Phantasmagoria of Nothingness “Poem”

Sunlight does ceases why shouldn’t I be a Nihilist then?

Life does ceases with passage of time why shouldn’t I be a Nihilist then?

Nothingness remains only

The ultimate fact and naked truth of nothingness

Nothingness existed before I was born

Nothingness still exist when I die

Seas has stories of all centuries

Pirates and battalions of kings and Queens

Secret treasures and great adventures

From Sindbad the sailor to Columbus

From Indus Valley to Native Americans

From Amazon’s to PaPua New Guinea

From Chaldeans to Great Vikings

From first man on Moon to discovery of black holes

From dark matter to multiverse theories

From First breath to last breath

From history to Future

All is nothingness at the end

All are but black Ink on paper to dream

Imagination sometimes serves better than reality

Being and Nothingness oh Sartre

Being and Time oh Heidegger

From postmodernists to Modernists

Critique of the Critique

Modernists hating Postmodernists not yet appeared but why?

They all are nothingness now

Trans-Modernists will be nothingness too soon

Some new name will have contempt for them then

Nameless modernists are finding a name to give a new style to their art and living

Every era will require new name?

Was it or will it be worth the time?

This gentleman is the phantasmagoria of nothingness

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