt the unlived “Artist” within you who was forced to hide itself because the school told you that your grades define you then they told you the job you do defines you and because nobody believes in you so, as soon as you were born society planned who you would be? and give you a name, a purpose which was manipulated because you thought it is all that life could be. We say “No” to that notion it’s against very human nature because what we are nobody knows? and  I believe in you and I guarantee you and I were born artists.

The society has corrupted us and here we are at war with them.  We smash their long-held traditions, morals, values, and norms and with a new identity, we can revolutionize our lives and use the hidden creative potential to pursue what unique talent we might possess.

The war of Art 

This blog has a vision; to make people realize there is more to a life than just getting married, paying the bills and die. To question the things we take for granted. To perceive the world as an Artist.

Consider we don’t just breathe oxygen but like a dry cleaner we inhale the air and purifies it by releasing it, the sun is not on fire but is made up of gold and to see even the little things bigger which we normally ignore, natures beauty is the natural phenomenon of art we must learn to appreciate life which is always in front of our eyes but was ignored because of the bareness of a busy life


To forget oneself and form a new identity as an artist.

Promoting life is worth living even in the worst case scenarios

Here are Buddha’s final words before making his legacy:

“I must leave this place and live the life of a monk. I have to find a way to defeat ‘Old Age’, ‘Illness’, and ‘Death’.”

Here are our final words to you

We will defeat depression, anxiety, hatred, and wars with a true inhibited expression of ourselves regardless of race, ethnicity, and culture to come to common terms with each other by promoting humanity through the Arts” and Literature”.

   The Portrait of an Artist

 “Discovering the Artist within you”


Who is an Artist?

Mainstream definition:

An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art. The common usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the visual arts only.

Our definition

“The artist could by any person who has the ability to create or see things differently having a unique talent or a dream in a broader sense, therefore, every human being is an artist he builds his life, he is a creator and has the creative energy to unleash the hidden potential in his field of work or in everyday life.”

Our weapon is the written word

Our content will show you the lives of different artists, great writers, thinkers, philosophers, and educators. Articles and not only sharing writings but also we will make vlogs showing lives of every individual who will find the artist within himself and show you how he found it and how it changed his life forever, how he made the decision not to resign but to chase his dreams.

I believe art alone can bring a positive change in our lives

We are born differently we all have a portrait of an artist within ourselves. Our job is to help you to discover it and find the hidden artistic potential it could be anything in a very broad perspective

It means every person has a unique talent with which he was born.


Literature and arts are a natural therapy, not just an entertainment  

I believe that the thing that connects every writer who is interested in the truth, every writer who is determined to tell truly not just what it is in his own heart, but what he sees in the heart of experience, is that the emotional truth and felt life that he finds in the writing of a good story breaks down the walls between people, obliterates the assumptions and falsities in how we see the other.

Inspired by all the great literature and artworks of all great artists on seeing life slipping through our hands the idea was born


Few honorable mentions Behind the Idea: 

The Artist’s behind the vision:

Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Raphael, Titian, El Greco, Camille Pissarro, Rene Magritte, Van Gogh and Vermeer.

                                                                Writers and Philosophers 

James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Saadat Hassan Manto.

 the war of art by Steven Pressfield.

Nietzsche, Sartre, Thoreau, Camus, Plato, Ibn Rush, Ibn Sina, Al-hazen, and Socrates.

lord Byron and Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg and many more poets.


How not to commit the Philosophical Suicide? Here discover why Existentialism is Humanism.

I was seven when I first encounter nihilism. I try to see the world without my own existence as how it would look like or can I perceive a world without my being. Do my worries and fears matters? what is the value of this life that I care so much, if my existence makes no difference. If I will have to die one day then what was the reason of being born? The more I think about it the more depressed I became and usually gave up but like a monster it continued to haunt me till now. I was about to commit the philosophical suicide which refers to accepting life as told by your elders, people around you or your religion, culture and work simply because you live in such a place dominated by these values and norms. I welcome absurdity and decided to run the course of my life by searching for meaning of life.


I always felt like an alien. From an early age I used to ask to many questions to the local mullah (priest) who finally gave up and said to my parents that “I have attention disorder” and I have always been lost when being lectured and it keeps on going in my school life. I was never lost but I begin to ask questions of what others told me instead of accepting It without giving a thought and inquiring to see the other possibilities by asking Why? what if? or How? and In my imagination I have realized how absurd their teachings were.

Art becomes my meaning of life

I thought I’m the only who thinks like that after I read the existential thinkers who gave me a way out simply to accept that life has no meaning. And it is upon us how we gave it a meaning which must be highly personal as in harmony with one’s soul. For some its work or love but for me it was “Art”.

“If there is no God everything is permitted”.

Last night I was riding home from work, I met an old man who went for preaching Islam to Lahore where he was robbed, his clothes, money and possessions everything was taken and was thrown on a road. He said to me the guy was of my age who offered him lunch in which he mixed a drug which makes him unconscious and robs him off.

He said disdainfully: I’m an old man and all I have was an old cell-phone and some books on Islam—-You see my child there is a God then why these things are permitted”. I could see how he felt lonely in his despair.

I looked at his helpless eyes in rage and replied” Have you ever think why these people have no fear of God and if there is really a God? How could he let it happen”. At that instant I could see rebellion in his eyes and the old men replied bluntly, “I obey no moral code, I have no believe in any institution whether political or educational.

The way things are happening in this country reminds of a quote from a Russian novel. all the corruption, murder and injustice.

There is no freedom of thought let alone freedom of speech and expression.

As Dostoevsky wrote in brother Karamazov novel:

“If there is no God everything is permitted”.

We parted and I Began to think for the Artists, writers, scientists and philosophers it was permitted to go against the corrupt religious institutions like church in west and Madrasa’s in Muslim world if you read history, these people challenge their cherished beliefs that is where the age of enlightenment came we call the great “Renaissance”

raskolnikov 2

As Nietzsche wrote:

The earth is free even now for great souls. There many empty seats for the lonesome and the twosome, fanned by the fragrance of open seas.

Working for ones living can never be the meaning of life.

Yet we try to give it a meaning. Thinking having a good earning is key to happiness because we got respect in the society and we try to make a meaning of it in our empty lives. That is where we conform instead of saving our individuality.

The term philosophical suicide used by Albert Camus

We are tired of the same routine. Going to work each day even if we don’t like our jobs because we think we have no other choice. It’s like a punishment by the capitalists. and like the ancient Greek god who was punished for life ploughing a stone up-to the mountains and he was determined to find happiness in his work.


It is at this point when we give away our freedoms, our will and very life to the hands of work. We should live to work not work for living.

A free life is still free for great souls.


where the state ends, there begins the human being who is not superfluous: there begins the song of necessity, the unique and inimitable tune.

There you see getting married and having a respectable place in society is not my thing to do. I rebelled against this notion at an early age. I knew there is more to life than this hideous task of reproduction.

As Zarathustra teaches:

“You shall not only reproduce your-self but produce something higher. But first you must build yourself perpendicular in body and soul. if you’re marring because of the animal instincts or loneliness or lack of peace with yourself then you must first create a creator.”

Ask from the mountains which stands still and look at the human civilization, rushing to get a living, chasing dreams, money all power and wealth from which he will become tired and in his old age will die. Yet the mountains stands there for millions of years, for me stones and oceans make more sense than living organisms.

Revolution comes from inner peace when you no longer tolerate injustice to yourself. when you decide you’re not going to be controlled by the fear of your cultural teachings. It is when we evolve to humanism and remove every bondage we are tied too when born.

Buddha wrote

“Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.”

Once we accept life has no meaning. We became more and more realistic.

Every human I believe at least have experienced this type of existentialist crisis when thy are alone and often neglect it in the barrenness of their busy life.


Bazaar! “A Short Story” Discover the soul of an Artist!

A young man woke one morning in a small Pakistani city called “Sarai-Alamgir”. Where the sun rises after a long restless night.  “Today the sun rises for you”. A voice said, he couldn’t recognize it but it gets him out of the bed to welcome the day as he approaches the nearby window he curiously looked out of it and said, “Surely the sun’s light shone for something more than the daily laborer’s toil. It was because he doesn’t want to go to work nor to the University. He was tired and just wanted to breathe the air, to see the trees and how the wind makes its leaves to rustle. He went for a walk expecting something new to see but all was in vain because the “Bazaar” appears to him all the same as it must have been millions of year ago. The same marketplace hustle and noise.


