Temptation “Poem”

I felt for a moment like Jesus when a Negro slaps on my face

I should have offer the other cheek like Jesus did

But my temptations proves I am nowhere near to Jesus

I hit him back with a stick in my hand

How I hated myself more than him

Buddha teaches anger is the source of all evil

Oh my temptations, my combustion and burning sulphur

How I envy those Monks in secret temples

For a grain of their peace of mind I can give my whole life

To Ben “Poem”

To Ben I say congratulations

To Ben whose life is miraculous

I have seen Ben in his lowest days with bible in his hands and a bed full of sorrows

I saw how Ben sublimed and moved to Chicago

To Ben when he gave me relationship advices

To Ben I wish my best wishes on his new life

To Ben I say conquer the world my friend

But Ben I must reveal a secret to you

If there is a God you must not keep it to yourself

Only Love change us in times of turmoil not hate

I consider Jesus as a savoir but what to do with all the violence in the world?

I am sorry to let you know I choose to be a nihilist

But Ben where ever you go you will always be an inspiration to people around you

May your marriage be a success as the moonlight is for lost sailors

Belongingness “Poem”

Where do I belong oh earth answer

Where ever I go the same feeling of not belonging

I belong to no family, nation, color, race, religion or language

I only belong to Literature as a whole

I only belong to those dead writers and poets

I only belong to melancholia

I was alienated even at my birth place

I felt alienated even in my mothers womb

I belong to nothingness and that is all Oh my heights of despair

I belong nowhere and I belong to none and I belong to myself alone

I belong to my imagination and poetry that is all

Khawzay “Poem”

Khawzay works from Home and he is black

Khawzay doesn’t care what the world think of him

Khawzay is 46 year’s old but rich in his heart

Khawzay drinks too much and talks too much

But that’s khawzay the star of the neighborhood

That’s khawzay selling himself on streets

That’s khawzay in debt to the corner stores

Where is khawzay? Must be drunk and wasted

Khawzay can go to hell the life in hood is not too bad

Winds at the Bay Shore “POEM

The Winds at the bay shore holds secrets

Like the pearl hiding in the shell

Like the clothing of a women hiding the unseen

As a house without residents and deserts without heat

The road gives you good and bad trips

From lower hood life to upper elite bourgeoise life

From Nebraska to bayshore boulevard and to Davis Island

You see everything and you see nothing

Like the night sky drowned deep into the dark blue sea

Violence over a Vermin “POEM”

I witnessed a violence over a cockroach

The vermin was beaten to death mercilessly with thousand blows

I protested and protested again to my friend saying “A Cockroach is Kafka’s masterpiece” “Read Metamorphosis”

I shouted, you are a violent man if you don’t stop I am walking out of this room

He begins to laugh and menaced saying “Am I a Murderer now in your conscience”

I protested again but the dead Cockroach was first poisoned later turned into a Gob of spit

I saw death approaching the poor ugly creature

Cockroaches aren’t meant to be killed just because they are ugly or we don’t like them crawling around

Have you any Idea what kind of insects will eat your body after you die?

My friend replied almost in a mocking frenzy “I will let them have their Revenge”

It was then I discovered a non violent man in me, a man with multitudes

Violence is good for nothing I told him

Hate doesn’t kill hate but love does

Even Killing of a mere cockroach breaks my eccentric little heart

Ask not O child what Madness linger over Mankind

UN Charters of Human Rights “Poem”

I read the noble charters of United Nations

It was like some Human God speaking

“A human above all is a human and he has every right to exist” to suffice the mission of UN

Human rights are important than anything in the world says the UN

I wan to praise that philanthropy

I want to worship such Values

Human all too human wrote Nietzsche

UN in itself is a revolutionary spirit of Mankind

To Women “Poem”

To women I say break the stereotypes

Women were not born to get married and die

In a patriarchal society women are treated lower than men

Women are capable to do more than men

I believe in womanhood and their capacities to do more than demanded by masculine world

There is a whole world to conquer by wonder women’s

Took a hammer and smash the male dominated culture

Get more education and have a career

Seek your independence and femininity

It was not fault of Eve to have Adam kicked out of heaven Bible is wrong and even God is wrong

I see women emerging and I see women independent

Women of all the world unite and conquer the world

Marx makes me Honest “Poem”

A man lost his money on the street

I found it and gave it back to him

He thanked me for my honesty

I love Muslims, he replied most of them are honest

I answered! If I am honest today it is because I have read Marx

Religion has no significant value to my being

The man was rather shocked

He passed a remark on our departing

You O young fellow is a dangerous man

Learning makes one dangerous I agreed

Morality has nothing to do with religion

Human morals are part of our nature

Religion has failed in its core to provide us sound morals

To live or to Die “Poem”

To live or to die is the question

To weep or laugh is the question

To act or to halt is the question

Is it worth living questions the young man?

Who will come with an answer?

How to escape unanswered questions?

To be an iconoclast or to be an idle is the question?

A man needs action and thriller

A man needs will to power

A man needs answers

Therefore the young man becomes a philosopher

The day the young man will have an answer!

That day he will either live or die passionately

Paper Life Painting

Visual works of Wayne Wolfson

The Fair Left

Politics of Writing

A Prolific Potpourri...

The Artistic Endeavors & General Musings of Matt Snyder


An Empyrean Cycle


Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

Article Writing and Marketing

plr articles and related news

Paper Life Painting

Visual works of Wayne Wolfson

The Fair Left

Politics of Writing

A Prolific Potpourri...

The Artistic Endeavors & General Musings of Matt Snyder


An Empyrean Cycle


Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Your Life

Article Writing and Marketing

plr articles and related news

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