The Paper Man’s story. Why is the Library truly a heaven on earth?


The eccentric young boy was walking briskly, his fragile body wavering through the unknown regions of his mind. All smoky and woody, it was the library. He ought to find a meaning. The beauty of that time and place was extraordinary. It was not the old world but a new world filled with new ideas, gathered from all the amazing writers, poets, and philosophers.

He passes through the immense shelves inhabited by the books. ‘Oh my heaven on earth’ was the first word, he uttered enthusiastically after the blink of an eye. What magic, indescribable wonders these written words have, how boring this life would be without the libraries hiding unlimited treasures for the seekers of knowledge.


Each day he would come up with a book, offering great ideas to work on, his life was not the same anymore. He found association of writers more preferable than his friends, or family.

The aroma of which he was addicted seems to him all he cares about whenever he is having a bad day. This was the healing world, escapism to a place which has solutions for every problem in his life.






Nothing was more heavenly than a room filled with books, the wandering souls of the writers, his best friends and patrons. 

All human history is in written word, the best of man’s invention. He was the only one around his neighborhood who falls in love with books. His girlfriend was the pages filled with thoughts, feelings and gloomy ink. He would sometimes kisses it  and smell it whole heartily.

World can not be destroyed if we kept the possession of books containing all the progress of human race from centuries.





“Associate with noblest people you can find, read the best books, live with the mighty. But learn to be happy alone. Rely upon your own energies, and so not wait for, or depend on other people.”

“Professor Thomas Davidson”.

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