Two middle-aged men were rushing in front of him holding baskets. Women in hijab standing outside the shops deciding whether they should enter or not. The same beggar’s weary faces, the same quarrels and bidding when one man scream from the left “1-kilo Fresh Mangos only for 100 Rupees” then from the right another man would reply, “1-kilo Delicious Mangos only for 90 Rupees”. The Motor-bikes and rickshaws came stumbling and ambling making their way through the streets under the bursting sun. Some young boys holding one another back, shaking with waves of laughter. All the “Rareri wallas” (Morsel sellers) were smacking one another behind and laughing at their jokes, calling one another by familiar nicknames, “gamma , sajja , phaja” such strange Punjabi words were flying in the air while one of them protested with sudden dignity when the others say to him “Look at that morsel seller standing like the  chief “Choudhry” of 32 villages” hahaha they all laughed while others whispering two and two behind their hands.

This was the soul of an artist within him portraying every man in his head and their lives of what he was also a part of. He wishes desperately if he had some paint and a brush, he would have painted it all right away to be titled as the “Bazaar” A place full of people with un-lived lives.


He had never found anything so profound and full of wisdom to teach him as of how to live rather than getting his living and now with just one glance he was thin-slicing faces and found many un-lived lives there. He was aware of his own unsatisfied life and the struggle to live differently from others. He wanted a life without principle. Aimlessly he walks towards the lonely road in heat sweating and whispering something.

But What it was or from where it came he was not sure. On his way he saw a Funeral on the opposite road, it seems to him like flocks of pigeons and he could see how life fly away from them with the fear of death. As he reaches to the bank of a river. The serene atmosphere was in front of him. There was inquisitiveness in the streams which sustains the vitality of life, a great vivacity in the water ripples which rumbles liveliness, a rupture in the tides, so cheerful that the birds chirping on the blissful breeze of the air above, the flow of a refreshing breath of life, fairy meadows and grasslands everywhere.

There he grasped it all of what he was whispering to himself, later on, he paused for a second and said to himself “Life is an endless toil towards a futile end we call death”.  It was not strange that the mere exposure of a busy marketplace can give him a definition of life.


The Proustian Effect! I’m on a quest in search of lost time just like “Proust”

I see my memories fading. I no longer remember the good times. It like each new day is refreshing, deleting or storing my past happiness where I couldn’t find it. What remains is this empty life full of anguish and pain.

Such melancholia and this constant sorrow are all left for me to endure. My adult life needs a reboot it’s all corrupted and waste. My job and university nothing makes any sense. I loathe for what the future holds for me. I had no good hopes nor I’m trying to make it better.

I’m on a quest in search of lost time just like “Proust” It’s no different than the quest of a treasure or the mythical fountain of youth.

My daily labor is in vain to capture and recall the lost memories and I had tried to drink tea and coffee of all kinds nor could I find “petites madeleines” in Pakistan. When I couldn’t find any sensations I have also tried different kinds of cakes but nothing is giving that immortal taste to my lips and sometimes I take only a sip with the view that maybe drinking all of the cups loses its virtue.

Whoever read Proust knew its to find in oneself, not in the object. Separate the object “Tea” from reality its serving as gateway seeking not in the cup but in oneself.


Do you know French writer Proust’s novel is the worlds longest Novel with 7 volumes?


As Proust wrote:

“The past is hidden somewhere outside the realm, beyond the reach of intellect, in some material object (In the sensation which that material object will give us) of which we have no inkling. And it depends on chance whether or not we come upon this object before we ourselves must die.”

The Proustian Moment_MKKYDD


Some dark memories I recall the most!

All I remember from childhood is the existential crisis I have at 7. Looking towards dark clouded sky apprehending whether my appearance as body and soul justifies my existence or not?

What if my being is not being in appearance and I’m not as I appear to myself or maybe my being is there and I’m unaware to see it. I closed my eyes, shut ears to the noise of the world, my consciousness betrays me now nothing exists not even me, something starts in me I could feel it the echo of transcending up to the sky. From where I look at myself a fragile body shivering, and asked What does my life matters and the worries? Desperately waiting for my Mother to come home in fear I had my mind to slip through reality

For a moment I had thought if it’s not my being or appearance then what all this life amounts too leading to nothingness which “Sartre” has elaborated beautifully in “Being and Nothingness”.

What makes me happy back then? I’m dying to discover and to enjoy that moment again. Escaping from my present life. I have all forgotten what it’s like being happy and joyful.

All I want is the Proustian effect. To go back in time and live the life I love the most. I want to see my grandmother which is no more now. How it pains me to lose the persons I love.

Tears and in vain I drink tea with absolute imitation for just a glimpse. What was that Proust drink? I could give my whole life for one sip. For on the last trip to all-powerful joy.

And always take with utmost pleasure and calmness with a hope that I may grasp the happy time I had in my childhood. Full of innocence and love.



Here watch this video and discover the Proustian moment. 











Eid Mubarak Literally Means “The Festival of the fasting month “Ramadan”.



Eid means happiness. Eid teaches us to laugh and love. For me the best thing about Eid is the “Eidi” which is the Gift in the form of money specially (the fresh currency notes) we get from our elders, parents or relatives in honor and respect of the Festival of Breaking Fast. We Buy new cloths and have plenty of Delicious food and family get together for straight 3 days.

The pleasure of sitting for hours in the saloon late at night we call (Chandh Raat) for hair-cut is a customary thing for us to do that is why barbers shop are kept open all night long.

Eid al-Fitr

Eid is based on the Islamic lunar calendar, it does not fall on the same day each year on the Gregorian (Western) calendar. Since the cradle of human civilizations. We have associated our selves with different kind of rituals and religious offerings. Feast plays a vital role in every culture and religion.



It is no different from Christmas for Christians, Holi for Hindus or  Yamim Tovim for Jews.

This religious Eid (Muslim religious festival) is the first and only day in the month of Shawwal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal.

Offering Eid Salah

  • First of all we wake up early and take bath (Shower) we call Ghusal.
  • Then we dress up!
  • Just Before heading towards the mosque. We eat sweets because of the Sunnah  (Prophet Muhammad’s Practice)
  • We prefer to walk on foot to the mosque and after the Eid Prayer we greet each other warm heartily and hug at least three times saying “Eid Mubarak” to each other.



After the prayer is completed, worshipers embrace each other and say “Eid Mubarak,” or “Blessed Eid,” to wish each other good will. The event ends with a sermon by the imam.

Graveyard visits.

We are supposed to take different path for coming back to home from the mosque and then to the “Qabristaan” (Graveyard) to pray for the dead relatives and friends asking for their forgiveness and high ranks in “Jannah” (paradise).

Give to the poor.

 “Zakat al-fitr,” or the duty to give to the poor on this day, is a requirement for every Muslim who has the means to do so. Typically, each individual’s contribution is about the cost of a meal, and may take the form of money, food, or clothing.

Friends and family meet up!

Our friends often visit their neighbors and extended relatives after the morning celebration to wish them a happy holiday and exchange these gifts.


Special food items

Traditions include dates, halwa, falooda, cookies with milk, baklava, and vermicelli noodles. but we cook Biryani, Chicken and Mutton dishes and much more.

Prepare Dinner (Call for the Feast)

 Many people eat a family lunch and/or dinner of meat, potatoes, rice, barley, or any food you like. Some rest in the afternoon to recover from a day that began at sunrise. Others attend fairs and events organized for Eid, party with their friends in the evening, or visit the graves of deceased friends and family.

Celebrating Eid at its best. 

Young entertainers like me hangout with friends to Islamabad or Lahore  to watch movies and eat at the big fancy restaurants. taking selfies and sharing moments of joys. it’s the real-time for making great memories.





The Philosophical Sufferings of A Young Man. “All Powerful God of Youth”.

What is it? The young man asked to the winds of each passing summer and winter, to the rains whenever they fell on each spring, he would listen to the classical music of “Vivaldi four seasons”. And his soul was always reborn with a new identity. He knew he had to fall again to be raised and to be re-born he must die first. Then he questions to the sun that show up every morning and goes down every evening and it baffles him then he would say to the darkness in the starry night looking up to the little bright yellow stars for some answers and AHH! That night came the stillest hour.

After years of suffering finally he concluded all in a single statement: “what is this giant spark in my soul so intense that it felt like my body would explode and the soul will escape up to the stars”. Little did he knew it was the “All powerful God of Youth”. Granted to man only once in a life-time and he wasn’t ready to waste it while living an ordinary life of comfort.

