My Funeral “Poem”

Never a funeral for me nor any Shrine

How amazing it would be O Ghalib if no one attend my Janaza?

Once I take my my life away all my difficulties will be at ease

I don’t even deserve to have a funeral like maccandless

Let my body be eaten by wild animals

I need no prayers or a place to be buried

I am not the son of Mary then why do I suffer so much?

Take my funeral O winds

Why not someone come and please cure my sorrows?

My death shall be a mystery for World

Let no one organize any funeral for I am dead

I will die for nothing

My soul O my soul fly

Leave my body in wilderness alone

Let animals eat my flesh and fill their bellies

Let no funerals be arranged when I die O Ghalib

I must rebel against life that was given to me

No one shall cry at my death

No one shall know that I am dead

When my sorrows reaches Himalayas

I seek death with courage

Consider me dead o world offer no funeral for me for godsake

I lived all my life alienated O world

I don’t need your sympathy when I die

Welcome O worms all my flesh is yours

My heart is not made of stone why shouldn’t I shed tears?

I’m deeply disappointed of being born

All that is Life but pain and sorrows O heart

I will shed tears millions times why would anyone stop me?

Let no funeral for me but period

Let me die alone O world

Let me die like an insect O God

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