Principium Individuationis

(The will and the idea) Schopenhauer argues in his fourth book “The assertion and denial of the will”

Schopenhauer presents the concept and form of “Principium Individuationis” the idea that humans are constantly at war with each other the same idea which Hobbes wrote known as “bellum omnium contra omnes” admirably described in the first chapter of De Cive.

“The war of all against all” is a true depiction of today’s world after the emergence of pandemic and violent riots and protests in the capitol and against racial segregation in the U.S specially the so called slogans “Black lives matter” and now days “Asian lives matter” after the killing of some Asian Americans at the hands of a white privileged American.

If we take a look at history of western Colonizers and the poem by Rudyard Kipling White Man’s burden” is that poetical monster not war against all other races?

Once a mob of men or the masses are set free from all law and order it all ends in chaos, violence and self-centered desires in the form of hate speech, bloodshed, robbery and all other vices etc.

To trace the source of egoism as the starting point of all conflicts further argued Schopenhauer.

Each individual has his own will to to live, desires and wants to satisfy for which the individual can or will violate the rights of his fellow men for his own selfish interests as every individual has his own world as an idea, the perception of a perceiver according to Schopenhauer.

Growing up in a backward Islamic country I was told as a kid that on the day of judgement each man and women will only preserve his or her own self, the perpetual state of war will never end and the mothers will forget their sons and daughters and each man and women will exist for their own essential being. God will then discipline and punish and deliver his final verdict to every being for their deeds.

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    1. If karma existed we wouldn’t have so much inequality among men. The sufferings of the world are inevitable and I consider upbringing of a child no different than a domesticated animal. Free your children’s let them be

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