He wanted adventure, and troubles so much that he was even ready to die young then to resign for his old life because it was not bestowing upon him the best days of youth as promising it was.

There was an overwhelmingly high potential hidden in him for some passion. He wanted to do something. But what? He had no idea? These tormenting questions were driving him mad.  And he understood that in this world the individual cannot get anything by asking, but he must take it. He had read many great thinkers and philosphers, who at his age were lucky enough to find the meaning of their lives? while he was starving, desperate and still dependent on providence of the world around him.

What a sick world? he said: “I wanted to create a new world”. Enough were the words? It was the cold December night and he was able to get out of his bed with all the past melancholy and the inflicting sorrows. He wanted some action while looking out from the window to the moonlit sky; he was alone it felt like a new birth has taken place within him. Something struck him it was extremely philosophical and he finally overcomes himself.

“The goal is to stand for myself” he said, and rushed out of his room for breathing the air. Such blessed was his whole existence. It was enough for him to live. Something must have died within him.  and Everything returned on that stillest hour of night. The whole vision he could see himself sublimated and reborn. A new man, more enriching and powerful. A new energy, a new existence to explore life and the world around him with new fresh eyes.


               My Inhaler Vivaldi four season. Its a Revolutionary music trust me! 

Why Feel Kafkaesque? To Experience the World of Kafka! Here Read this Blog.

Since the day I read Kafka’s masterpiece “Metamorphosis”. Whenever I see a “cockroach”. I always had a vulgar grin on my face and I always shout out Loud! “Hey “samsa Gregor” how you doing?”  And to my parents I sound like an Idiot cause I never let them kill any of the cockroaches such is the love of Kafka for me.

This world is Absurd and catastrophic, we all have worst kind of nightmares. Kafka’s writing consist of realism and fantasy based on absurd themes such as guilt, alienation and existential anxiety.

What is Kafkaesque?

maxresdefault (1)

The term Kafkaesque has entered the English language to describe situations like those in Kafka’s writing.


My Kafkaesque moment!

Job + Writing + MBA

I can understand how awfully Kafka suffered all his life because I’m also struggling to write some stories, Managing a tough part-time job along with my studies. Hardly I could find time to write. Its the reason I have become alienated from my friends and family. I hated myself because we sometimes in life cannot pursue what truly is important to us. I know being a writer is my self-worth and my job or education doesn’t define me but sitting on a table for hours to write.

The World of Kafka

Here read this amazing opening statement from Metamorphosis:

One Morning, When Gregor samsa woke from a troubled dream, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He laid on his Armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections. The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment. His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked. 

Such absurdity the way he shows his life in worst case scenario to tell us. We all suffer while living around the people who can never understand us fully. If you haven’t read this book I suggest to grab it.

The saddest fact is Kafka burned 90% of his work before dying at the age of 42.

Last Sunday On 3rd of June was Kafka’s Death Anniversary


Kafka was working in a Insurance company, where he worked for nearly a year. His correspondence during that period indicates that he was unhappy with a working time schedule—from 08:00 until 18:00 —making it extremely difficult to concentrate on writing, which was assuming increasing importance to him.

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” “Franz Kafka”

This is from Franz Kafka novelThe Trail” in a nutshell.

“A young man gets up in the morning to sees two strangers on either side of his bed. He asks them who they are. They reply they have come to arrest him. He asks why. They gave no reason. They arrest him and a trial is held, Even during court proceedings, he doesn’t know why they have arrested him. One thing leads to another and the story assumes phantasmagorical proportions.

His another story “A hunger Artist” show us life of an artist who fasts for a number of days on the trot. His act is interspersed with periods of recovery after which he gets in his cage, he gets en-caged to perform to go on a hunger strike. And when audience interest fades way in him he dies only to be replaced by a panther. Here Kafka is not sympathizing with the artist but he is brutally honest about self-realization on modern day context.

How a person enslaves himself and chooses not to get out of it and those who spectates are no different either.  Artist are never appreciated that is the cruelty of life.

Its been a century when it was written we can still see how it all makes sense in our today’s world.

Not only in West but even in our Pakistani society we can see the reference to social unrest, political issues, the story relates to our modern-day problems. We nowadays live in constant fear, sometimes for no reason and very often for the reasons that have nothing to with us. We try our best to escape the death valley of our bureaucratic system that govern our lives and It breaks the natural rhythm of our lives.


I’m glad that an old the Pakistani great Urdu short story writer “Naiyer Masud” as you can see him above is a great admirer of Kafka. He translated Kafka’s stories for Urdu speaking readers to know the great German writer. That’s how literature binds us together.

An old friend of mine visits Prague recently, just look at his remarkable words!


I was so touched by his words as how he felt walking around Prague no doubt he was feeling “Kafkaesque”. And for such inspiring individuals Kafka has written the following lines.

“Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”           “Franz Kafka”

The most Important Question Kafka arose?

Can we free our selves from this bureaucratic world? Can this coexistence liberate us from the evils like fear, slavery and totalitarian regimes? See how young people are destroyed by the giant corporations. They depend on the salary which is a bargain for their dreams. Not jobs but We need Art and Creativity to promote life.


At the end please must watch this Ted-ed brilliant video!



Professionalism! How we misunderstood the Philosophy of our work life?

Only Amateurs complain about being unemployed. They blame the Economy, Country or the University from where they get the degree. You have to make yourself capable enough for getting a job.

Think of it as tough love . . . for yourself. Whether an artist, writer or business person you want to be.

My Motto for Life:

I am the one who sees things differently. I’m not fund of rules, I have no respect for the status-quo and you can quote me, disagree or vilify me but the only thing you can’t do is to ignore me because I change things and this alone is only specter that pushes the human race forward. Self-made man take actions when all others are out there Partying. 

            Strategy of Nurturing the Entrepreneur within you!

In our world of in action, over-promising and under-delivering every second a man seems to claim himself an entrepreneur. That’s why there is difference between those who are wishing to be an Entrepreneur and those who take actions. You need a job experience to start any business, not the money but skills and exposure to working life and here is my part-time job starting from tomorrow and I haven’t finished my degree yet!

1-Get a Job! 



Finally, I can finally say I have got a job before finishing my degree in a Multi-national Company. I was never one of those who wait until they finish their studies and start hunting jobs. Wasting their time and energy sitting at homes because of sheer laziness and unprofessional attitude.

2-Build your own thing!

I have created a blog! not for money but for myself to keep on writing and also chasing my dream of becoming a writer by writing books. I have a plan to start my own company for that very reason I have choose my current job!

3-Read books

I have turn pro by reading books which means I have defeated the resistance as “Steven Pressfield” wrote in the book “War of Art”. Bestselling novelist Steven Pressfield identifies the enemy that every one of us must face, outlines a battle plan to conquer this internal foe, then pinpoints just how to achieve the greatest success.

      “Reading books makes you better”

  •   Why read “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield! 

Our lives are caught in between the struggle to meet the daily ends meet! Most of us don’t love our jobs but focused on the money it provide that is what kills all the creative passion within us.

That is why there are only a few capitalists in every society which has billions of monthly income and amateurs tend to work for them.  As Pressfield wrote:

” How can we avoid the roadblocks of any creative endeavor—be it starting up a dream business venture, writing a novel, or painting a masterpiece?

Why not work for yourself instead of someone else. In words of  “Steve jobs”

“We live very limited life, life could be much broader because everything you see around you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you! you can change it, you can influence, build your own things that other people can use. To shake off this notion that life is just there and you just gonna live it. “No” First embrace it, change it, prove it make your mark upon it. Once you learn that your never gona be same again.

You cannot put your soul into work if you don’t love and you cannot love your job because of its salary but finding what you love to do

Once you discover that then you need this golden rule I have mentioned below!

The 10,000  hours rule

“Malcolm Gladwell” Wrote an amazing book with the title as “Outliers” in which he mentions the 10,000 hour rule. It sates that for the success talent alone is not enough handwork and opportunists paved the way, he further puts example of Bill joy, john Lennon and Bill gates who work so hard that they spend all the required time to learn the necessary skills before starting their companies or bands.

Work each day.  Put your time on it. If you Fail then try again but never give up no matter how hard it takes to achieve success

I’m writing three books! 

Pro-activity is this. I’m studying MBA along with a 5 hour job. I read about 5 books daily, I write blogs and also running a Facebook page and I contribute 5000 words to each of my short stories. How I’m managing all this.

Fuel for burning the desire of success I have posted a Note in my room as a prayer to myself before starting a day:

To say to each and every distraction, to every person who would happily derails me! “This day is mine not yours”. 

