American Jokes “Poem”

American jokes will make you feel so dumb

American jokes will make you laugh like never before

Not because of the joke

but your own self cursing you for being so dumb

This Saturday was full of laughters

Hanging out to Daytona with some American Friends

Here is one for you

How do we spell “SILK”

Asked Stepheny

I said slowly S…….I……..L………K

She then added what do cow drinks?

I quickly replied “MILK”

Hahaha we laughed and I said

I am so dumb how can cows drink milk?

I was throwing philosophy at them

They were throwing Jokes at me

Then Forrest who was black not by choice but nature’s will

Says this about “Mob Mentality”

Even the coke feel oppressed

Even the blackest think in whole universe black holes feel oppressed

He has a white girlfriend so it was obvious for him for not playing the victim game

Then as we enter the art gallery

I shouted. Is anybody Home?

The old lady came running from desk

“So I see it is you”

I said why do you guys delay the poetry competition

She answered the same reason you make me get up From my seat

I laughed and replied

I should kill myself

Oh “Sure” she said bluntly

Then added “but not here honey, out on the roads”

She even then throws a joke at me

What we call a lazy bull?

I said a bull that is lazy what else it would be?

Oh your not smart she answered

“It’s a bull dozer honey”

My friends have got better eyes than me

Every piece of art they would encounter

They go into depth and I wouldn’t understand

Why I have been calling myself an artist all my life?

I told them and like Ghost I wandered here and there

Am I in a Maze?

You know what they said in response

Nothing at all not even a word

They won’t even let me discuss any piece of art with them

They say I shouldn’t be sure of anything

Why? Tell me Why?

Listening to their whispers in Art gallery

I alone went from one piece of art to another

I swear to God I couldn’t make sense of it

I concluded on our way back

I am no artist but an absurd man

We all laughed and kept laughing

whatever comes in our way was converted into jokes














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