A Dungeon “Poem”

A dungeon I find for my permanent residence

A lonely park invaded by long wet grass and silence and darkness

A house of the dead with bones and worms

Dangers of all kind must surround my whole being

No one shall come to rescue my existence

Like a lonely kitten I must have a little resistance

A dim light emerged from the sky

A spark lit in my heart oh flight

What if I have wings

What if I could fly

What if I could escape

Only if and only what remains?

My sheer power is in my solitude

My words my only prophets

In a dungeon I’m condemned

All alone in a dungeon I live

Let no colors welcome my eyes

Let no happiness come near me

Let me shed tears only

Let me be a hopeless wanderer

Let no laughter ruin my despair

I was born for this dungeon

I’m a dungeon and my body is that dungeon

My soul is wingless oh world

My pain is too long to endure

I m in a dungeon o people

You live and I merely say

I’m in a dungeon now

Listen o strange reader

This poet is a condemned man

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