That’s where professionalism come, no matter how bad is the day, how I’m feeling I took the laptop and start writing. “I don’t sleep because my dreams are bigger than my sleep as “Alon Musk” put it.

Turn pro! Take actions that is the goal of this blog!

There is no greater satisfaction than being a self-made man. Take action!





Ramadan Kareem! The Art of Fasting and Experiencing Rumi.

I heard the Moazan calling for Salah! The aesthetic pleasure of “Azaan” (Prayer call) came from the holy Mosque. My heart sank into a deep melancholic world. I was walking through a steeply pathway into the fields where the sun was bursting over me and I lost the glimpse of reality standing still for hours under the burning sun taking my shadow as my soul and the ultimate truth as I wanted to punish my body for all the sins while glancing eye to eye with all its mighty heat. I could feel the sweat pouring out my body, my lips were dry and eyes sunken.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you”. —-Rumi—

Suddenly, Breaths were heavy when I saw water in front of me falling out of the tube-well. I resisted the urge to drink and took a long sigh, walked pass it because it was Ramadan and I wanted to feed my soul not the body. Pure asceticism. My body was urging for food and water, but my soul wanted cleanness and purity from all bodily pleasures. Fireball (The Sun) was so intense that I looked at it politely even it felt lovely. I was in love with my sufferings. Desperately waiting for sun to set so that I may have “Iftari” (Breaking the fast) as soon as possible.

Celebrate! The month of fasting has come.
Pleasant journey to the one

Who is the company of the fasting.
I climbed the roof to see the Moon,

Because I really missed fasting
By heart and soul.

Ghazal No. 370 from the Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi,
“Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi

Divan-i Kebir,” Volume 13, 2001.

Ramadan is here 

Have you ever felt like you will be starved to death? If you didn’t follow your basic survival instincts but have to endure until the sun is set. Leaving the comforts of your home. Going to University, your work or market. Such hard times rarely comes to you unless your religion do have a fasting month



Fasting makes you a philanthropist: 

The urge to suppress yourself to drink water when you have it in-front you all the time. We realizes the importance for those who are depraved of such basic needs. For those who died of hunger everyday in Africa and War torn middle-eastern countries like Syria, Palestine etc.


World now knows what Muslims do in this month. Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

We never value such things which comes easily to us.

Therefore, In history of all religions. fasting was meant to be an important devotion  and supplication to be sublimated.

Offering five times a day Salah (Prayer)

Not only we develop compassion and love for humanity. We share Iftar dinners, throw Iftar parties. Wake up early for suhur (Eating at Dawn for fast), offer longest one hour Salah ( Prayer) called the “taraveeh”. Do shopping for Eid after Ramadan. In short its the month of reincarnation. To be reborn and to regain the faith.

Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi

Music + Dhikr + Dance (Whirling dervishes) = Rumi

“Busy days galore…thoughts in a kaleidoscope of dervish dances.” 
― Al Cash


Is there any better dervish in history than Rumi? I make one of my Ramadan goal to study the Islamic Persian Sufi poet. The most inspiring of all, his words are eye openers for me. I have never been so much captivated by any poet before.

 “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” 
― Rumi


I went into the bookstore and asked for Rumi’s poetry book.

The bookseller looked at me with astonishment and asked quickly Do you know Persian?

I said “No” he smiled and then asked:  “Then what is the pleasure in reading translation? I say if you truly want to understand Rumi read it in its original language otherwise It will be a futile effort. I left his shop and find another one from where: I bought an English version next day and read the best-selling poet of America from 13 century Islamic world.

After Experiencing Rumi I wanted to be a dervish Conquering ones soul, finding the meaning of our existence. What a peaceful and aimless life it would be to wander and to lose our own identity. As he wrote:

“I am neither of the East nor of the West, no boundaries exist within my breast”.



Against Tyranny please watch the video below: 

Must watch and share this Ramadan ad for injustice to Muslims all around the world specially in Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.



On This Mothers day absurdity struck me! when I was Reading Albert Camus “The Stranger” before writing this blog.

“Today Mother died. Or maybe yesterday, I don’t know. I got a telegram from the home: ‘Mother deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours.’ That doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday.”  This absurd opening statement is from the novel “The Outsider” by the great French Algerian Writer Albert Camus who won the noble prize in literature 1957 and died at the age of 46 in a car accident.

The reason to share such a phrase on this Mother’s Day is to show the absurdity of life, it’s quite true if we see the lifestyle of western civilization as observed by the writer. We want to hate him. You want to hate me for putting out such a laconic bizarre statement. But we know such people exist in our society. Who put their mothers into the old homes? Who kick them out of their houses, who disobeys and disrespect them, vilify or ignore them and disappoint them. It is for you who disregard his own very reason of existence.

The Writer shows this cruel reality in his novel with a melancholic ending. The main character was imprisoned and condemn to death. When he kills an Arab man without any intentions in defense, he never accepts the world as it is, he questions everything? Why we work? Why we pray? Why we love? Why we die? And before dying the character uttered a line which really contradict the first one and amuses us about the social acceptance, how society forged against someone if he took a hammer and smash all the moral values and truth about the importance of love for our mothers.

During his trial for murdering a man in cold blood people contempt, and said to him that he didn’t cry on his mother’s funeral.  And later before dying in the cell his final words were this:

“In our society, any man who doesn’t cry at his mother’s funeral is liable to be condemned to death.”

In history we had only one child which was born without any father (Jesus), but never heard or see anyone being born without a mother. The word mother has a very controversial meaning in every language. We see Goddess as mythological figures like the great Athena and Aphrodite of Greeks, Roman goddess Venus, Durga ma in Hinduism. According to me all were the manifestations of Motherly love humanity craves for that is why we sometimes refer to our planet as Mother Earth. Even the greater technology couldn’t ignore the word Mother to its main source for generating all the power supply in computers and we call the “Mother-Board.

Mothers are an enigma! No human exist which cannot appreciate love of his or her mother. She sacrifices half a life for her children’s, we all know what a mother is, we all love our mothers and want our best for them. Let’s celebrate the day to our Superwoman’s who push the humans-race forward.

In “Quran” Allah says that his love for mankind is even more than the love of 70 mothers all combined. And He further says.” be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood’.


In the Words of Marcel Proust:

Marcel Proust

“Now there is one thing I can tell you: you will enjoy certain pleasures you would not fathom now. When you still had your mother you often thought of the days when you would have her no longer. Now you will often think of days past when you had her.

When you are used to this horrible thing that they will forever be cast into the past, then you will gently feel her revive, returning to take her place, her entire place, beside you. At the present time, this is not yet possible.

Let yourself be inert, wait till the incomprehensible power … that has broken you restores you a little, I say a little, for henceforth you will always keep something broken about you. Tell yourself this, too, for it is a kind of pleasure to know that you will never love less, that you will never be consoled, that you will constantly remember more and more.”


Why I created “The Portrait of an Artist” The purpose of running such a blog is highly personal.


Most people ask me, “Why your running a page on Facebook with a strange name called “The Portrait of an Artist”. What is that you’re trying to do?” And some say “Your not an Artist but a Writer?”.  Others quote me as a person who only talk about art but can’t produce anything. People Including my friends and family brag and mock me for trying to show off myself as an artist.

Answers to these questions are very simple which I truly believe is that “Art is the true meaning of life” not for you but it is for me.

So, Who is an artist? How do we define him?

We could say a person who captures beauty in everything, who appreciates life and stands on common grounds for proper human understanding.

And no doubt I can’t paint at the moment. I’m learning and it is true I only share other people’s art works. I want to show the importance of art in our lives as it is a medicine we all need nowadays to promote humanity in midst of racism, hatred, fanaticism, the dogma of nationalism and wars.

Since the dawn of civilization, Human beings have tried to express themselves differently depending on their culture, language and religion. Everything around us was built by others that is how we see life and we can influence too by building our own things so I made this blog to share my writings which entirely focuses on aesthetics, the hidden beauty I like to see even in ugly things.

Not only limited to writing but I’m also going to start Vlogging, making videos while travelling around searching for artists sharing their passions. Even living is an Art. Exploring my surroundings promoting the artistic expressions even in the air we breath, the flow of water, and the most pleasurable warmth of lying in bed at night.  Making simple and minor things looks bigger and important which we simply ignore because its obvious and also because we take certain things for granted.

I will share photos of arts, music, educational videos and articles.  I paint with words at the moment and I write, its my passion to become a writer. I’m working on some short stories and novels too.

