The Trouble with Airports “Poem”

What troublesome things are these airports

Massive complexes, huge floors, big roofs, countless toilets, benches and glass windows

Airplanes and Aeroplanes, jets, aircrafts, Boeing’s, puzzling Terminals, Air buses, flight stats on screens and departure gates, boarding gates with strange alphabetical orders

Boarding passes, passports, ids, mingling giant bacteria of passengers licking the floors here and there running, talking, walking and asking

“What is this Zoo?”

I hope I haven’t missed my flight?

Yes I did! And got the next one ready in five hours with two free food vouchers writing poems sitting at the Houston Airport.

Where am I going? Why am I going?

Holiday flights and airports are but mass hysteria of an old women to whom nor one can hear or listen but endure

Oh ask not the Trauma of Beijing Airport

Airports and Airports what a wasteful world

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