Désespoir “Poem”

In my melancholic mood I climbed over the roofs of the world and screamed

“Let me be crucified like Jesus and take all the sufferings of the world”

let me have all the sorrows of this world

Take my happiness, give me all your pains and loneliness

I Yell again standing on the roof

“L’ Americano, Les Sans Abri on the rues de Nebraska and Columbus

vie de rue, Dana Les rues Je vis

I am like those Gypsies and hobos

I am like the solitary streets at night

Please somebody take me into their arms

I am like an orphan deprived of love and peace

But all is not lost O my sorrows and regrets

Look I am free and as free as the air is in Florida

Free from all hate filled with light like the shining sun in Tampa

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