Lets make a change through art, literature and music. Only you can make this happen not me I will try my best and I don’t care If I look weird or crazy to some people, right now my focus is so intense that I only intend to make an influence, to pause and reflect on life which we sometimes live so cautiously that we don’t live at all as “J.K Rowling” said. Life on earth is so beautiful because ours is the only planet among many which supports life, we all have purpose to do something in here and this is what I love to do and I will be glad to help others find theirs.

To Art that pushes the human race forward. Can you Imagine the modern world without renaissance?

Answer is “No” for sure. This is my message to go back in time and learn from the great classics and support the artists let our passions make an impact we can do this together.



When I Met “Rida”! The Perfect Contentment.


She was not just a girl, or a mystic but an inspiration, sparkling like the April sun, the spring that infringes the old life into new. So who was Rida I asked myself? and In vain I wandered around the streets In search for an answer which only came when I heard the call of nature (while walking into the woods) 

There I met her she was nothing but a name without the body and soul like the air without sweetness, the summer without warmth and the winter without cold. 

As Shakespeare put it in winter nights

“a wild dedication of yourselves
To undiscovered waters, undreamed shores.” 
― William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale

Rida is an Arabic word which literally means “contentment”, “satisfaction” and “being well pleased.”



Rida is the name of morning air that blows with such sweetness which makes the birds to sing.

Next day! I went out for a walk at dawn to watch the sun rising, It was there the cool wind kisses my cheeks when I heard a cry “Riiii—–from the leafs and the wind produces strange sound of “Daaa”  I looked around desperately thinking was it the tree? or the wind or the waters.

As the day passes on, my troubles and sorrows increases.

Then In the Evening I sat soothingly on my balcony when the dark gloomy clouds cover the sky and rain begins to fall,  the flowers will soon bloom and the bees will dance for its nectar to make honey which I love the most no sooner I realize that moment “Rida” was the nature itself, we can give her any name.

As the dusk came! I ran towards the  sunset with my naked soul all clean and pure yelling “For light, for one last glow”  with heavy breaths I stopped near the river hopeless and I accept my failure and futile search for the meaning of the word “Rida? surrounded by the giant pine trees, waving grass and the steep cliffs.

All of a sudden I heard a terrible laughter in my soul. saying “Why are you looking outside when answer was always with in yourself?”.  For I’m the state of being, or you can say a state of the heart when one is in such perfect contentment, in such state of grace that nothing really matters except what God – the Beloved wills and decides.

Rumi - Your spirit

In the Islamic vocabulary this state is called Radiyatan Mardiya (Well-Pleased and Well-Pleasing) both from the word Rida

What is Rida? (Sufism) 

Rida is one of the lives discussed in Sufism as well as early Islamic belief. The term “riḍā” literally means ‘the fact of being pleased or contented; contentment, approval’. In religious context, this term is interpreted as satisfaction or “perfect contentment with God’s will or decree”.


It is narrated about Rabia of Basra, the famous sufi saint that she lost both her parents at an early age. A great famine occurred in Basra during which she was separated from her sisters. Rabia fell into the hands of a wicked man who sold her as a cheap slave. Her master made her work days and night inhumanely and subjected her too much humiliation.

The Art of healing!

Acceptance is a beginning, a point of departure, as well as the culmination of Heartfulness.


Artist of the day! Leonardo DA Vinci’s Birthday. Here is the most valuable thing we must learn from the Renaissance Man’s story?

If one wanted to see how faithfully art can imitate nature, just look at Leonardo DA Vinci’s works, and he is often known as the Artist as a scientist! Unfortunately, It is devastating to see how our Universities has differentiated art from science as a complete different discipline, humanities are not considered important as much as science is in our schools. But Leonardo in history show us all the disciplines belongs to Art.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”as Einstein said.


So if we look at Leonardo’s  life than we realize how truthful was the statement of Pablo Picasso that “Every child is born as an artist”

Leonardo was a painter, a sculptural, an architect, an inventor, a doctor, a scientist, engineer, writer, philosopher, naturalist, and  musician, and a thinker.

I will not tell you who was Leonardo and his legacy surely there is much about him available on internet to read.

My focus is what we can learn from the greatest artist of the century, which might add some value in our lives to learn and to appreciate art and humanities in harmony with science.

Geometry is the language of Universe: lets dig in deep today. It took me weeks to understand this complex math. But its worth giving a shot, trust me this will reveal how much art is related to science.

Embrace yourself’s! we are talking about a marvelous and divinely inspired Leonardo.

The most amazing work for me is the Vitruvius Man.




Vitruvian, the architect, says in his work on architecture of the human body are distributed by nature as follows: that is 4 fingers make 1 palm, and 4 palms make 1 foot, 6 palms make 1 cubit, 4 cubits make a man’s height. And 4 cubits makes one pace and 24 palms make a man; and these measures he used in his buildings.

If you open your legs so much as to decrease your height 1/14 and spread and raise your arms until your middle fingers touch the level of the top of your head, you must know that the center of the outspread limbs will be in the navel and the space between the legs will be an equilateral triangle. the length of a mans height; from the top of his head will be one sixth of a man. From the roots of the hair to the bottom of the chin is the tenth of a mans height ; from the bottom of the chin to the top of his head is one eighth of his height; from the top of the breast to the top of his head will be one sixth of a man. From nipples to the top of the head will be fourth part of a man. the greatest width of the shoulders contain in itself the Fourth part of the man. From elbow to the tip of the head will be the fifth part of a man; and from the elbow to the angle of the armpit will be the eighth part of man.

The whole hand will be the tenth part of the man; the beginning of the genitals marks the middle of the man. the whole hand will be the tenth part of the man; the foot is the seventh part of the man.from the sole of the foot to below the knee will be of the fourth part of the man. from below the knee to the beginning of the genitals will be the fourth part of man. The distance from the bottom of the chin to the nose and from the roots of the hair to the eyebrows is, in each case, and like the ear, a third of the face.

The preceding is the complete translation of the texts accompanying DA Vinci Vitruvius Man.

In short Leonardo show us that God has created Man as the supreme being. All secrets of universe are hidden in Man’s creation. World belongs to him and the nature, animals, mountains, sea’s everything is made for him. Man is the perfectionist of the universe.

Watch this video for proper understanding!

Mono Lisa

I always wonder what exactly are her true expressions because it simply is very hard to grasp. And every time I gaze at her eyes, it is so refreshing that it leaves one’s mind in great confusion. because of the subject’s expression, which is frequently described as enigmatic.

In this painting of Leonardo’s there was a smile so pleasing that it seemed divine rather than human”


The monumentality of the composition, the subtle modelling of forms, and the atmospheric illusionism were novel qualities that have contributed to the continuing fascination and study of the work.

His changing mood of interests teaches us how to be awesome

Leonardo was never satisfied with one mood of life, after indulging himself deeply in one thing he would leave it to the middle and pursue something else that may have been disturbing him.

Leonardo’s fascination with anatomical studies reveals a prevailing artistic interest of the time. In his own paintings.

He teaches us to have the same curiosity and thirst for learning new things, whereas the modern world has made us to believe that a single profession is enough to hold on in one’s life. “No” I must say discover new things and start painting if you’re a doctor, be a lawyer later on if you’re an engineer right now.


The Artist’s conception of world. All about aesthetics.

 Philosopher Alain de Botton writes:

For French writer Proust, the great artists deserve acclaim because they show us the world in a way that is fresh, appreciative, and alive… The opposite of art, for Proust, is something he calls habit. For Proust, much of life is ruined for us by a blanket or shroud of familiarity that descends between us and everything that matters. It dulls our senses and stops us appreciating everything, from the beauty of a sunset to our work and our friends.

Children don’t suffer from habit, which is why they get excited by some very key but simple things — like puddles, jumping on the bed, sand, and fresh bread. But we adults get ineluctably spoiled, which is why we seek ever more powerful stimulants, like fame and love.


My Definition for Life? And How to Find yours! Here is the story.

“We should come home from far, from adventures, and perils, and discoveries everyday, with new experience and character.”  Wrote Henry David Thoreau

So I come home yesterday with a concrete definition of life. Which may not seem appropriate to many but to me it just sounds perfect.

“Life is an endless toil for making oneself an ideal image in the society towards a futile end we call Death!”

I came up with these lines last night, when I was walking alone and the night sky was shimmering with bright yellow stars, the cool wind was blowing, I wonder did the night sky look different in ancient times? We now live clustered around brightly lit metropolitan areas, in which smoke and industrial pollutants have combined to give us the visible light?

