Will to power “Nietzsche”

Life is will to power wrote Nietzsche

What is this will that seeks power?

The assertion of the denial of will argued Schopenhauer is against individual will

This will is saying “Yes” to life

This life in this world in short, is human all too human

What is this will if not the ability to be what one really is in actuality

Nothing but Aristotle argues an animal with political needs further coined by Foucault as an animal with biopolitical needs

The trouble of being born “Poem”

Cioran wrote the book titled as “The Trouble with being born”

What is this birth?

If not source of all the suffering of mankind

A child gains consciousness at very early age

He reasons “ I have a name and I exist not with my own consent but I just exist just as the sun and the moon exist”

What is the purpose of existence if not death?

To live is to suffer and to die is absolute freedom argues Cioran

There is no worst day in ones life than his or her own birthday

The State of Nature “Hobbes Idea of Equality”

What is Nature? Or the state of Nature?

The most ancient and the most naked and truthful condition of man’s struggle for life

Hobbes argued that “By nature all men are born equal”

It is further stated by Hobbes that from this equality among men arises difference of opinions

Each man claims to be the most wisest, wittiest henceforth waging war against his fellow men

How innocently this equality shared by nature alone makes us enemies concluded Hobbes

War and injustice come forth to destroy and develop social contract theories into our modern era

Nihilism again rules everywhere

Where to go?

Whole to blame?

Ran up to the high mountains thus spake Zarathustra

Nikolai Gogol’s Overcoat “An Analysis”

Gogol has written the masterpiece short story almost two centuries ago titled as “Overcoat” which remains relevant and truthful to this day in our modern society

Akakay akokovich the protagonist in the story is commonly found on streets everywhere

we cannot help but judge a man by his outlook, physical appearance, dress codes, and sense of clothing.

Even though we cannot know or are unable to know what is going in any other persons life

but we are so often obliged to pass a judgement which “Malcolm Gladwell” calls Snap judgments in his book tipping points.

We just love to rob other individuals of their simple and pure pleasures?

Gogol depicts the most uncanny psychological analysis of a working class individual

Socrates comes to my mind precisely and Thoreau

both the Greek and the American philosopher emphsizes on inward appearnce than the outward

let other people be and never call on someone a pimp no matter how weird they dress up

Principium Individuationis

(The will and the idea) Schopenhauer argues in his fourth book “The assertion and denial of the will”

Schopenhauer presents the concept and form of “Principium Individuationis” the idea that humans are constantly at war with each other the same idea which Hobbes wrote known as “bellum omnium contra omnes” admirably described in the first chapter of De Cive.

“The war of all against all” is a true depiction of today’s world after the emergence of pandemic and violent riots and protests in the capitol and against racial segregation in the U.S specially the so called slogans “Black lives matter” and now days “Asian lives matter” after the killing of some Asian Americans at the hands of a white privileged American.

If we take a look at history of western Colonizers and the poem by Rudyard Kipling White Man’s burden” is that poetical monster not war against all other races?

Once a mob of men or the masses are set free from all law and order it all ends in chaos, violence and self-centered desires in the form of hate speech, bloodshed, robbery and all other vices etc.

To trace the source of egoism as the starting point of all conflicts further argued Schopenhauer.

Each individual has his own will to to live, desires and wants to satisfy for which the individual can or will violate the rights of his fellow men for his own selfish interests as every individual has his own world as an idea, the perception of a perceiver according to Schopenhauer.

Growing up in a backward Islamic country I was told as a kid that on the day of judgement each man and women will only preserve his or her own self, the perpetual state of war will never end and the mothers will forget their sons and daughters and each man and women will exist for their own essential being. God will then discipline and punish and deliver his final verdict to every being for their deeds.

Columbus 2nd street “Poem

Drunkard homeless panhandling at street corners

Corner stores selling cheap liquor in deprived neighborhoods

At a distance oldest ybor city clubs, bars and restaurants busy in profit making

Poverty stricken at one side and spending of bourgeois on the other side such are the tales of city of Tampa

Schools and universities became ghost town in fear of pandemic

Masks found on every pavement like the sick world has found its cure

What else there is to tell you about Tampa bay?

The sun is too harsh these days and spring breakers are causing Mahem on the beaches

An attack on Universities

Francis bacon wrote, “Knowledge is power” it is gaining of this knowledge that gives an individual power

What has been taught so far in mediocre standardized Universities curriculums vanishes like the clouds after rain

Like Nietzsche wrote: “All idealism is hypocrisy in the face of necessity”

Human intelligence can never be measured by grades and testing and memorization

All the professors in universities are sell outs merely as money mongers selling knowledge in exchange of exploitation

All at once this modern age is exploitation of students by Universities

Who will take books in his hand like a true scholar?

Who will fight the tyranny imposed on children in the name of education?

Who will study in university merely to reduce its exploitation to minimum

Who will dare to speak freely against these petty gods and Ivy League schools?

The Night and the Poet “Poem”

Come what May from heavens and earths listen to my soul

Why has the stars appeared and moonlight shines over my roof?

How dare this wind disturbs the silence of the night

Why do these crickets chanting my loneliness?

Why there is a night and a poet?

What is this madness and poetic energy?

How do I express loneliness of the night and the poet?

Satan’s Persona “Problem of Evil”

Who created Satan if not God himself?

Persona of evil is instilled in Satan by God himself

Satan was not created on his own how can he create evil?

Satan here remain innocent in the story of Genesis

Problem of evil is not Satan than who?

God created man in his image

All that is evil comes from God not Man

All the vices inequality, injustice, intolerance etc are not transcended from the creator himself?

Who is to blame for all the problems of the evil?

Who is to blame for all the sufferings of the world?

If not Satan, nor Man and Nor God than who?

A blasphemer is to be killed now come and thrust thousand bullets just for asking, inquiring and philosophizing

Understanding Heidegger “A solution”

I asked the professor, “ I cannot understand Heidegger and I don’t know German tell me now how do I learn German and how do you learn it.

You have to goto Germany to learn German

I laughed and replied, even after I learn German and understood Heidegger than what is next?

The professor remained silent and answered “You know the answer, you alone just know among few privileged that’s all what matters for intellectual pursuits”


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Asian German Sports Exchange Program

Life Marbles

Discover your best self

mostly philosophy

mostly philosophy

Journal Reviewr

For everything notebooks / journal reviews

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Training

Painting with words

Everything that I want to paint with words 🎀


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