If you spend the night away from civilized world, in wilderness or near mountains. We can only then witness the pure, magical beauty of night sky. Those savages were lucky to have a clear vision of starry night. 

Then with a long sigh, I gaze my eyes towards the road, the immense traffic, almost everyone was in a rush. To get it done whatever they had in mind. Can I stop this hustle. I thought so they might ponder for a second are they truly living? because they live so cautiously that they don’t live at all.

How could I define life? I ask myself while taking a puff, holding the cigarette in my hand.

How does the world around us define Life?

Well! To investigate this argument I had to re-call how the society and people tell us about life and in a nutshell it is simply this:

We are born in a world where the path on which we walk is already paved by others, planned are laid before even our birth, our name, religion and career paths are decided by our parents. The external stimuli conditions us to be what we are today.

So what if these conditions were never applied? what if nature hold us all pure and innocent. What if our education is so liberal as it is given to the animals through their nature and instincts.

Why are you then? defending whats not yours but what others thrust it upon you. The perception about a good livelihood, the university, job and getting married and to carry on this sacred duty because it is in the equilibrium for standardized lifestyle. Where the wisdom is what the majority thinks, and thinking we have to do this because everyone is doing?

Here at this hour comes the depression, the absurdity of our lives. And the existential crisis!


My Definition for life?

Walking on the pathway which is unpaved, not being traveled by anyone else before is the mode of life I should trend in that is what I have yet to discover at least in this scenario I’m aware of myself, as Nietzsche said ” Man is something that must be overcome”.



Life is making up of oneself, Being aware that you live and finding happiness with in one’s own soul.

It is like the punishment of ‘Sisyphus’ as Camus wrote in his famous work “The myth of Sisyphus.”

His essay concludes, “The struggle itself  is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy”.


Individuality is the key to find and create your own definition of life:

We all are different as are our DNA’s. Express your uniqueness to leave your mark in the world.

Educate yourself independently, be self-reliant and appreciate yourself if you feel your different from others. There is no freedom in collectivism. The truth is we are going to die alone so all the suffering and pain in this world we have to endure alone, others might show us sympathy and love but that doesn’t not provide us with the meaning or understanding.

In the philosophy of the absurd,  Camus presented a man’s futile search for meaning, unity, and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths or values. Does the realization of the absurd require suicide?

Camus answers, “No. It requires revolt.” He then outlines several approaches to the absurd life. The final chapter compares the absurdity of man’s life with the situation of Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again.



Just sit down for while and come up with your own lines and express life as it fits you cause if you exist than this world exist, you’re the world nothing else matters.

Please do share with me how do you define life? I ill b glad to know 🙂

On My birthday! We will Go Back in History to Investigate Why we have Birthday Parties!!

I woke up this morning like every other morning but with a new curiosity deep inside my eyes asking myself why is today my birthday? that single question forces me to grab my laptop and then spending straight two hours to search a little on history of birthday celebrations and the facts were so overwhelmingly strange, and amazing. I thought of it that moment to put it into my blog!

The first Question I came-up with when I found that its my birthday was something like this: Why do we celebrate birthdays? and throw birthday parties? without knowing why? following the trend, oh! yes? just because everybody else is doing it. you will surely agree to this point.

I even heard some people say why to celebrate the day when you know you’re getting older each year and its getting you closer to death. 

But as my ‘motto” is to question everything! So I didn’t conform but investigate As why on this day we invite friends and families. To have great time together. Cutting the cakes, receiving gifts and making wishes while preparing delicious recipes. 




The concept gain popularity in west and now through movies and pop-culture it has gained worldwide popularity, a kind of norm among the people of different backgrounds, regions and cultures. Almost Millions of cakes are cut down every-single day.

Hey! Why not open a bakery then? it’s a good market with potential by the way.

The birthday is the most special day in everyone’s life. Every year, we wait for this day. On your birthday, you are the most VIP person in the whole world. Everyone, who knows you or via any social media calls you or texts you wish you good health. And, you also many plans for your birthday celebration, among which, party is the list topper. But we celebrate our birthday party, without knowing why we celebrate it.

Why to wait! Lets dig in.


                          All history is based on borrowing  trends from different cultures!

It all started when the Greeks offered moon-shaped cakes to Artemis as a form of tribute to the lunar goddess. To recreate the radiance of the moon and her perceived beauty, Greeks lit candles and put them on cakes for a glowing effect. The Greeks most likely took the idea of birthday celebration from the Egyptians, since just like the celebration of the pharaohs as “gods,” the Greeks were celebrating their gods and goddesses.

Then Romans were found in history of pages celebrating every commons man birthday in open markets.

“[Let them eat cake] was said 100 years ago by Marie-Thérèse, the wife of King Louis XIV of France. It was a callous and ignorant statement

The Industrial Revolution brought delicious cakes to the masses.

It is not Islamic nor its concept is present in Christianity. It was rather a pagan celebration we have adopted.

Seems absurd? So is Life.



Why do we celebrate birthdays?

It is no doubt a very silly question but let’s go deep into its root to know more. 

  1. The idea of celebrating the date of your birth is a pagan tradition. In fact, many Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays historically, because of that link to paganism. Pagans thought that evil spirits lurked on days of major changes, like the day you turn a year older.

  2. Perhaps someday a Birthdayologist will come along to set the record completely straight, but until then, we’ve compiled this short list of historians’ best hypotheses on the evolution of birthday celebrations and the delicious cakes that so often accompany them.

  3. Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays (e.g. Christmas, Mawlid, Buddha’s Birthday, and Krishna Janmashtami).

Why do we sing “Happy Birthday To You?”

It’s the most recognizable song in the English language, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and it started as a song for schoolkids.


Things to remember on your birthday!

So next time when you celebrate your birthday make sure you enjoy the day at its best because the way it has evolved through human history and became part of our lives is magical and no doubt is a unique form of human expression for appreciating life because we only lives once.

So, Love your life as the american philosopher Thoreau wrote:

However mean your life is , meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The fault finder will find faults even in paradise.”

And like bon jovis famous rock song “Its my Life” say it loudly,

My life is like an open high way like Frankie said I did it my way. I just wanna live while I’m alive. Its My Life.” 




Thankyo  🙂

Fear and Loathing in our every day lives! “The Existential Crisis.”

The sun rises again this morning when I was standing on the roof-top. It’s bright yellow light shone on my pale sunken cheeks and I understand what it wanted to say. “The absurdity of life”, Even the sun was tired of this tedious duty of retiring in noon and coming up at dawn.

The Universe is expanding every second among the billions of galaxies out there. whereas the sunlight only takes 3 minutes and 19 seconds to reach us on earth why can’t it vary? Its lethargy is obvious. That is why this time the Sun-light wants the Motto “Nothing is slower than light?  instead of “Nothing is faster than light” as Einstein said:

How much Absurd the idea is right? 

Here are some more absurd ideas I have been thinking! 

Earth keeps on spinning around the sun. I could hear its sheer outcry, the anguish of being alive among the dead planets asking for the meaning of its existence in this vast lifeless cosmos. 

How meaningless these repetitions makes life. We wake up every morning and do the same thing over and over again like the punishment of Sisyphus. we have been ordered by our own existence to endure such boring routine.


“Creation” or art is another way to express human experiences, wrote Albert Camus, in his Myth of Sisyphus (1942), a philosophical essay examining the meaning of life.

The gods saw no worse punishment for Sisyphus’ mischief than sentencing him to toil for no reason toward nothing, a metaphor for the human condition. Life is absurd and without meaning. In this “unintelligible and limited universe,” humans have an “irrational and… wild longing for clarity.” “If the world were clear, art would not exist.”



I want to do something different each day and the anxiety arose with the tiring routine of going to University then coming back home doing the same thing over and over again.

I’m not saying there should be a change either because it will make it worst for it is impossible for a man to do different things on each new day.

The dull lectures tear away all the passion in my soul while sitting in the class-room is like sitting in a horrible dungeon where only darkness prevails and the daily travels have got the best in me. Then the society expects me to find happiness in my life.



My Existential crisis!

This is absurd, ridiculous and this is where the existential crisis starts. Life just don’t make any sense here I’m waiting for the degree to be finished so that I may start a job to earn some good money than get married and have kids to move on in life as everybody else is doing.

I dare say! What is the purpose of living then? when you had to go through all this just to die? God is eternal “Yes” to follow the religion is the meaning of life?  Absurdity comes when you realize this that the truest doctrine which happens to be in your domain is just because your born in that particular environment sometimes doesn’t feel right.


what if I say I’m a rebel like the Satan in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and say “No” to everything the world says “Yes” just to live my life as I want without any dictation of others, make my own laws to hang my will over it.

Reading “Camus” too much these days could be the reason. Existentialist depression have been a problem for me since I was a kid. Never satisfied with the teachings of my peers for I was always in revolt.

This urge makes me curious to know more, finding my own meaning of life in this absurd, meaningless world. which sometimes makes me laugh as I grow up as is the famous quote by Victor Eremita.





Being an Existential doesn’t make you an outlier rather it is a gift and a blessing where one struggles to discover himself and the true purpose of life  🙂

What does It take to be Great? How the Shakespearean Statement becomes My Burning Desire.

The truth is I was never born to be great neither that I could ever achieve greatness, I tried but failed miserably. Now the only way I could be great is by thrusting it upon myself, going almost insane caring not what happens to the world, even if it makes me a fragile narcissist. I will keep on going towards the path of greatness. And that for me is to keep on Writing. 

Great Men Theory.

History tell us about some people with extra-ordinary capabilities, who were born to be great. As we move along from the whole antiquity of great people to this modern era. What I find out is quite the opposite and astonishing!

Because there are a certain class of people who thrust greatness upon them. They are truly a rare breed, self-made men but they make themselves. To name them would take me more than a blog. I will enlist a few to illustrate my point.


The burning desire

Here are some people who truly influence me, they are an inspiration. these are truly the great men who makes a difference in the world. None of them was born great or achieve greatness easily, some of them even struggle to survive and fits in the Shakespearean statement of those men who thrust greatness upon them.


Achilles I must say were driven by a mighty force, their bravery was the sign of greatness, being fierce in battles and winning even if it meant death they were always ready to do so.


Al-hazen was a great 10 century Arab Muslim scientist, who invented the scientific method and wrote about 200 books. his biography shows at one incident in his life time he had to pretend to be an insane to save his life from a mad governor and was confined which became his gateway for researches on light and later invented the pin-hole camera.




Isaac Newton a genius. This person is the reason I have a keen interest in psychics till to this day since I discovered him, he always resented against the tyranny of British royal academy. His Principia Mathematica revolutionize the world. His struggle and ideas shows the enigma of extra-ordinary people.





 The Vikings  were the only men in history living in harsh winters and were responsible for changing Anglo-Saxons to Anglo-Norman. That is how they thrust greatness upon themselves though the spirit of adventure



Nietzsche’s most remarkable work: thus spoke Zarathustra’s present superman concept of self overcoming. his life was a mediocre one but his imaginary self was of great importance for next generations to discover their passions. Uberminch is the person truly a genius here to make a difference.


Then came the eminent philosophers and writers from all era’s through renaissance to early 20th century





Stephen Hawking suffered through a terrible disease which paralyzed him and life expectancy was only two years but he lived and through his greatness amazed the world, his singularity theory and explanation of time, black holes, he even published a paper ten days before his death. That is how you thrust greatness upon yourself.






Alon Musk is a visionary, who thinks Mars should be colonized by humans, his space x launches a biggest rocket to space. He was always bullied in school, his parenting was tormenting but he struggle and became a great men today.






Mark Zuckerberg the world knows him, it all started with a stupid idea of socializing the personal profile in Harvard campus as kind of a fun dating site. now he is one of the richest person and who don’t know what Facebook is right!

what Shakespeare said make sense.



Who are those one could say are born great?

The born leaders are the only people who end up with a fortune of millions in their heritage, or who belongs to a Monarchy or it ended up to the mythological gods or the prophets. Not the ordinary human being.


Who are those who achieve greatness? 

But those who achieve greatness are those who simply put their head under a single yoke and did achieve what they want but lack the power to influence others, the so-called interdependence. The Win/Win philosophy.



It takes all, even to die for your passion.  To Those who thrust greatness upon themselves.

My life is a hustle! here and there rushing and trying to accomplish more in a little time by little effort here it is what I learn.

First purity my passion of beaming a Writer?

Some days I couldn’t write a single word and somedays there are words, empty words. Inspiration often comes rarely. but you have to write anyway. I sit alone having a laptop on my lap jotting down words avoiding spoilers each day.

I dedicated all my energy to this single passion of mine and the result was devastating. another publisher rejected my stories?

I lost a writing contest. not caring about my studies or even exams for meeting the deadline to finish my story.

and I asked myself was it worth it?

The only valuable thing is time, nothing else matters so much  and not to the world but to me cause I spend most of my time writing that is what keeps me alive.

I’m not a great writer obviously! but I’m hoping to make my writing great by improvising.

Failing is a blessing in disguise, Shakespeare statement had taught to me of his great vision of a great men, the legend of English literature inspires me to keep on trying the day is not for away when one will get eventually he so passionately wants.

thus I have written to encourage all the struggling writers like me to not give up but keep on writing you will get published too, that’s the only way of becoming great by force, not giving up. it’s a war there a lot of better writers out there.

And you are a writer to me and to yourself simply because private victory leads to public victory.


Happiness is in Rebellion!

Extraordinary man propels the society forward therefore it is my duty to break the law, it is the ordinary people who are obedient whatever it may be my parents, society as a whole or the country where I live or the religion my peers follow. I have no intention to go under a single yoke and spend my whole life protecting what’s not mine. 

All history is a struggle to break the old and build the new, every great hero to any prophet make new laws reform new ways of seeing the world.

There are only few people capable of doing or seeing the new things, having a new vision.

To free spirits 

Napoleon thought he is a great man who is above the law, and no doubt he was and even to shed the blood it was worth it for his sacred duty to conquer Europe

The queer expression on my face, the hardness like a heavy burden on my chest stops my breath. what is it? the resistance to conformity.

My stupefy companions oh your little miserable life, I laugh at your limited thinking, think for yourself for God’sake.

How to be happy

Hang your own will as your law. Do the Wrong when everybody is doing right. I guarantee  you will do a lot better.

challenge everything that the world find it self to be contented with.

I disobey everything I have been taught since I was a kid.

And I don’t care What you think of me because caring only makes you weak

Question everything and Worship nothing.

Straighten up your finger and screw the norms and traditions that bound our liberty and free thinking.

Breaking the old myths and creating new 

When we don’t conform to what feels obvious to other people is that we became victim of their hatred and jealousy. And for that very reason I just smoked a cigarette and exhale all the shit they are trying to put me in.

My “No” to everyone around me, sorry if I’m disappointing you but there is more to life than to be of what you want me to be.

Again quoting Thoreau,

“Old deeds for old people and new for new people.” 


The Paper Man’s story. Why is the Library truly a heaven on earth?


The eccentric young boy was walking briskly, his fragile body wavering through the unknown regions of his mind. All smoky and woody, it was the library. He ought to find a meaning. The beauty of that time and place was extraordinary. It was not the old world but a new world filled with new ideas, gathered from all the amazing writers, poets, and philosophers.

He passes through the immense shelves inhabited by the books. ‘Oh my heaven on earth’ was the first word, he uttered enthusiastically after the blink of an eye. What magic, indescribable wonders these written words have, how boring this life would be without the libraries hiding unlimited treasures for the seekers of knowledge.


Each day he would come up with a book, offering great ideas to work on, his life was not the same anymore. He found association of writers more preferable than his friends, or family.

The aroma of which he was addicted seems to him all he cares about whenever he is having a bad day. This was the healing world, escapism to a place which has solutions for every problem in his life.






Nothing was more heavenly than a room filled with books, the wandering souls of the writers, his best friends and patrons. 

All human history is in written word, the best of man’s invention. He was the only one around his neighborhood who falls in love with books. His girlfriend was the pages filled with thoughts, feelings and gloomy ink. He would sometimes kisses it  and smell it whole heartily.

World can not be destroyed if we kept the possession of books containing all the progress of human race from centuries.





“Associate with noblest people you can find, read the best books, live with the mighty. But learn to be happy alone. Rely upon your own energies, and so not wait for, or depend on other people.”

“Professor Thomas Davidson”.

Why we don’t need Advice from our Elders? Here is life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me.


“Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth, for it has not profited so much as it has lost. One may almost doubt about if the wisest man has learned anything of absolute value by living. Practically, the old have no very important advice to give the young. ”  Wrote Henry David Thoreau


download (1)

There is no other advice better than our own. 

I often heard people saying that, one must have a peer, a well experienced man. who has learned from his life and know the technicalities and practical issues one might face, so they can guide us rightly as what to with our lives?

I say, it is never too late to give up our prejudices. It is like the smoke of the cigarette I inhale and each puff releases this unfathomable empty smoke which scatters their opinions in the air because whenever they told me something not to do? I always do that and later find out I did the right thing.

Because nobody knows yourself better than your own self!

Fetch a fresh fuel to keep the fire going, the fire of life itself and only new people can do that

Follow your on unique path, if we see all the high achievers including bill gates, Steve jobs, warren buffet, Alon Musk and Writers like H.G wells, KafkaJames Joyce artists like Da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. 

They all struggles through their life to live the truth instead of the lies that their parents or the society led them believe which kills all the creativity in them for the notion that life is all work, progress and money.




Most people need a standard to live. I dare say raise your standards think for your self, don’t care about what the world wants? Do what you think your best at.

Even if it means to die for your passion, go all the way, go insane like Chris McCandless  while hitchhiking around the country went to Alaska to experience the life only to essential facts by simplifying it with wilderness and labor of his own hands, living life to its lowest form. On his journey he said “if you want anything in life just reach out and grab it.” 

Happiness is in rebellion trust me, don’t just listen what your parents say or what other people say or think.  Don’t resign to that, there is more to life than chasing after the ruthless career hunt.

Do what your heart says. there is whole life out there waiting for you to express yourself and get the best from it.



One must have a vision and a great ideal to follow which must be no one but your own ideal self-image as where you see yourself in next 5 years or so?




All revolutions and progress in the world we see today was always at the mercy of young people. So discover yourself and break the old traditions.

Here is the Inspiration form the greatest artist from all time. Vincent van Gogh, a must watch the video.


Mr. Nobody “Poem”

How does it feels like when you are nobody?

What it feels like having nobody to talk to?

When you can’t take it anymore

But you ought to exist and bear the burden of existence

What should one live for then?

When one has nothing but uncountable heartaches in future

A nobody can be somebody in the eyes of others

But to oneself one only knows pains and sorrows to all extent

Jesus alone knew what it feels like being crucified

That he has to endure all the suffering all alone

In greatest pains and sufferings and death one is always alone

This void and this emptiness can never be filled

Life is but a dark comedy at its best

A nobody is a person in loneliness

Somebody please throw a party

Let this nobody be something for a moment

On Manliness “Poem”

What is a man? Philosophers asked

Man is something that must be surpass said Nietzsche

Man is the will to power said Schopenhauer

Man is the means to propagation of human species said Charles Darwin

Man is the image of god said the Bible

What is God now?

The will which is a thing in itself

A will which creates and manifests all life and it’s form

Man seeks to create the impossible

Manliness ccomes from manhood

Manliness is satisfying a women

Manliness is masculine god like figure after all man is a creater

Was Buddha a man or something more than a man?

Who was Zarathustra?

Who are these modern men?

If not the demi gods

Booze “Poem”

Al little booze and music do no harm

A little poem and mere words waste no time

A little hangover do no good

A little laugh can hurt no body

A little tear ease the soul no more

A little drunkness is not that bad

A little walk takes you nowhere

A little thought comes no sooner

A little just a little everydayness repeats no more

A little smile catches no hearts these days

A little confidence leads nowhere

But a little booze ceases existence

A little booze freezes the world for a second

For a second the body dances in the air

A little booze beats my heart no longer

A booze just a little booze some nights awakens the dead souls

Latinos “Poem”

One must speak Spanish in Tampa Florida

One must imitate the way Latinos behave

So artistic and so free are Latinos

Corona and Modelo they only drink

Latino women are real women

Have you ever seen a Latin girl walking?

Every guitarist follow their rhythm

Cuande? She asked when? I say right now

She smiled and said “Que Va!” I grab the book and try to learn a bit of Spanish to impress her

I learn a few words from a Mexican friend

I told him tell me something that I say to her!

They laughed and say you must be born in Mexico to have her

I protested I’m a get her number and they laughed more

Cancion del mariachi O beauty of Latin world give me your smile and take my life in return

I danced to the movement of her lips in air

I almost died seeing her walking by me like some magical being

I closed my eyes and try to forget her

That is how I end up tonight in Spanish class to learn the language

Preachers “Poem”

The world need no more preachers

The world need no more revolutionaries

The world needs no more revelations

The world need no more prophets

The world need no more saints

The world needs no more devils but science alone

The world only needs reasoning

Leave the world at peace O preachers

Keep your doctrine to yourself for godsake

Your theory has failed! Look what the world has became so fanatic and intolerable to diverse opinions

Even if your truth worth the whole world it gives you no right to enforce it on other people

You follow your divine ways

We follow natural ways

Nature cries for humanity

Let us follow way of mankind and man alone

Adalee Street “Poem”

My memories walks on the Adelee Streets

There is a house on Adalee Street

There is Nostalgia on Adalee Streets

There is nothing forbidden on Adalee streets

Every laborer used to come home with fatigue on Adalee street

I miss my friends at Adalee street

Where are they? Where are my lost treasures

Steve the poet?

Sonny the Arab?

Jay the rapper?

Ray the Alcoholic?

Eric the homeless?

Sam the most talkative?

Ali the philosopher?

Where is the diversity of great American spirit?

Where is Adalee street I have forgotten?

Take me to Adalee street my madness

Himalayan Salt Lamp “Poem”

In the light of Himalayan salt Lamp I get high

Deep in heart of a friend we get high together

We listen to some music and talk about our lives

We learn about the Benefits of Salt Lamp

We wander our minds to women

We google perfumes and Wrote a research paper on impact of fragrance on women

We smoke the blunt together

And come to conclusion that women want money

And that money makes you visible

So we come up with million dollar ideas

With million dollar smiles we Became millionaires

Weed is our savior in times of distress

Give us a fig high five we are so high

Four Noble Truths “Poem”

A poetic expression of Four Noble truths by Buddha

Buddha teaches that suffering is inevitable

The cause of suffering are cravings

The wants, needs, desires and passions

Human nature wants more and more

The more one gets the more one remains unsatisfied

It is like one is thirsty for a glass of water but he wants wholes oceans

Human wants are no different then a Maya (delusional)

Expecting happinesses is different from actual happiness

Buddha the wise one says denounce materialism

Kill your craving for unessential wants

Buddha speaks “Simplify, simplify your life”

Buddha observes modern buying behaviors

You don’t need a new I-phone, fancy dresses, or be slave to popular opinions just because it is a trend

Buddha teaches the vices of modern consumerism

Markets utilizes consumers as products

By simplifying your wants

You will reduce suffering

You will find enlightenment

Buddha have no ideology

Buddha teaches individual experience and quest for truth

Hence the eight fold path is different for everyone

Buddha proclaimed don’t believe what I say discover truth yourself

Truth has no authority it is free as nature is and as equal as two and two equals four

Happiness “Poem”

Since the dawn of mankind

Every man seeks happiness but failed to possess it

What is happiness if not the constant struggle

A means to no end turning nihilism into annihilation

Jesus finds his happiness in preaching or in suffering?

Or one just imagine Sisyphus happy as An Algerian French writer penned a decade ago

Who was Sisyphus in real sense according to Camus?

Every labor to every working man is condemn to toil and sweats

They grab their beer at the end of the day and think that’s what all life is about

They start their day with the name of God and think that’s happiness

We all end up in graveyards, a being into nothingness

Happiness doesn’t exist is a fact

To create happiness is logos as per ancient Greeks

Let’s me be a nomadic O poor soul

A Strange Encounter “Poem”

My heart seeks a strange encounter of her existence

She appears out of no where

She must answer my questions

Why she is so colored in my colors

Or is she colorless I doubt every night?

A sudden excitement she brings in my heart

What it would be like seeing her?

Speak now why moon and stars look for our encounter so passionately?

When will our stranger encounter will took place the universe conspires

I look forward to the day

When her divine being come before me with resentments

Shall I talk or just look at her deeply

Will she be able to break the stereotype of American culture?

She must answer such questions whenever we see each other

Or else there be prejudice

I don’t know O heart

Fate will decide was she just a random follower

Or something more than a follower

The Fair Left

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An Empyrean Cycle


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Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

The Fair Left

Politics of Writing

A Prolific Potpourri...

The Artistic Endeavors & General Musings of Matt Snyder


An Empyrean Cycle


Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

Article Writing and Marketing

plr articles and related news

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

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